Hello, AlphaX. I’ve been studying your material for a few weeks now. Yesterday I realized how toxic social media was so I deleted everything except Snap chat, since I can still use Snap chat to demonstrate high value and stay mysterious. I met this girl a while back at Army PT before I knew about your material. The only thing I knew about was body language. She would always linger/stand around me and she would play with her hair like crazy, However; after getting her number I still haven’t fucked her yet. This is a girl who I think has a lot of potential. Honestly, I think I might like her. The thing is, I now know so much more than I did before (NLP, anchoring, vibrations, etc.) and it’s almost like I wish I could just have a do over. I haven’t seen her in person for a few months. So I know the only thing she really has to go off of is how I was before I knew your material. Looking back, she was still attracted to me enough to give me her number, but there were so many things I did wrong back then that I didn’t even realize. (my subconscious) What is the best way to re-attract someone like that? I know I still have a shot, I just want to be sure and not fuck it up. I know for a 100% fact that if I saw her in person right now she wouldn’t be able to resist. Here she is: (EDITOR: She is very attractive)

PS. I also forgot to mention our ages. She is 20, I turned 19 this past July.


Hey T,

Great question. First let me congratulate you on removing yourself from Social Media. I use some social media platforms to drive traffic to online products. I do have a personal Facebook page – which I have not been on in 6 months(?). My belief is men that are Alpha and have options don’t have the time to spend on social media for fun.

I think girls instinctively know this as well. Even my current girlfriend looked up my email address through Google rather than try to contact me thru social media.

The girl you sent me pictures of is very attractive. I tried to find an image of a girl that was of similar looks and beauty for this image. This is not her, but is representative of her.

Now, onto your question: “What is the best way to re-attract someone like that?”

I have to start with a word of caution in dipping the wick in company ink. With my understanding of the military, it is even more dangerous to date a “coworker” or have a marriage. I have talked to 100’s of men that have had careers devastated simply because the ended a relationship and the woman retaliated. That, and I believe the government will take part of your paycheck and give it to your wife should you split – regardless of what she did, or what you agreed on. You can read more on that topic here: How To Get The Girl That Works For You.

Before I understood the true nature of women, but after I learned attraction triggers, I was able to re-attract several women that I had lost earlier in my life. The process is fairly easy.

1) Remove all fear from your interaction. You have to amp the masculine energy you radiate.

2) Do not tell her what you are doing, or even answer questions when she tells you “You have changed…”

3) Start amping cocky & funny comments. Develop the attitude of cocky play and have fun. Do not do this to get anything from her, rather, for your own amusement.

4) Increase your sexual presence. This is just assuming she wants to jump on you, but since you aren’t sure if you want to you playfully tease her.

5) Stay a challenge with her. Girls do not want a sure thing, they want to earn you.

One last item would be preselection and social proof. Tease, flirt and play with other women in front of her. Keep the Sexual tension down with the other women, but the more girls that like your company, they more girls will see this and like you too.

I have done this many times and had girls get to the point they couldn’t stand it. They pursued me; they attacked me and did anything I wanted.

Lastly, my girlfriend is 22 years younger than me, and was 19 when we started dating. My only advice, amp the cocky, funny, and playful vibe a little more and stay away from “being serious”. Being serious with a young girl before she brings it up is like trying pet a cat – it’s going run away.

Have fun and keep us posted.


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