How To Use The “Alpha Attitude” to Get a Girl
Obsessed with BANGING You

alpha-training-product-sizedAs a young man, I just didn’t get it… I never understood. In high school I was an average guy. Decent looks, dressed nice, played sport and drove a cool car. But I rarely dated and never dated the girls I really wanted.

In college, I did a little better but I went to an engineering university that didn’t have many cute girls or a lot of competition. I was a body builder, athlete, radio disc jockey and had an outgoing personality. I dated a few cute girls, but still couldn’t get the girls I really wanted.

In my early 20’s I started my first company. While my friends where getting married and settling down, I was working 90 hour weeks and building an Engineering, Design, Tooling and Manufacturing company.

In a very short time I was worth a lot of money. At 26 I had a new Vette, Harley Davidson bike, boat, 2 wave runners, and my house was set up to party. Pool, hot tub, pool table, foosball table, poker table, Indoor/outdoor sound system and all of the trimmings.

With this money I did start dating some very hot women. But you know what happened?

They all left quickly. Rarely did I get a second or third date… or even laid. I would take girls out in limos. I would take girls on cruises. I would take girls on several thousand dollar shopping sprees.

These girls wanted to hang around me… but as a friend. None of them want to sleep with me. Or even be physical.11949574-hot-girl

This was driving me insane. I mean, I had always been taught you had to be in shape, dress nice and make money to get the girl you wanted. I was a nice, fun and sweet guy that made money and looked great. I had all of the qualities I had been told over and over that women want and yet I couldn’t get the girls I wanted.

At this time, I accidently stumbled on to one major Sexual Attraction Key that landed me the hottest girl in town. She was 8 years younger (18 when we met) and stunning. Long blonde hair. Lean, athletic body. Tight butt, slender waist, small but perfect breast. I was smitten at first sight.

One night, after months of rejection, I saw her out and went up and said the boldest, “I don’t care” line I had ever said to that point. Almost got into a fight with 5 of her male friends. I also got a date for the next day.

I slept with her the first night, and for several months we did great. At one point she became “accidentally” pregnant and I asked (i.e. begged) her to marry me. We had money and fun and did well right up until my attitude let the major Sexual Attraction Key I had found slip, and I went back to being the nice guy I had been in the past.

As I tried to become a better husband and father, I drove her further and further from me. When my son was 8 months old she left me. That began the darkest days of my life.

I lost half of my wealth in the divorce.

I didn’t focus on my company and my business closed.

I went thru an 8 million dollar bankruptcy.

I was a broken man, and I seriously considered ending it all.

The only thing that stopped me was taking care of my son. After nearly a year of barley getting by and moping around I took a long look at myself in the mirror. Fat, out of shape, balding loser with nothing going on for me.

That pissed me off.

I decided no matter what, I had to get this “dating & woman” thing under control.

That started the journey to where I am now. I read, studied and tried ever tactic, strategy, routine and line known to man on 10’000’s of girls. I kept a journal of what worked and why.

I became a master seducer. I have been interviewed by Cliff’s List, Double Your Dating Interview with Dating Guru’s and spoke and several Advanced dating conventions. There have been weeks in my life that I have banged more girls than all of my 20’s put together.

My course is meant to make you irresistible to the feminine sex teach you these triggers that spark attraction in women. It is the fastest path to becoming the man all women want.

It is not a course on “pick-up lines” or “routines” though I have included many examples for you.

What I have learned is that certain personality traits in men trigger deep sexual attraction in women. These traits can sometimes be displayed by saying a certain line or doing some routine… but if that is all you have, you will have very short lived success.

No, I have combined Subliminal Programming (the same type of training Drone Pilots for the United States Air Force undergoes) with the attitudes that trigger sexual attraction in women. I then couple this with written examples and real life interactions so that you can consciously understand what is happening while naturally and subconsciously displaying all of the Alpha male qualities that trigger attraction.

With the methods I have learned I have dated, banged and had the most amazing experiences of my life. The girls I date are typically 25 years younger, though I don’t limit myself. I have learned how to have multiple girlfriends, threesomes, and some of the kinkiest sex you can imagine.

This is not a course on how to have a “deep” relationship. This is a course on how to naturally become the Alpha type of man that ignites a girl’s sexual lust for you. It is about unleashing your natural ability to trigger sexual attraction in women…

It doesn’t matter how much money you make or spend on her.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are.

It doesn’t even matter how you look (though you can use this to help you, but now how you probably think).

alpha-training-product-sized Learn Secrets To:

  • Confidently Approach Any Woman To Get Her Number
  • Instantly Trigger Her Attraction So She Chases You
  • Flirting Tips To Spark Her Interest & Leave Her Begging For More

It’s about creating a subconscious mindset that makes her (triggers her to) feel sexual attraction for you.

Sexual Triggers are traits, that automatically turn females on. She can’t help it, it is just how she is designed.

I hate fluff so let’s talk “Sexual Triggers”. In my experience, there are primary and secondary sexual triggers. For example, money. Money is typically a secondary attraction trait. However the attitude of “I am the prize” is a primary attraction trait. I know this for a fact. I have been the millionaire who couldn’t get a second date, and the broke guy (who is 25 year older) sleeping with multiple hot college girls.

Included in material you will find both written and Audio materials to help you master Primary and Secondary Attraction Triggers.

Here are the Primary Sexual Attractors that I belief have the biggest impact:

Extreme Confidence – Every tactic, line, attractor or exercise is focused to boost your confidence.she-joined-alpha

Language Patterns – Patterns, Pattern Interrupts, Rapport, Embedded Commands and Eliciting her values are key to conveying the sexual triggers.

Challenging Women – The subtle skill is the biggest, fastest and cheapest way to demonstrate an Alpha attitude and spark sexual attraction in a female.

Social Proof – The more women that want you, the more you can have. I will show you exactly how to use this to your benefit and have women chasing you.

Cocky & Funny – Demonstrates sexual tension through the attitude, humor and confidence of teasing her in a way that sexually triggers attraction

Negative Hits – Demonstrates massive confidence while changing her mental focus from “why you don’t meet her standards” to “why she doesn’t meet your standards”.

Handling Test – What you don’t say or do is nearly as important as what you do say. Women will always “test” you (we call these shit test) to make sure you have the internal attitude and strength of an Alpha.

I have also stripped out all of the crap in seduction. What you wear, how much you make, how tall you are, or what car you drive have LESS to do with sexually turning on women than ANY of the attitudes, behaviors and techniques I teach. You won’t need to wear fuzzy hats, 5 watches or get 100 tattoos. Most of the time I wear regular jeans, boots and t-shirts.

To help you rapidly change your behavior and become a more confident and sexually powerful male I have also included more than 37.5 hours of pre-recorded subliminal programs (If you bought them all it would cost you around $180 or more). This is the same type of training our military pilots also use for drone training missions, and will help you change your attitude faster than anything else I know of.


My Story
How You Act Versus Who You Are

Section 1.) Strategic Self Development
Attraction Is Not A Choice
1.1)Inner Game
1.2)CONFIDENCE – Developing External Traits
1.3) YOUR LOOK – Dude, It’s Time To Shower
1.4) Remove The Pedestal
1.5) Overcoming Fear Of Rejection NEW

Section 2.) Subliminal Learning – Building Alpha Through the Subconscious
2.1) Download all Subliminal Training
    1) Build Irresistible Confidence and Masculinity
    2) Remove Approach Anxiety
    3) Master Talking and Flirting
    4) Building Financial Success
    5) Developing Muscle and Health
    6) Total Alpha
    7) Fast Seduction Skills
    8) Overcome Approach Anxiety
    9) Attract Women
    10) Be More Competitive
    11) Stay Calm
    12) Overcome Fear of Failure
    13) Entrepreneur Mindset
    14) Business Success
    15) Better Social Skills
    16) Overcome Fear of RejectionNEW

Section 3.) Section 2: Tactical Self Development
3.1) NLP Understanding Reality
3.2) Rapport – It is all about “Clicking”
3.3) NLP Calibration
3.4) Language Pattern Development
3.5) Pattern Interrupts & Embedded Commands – The Silver Bullet
3.6) Building Eye Contact Confidence
3.7) 3 Questions To Elicit Seduction Values
3.8) Social Proof And Why It Is Catnip To Hot Girls
3.9) Cocky & Funny – Why I Have The Biggest Balls In The Room
3.10) Negative Hits – A Way To Open Her Eyes
3.11) The Approach
3.12) Phone & Text Game
3.13) Shit Test – Dealing With The Test Women Throw At Us
3.14) Compliance Test
3.15) How To Challenge Women & Increase Attraction

Section 4.) The System – Fastest Path To Sex

Section 5.) Additional Material
5.1) Powerful Interactions NEW

Each section includes a chapter of what the trigger is, why it works, and real life examples of how to use it coupled with a set of subliminal message audio files to naturally unleash your Alpha self.

This is a one time purchase and lifetime membership right now.


1.) Diet & Exercise
2.) Vitamins & Supplements
1.) ED Treatment – Natural Erectile Dysfunction Cures
1.) 385 Easy To Make Paleo Recipes with 85+ Super Foods
Email Coaching If you have a question on dating, pick-up, sex, fitness, business or anything else I teach you can email me directly and I will respond within a day. If we can don’t it by email, we will have a conference call.

NOTICE TO FEMALES: Unless you are a lesbian, save your money. This site is geared to helping men become Alpha, not teaching women how to Attract Alpha. The NLP, confidence, diet, training and subliminal sections can help you in life and business, but are not focused on training women to attract dominant men. Feel free to email with any questions.

The Safest Guarantee In The World…

I 100% Guarantee you’ll love this or I’ll return your investment and let you keep the subliminal programs anyway.

So you can go through the content, begin learning sexual triggers, develop the “Alpha Mindset”… and never worry about blowing an opportunity with a girl who’s hungry to sleep with you ever again.

If any time over the next 60 days you don’t feel like you’re naturally attracting more girls or increasing the amount of girls you have in your life, just email me and I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked.

How’s that for fair?

What some students have said or asked:

Hey man,

I stumbled across your website a couple of months ago somehow (ROK?). After reading through some of your articles I realized you had some good advice which was clearly explained with no bullshit or fluff (like any good engineer’s written work). Anyway, a friend of mine, as of a few weeks ago, was a college virgin. My other friends and I had tried to get him laid but we just couldn’t figure out WHY he couldn’t. I told him about your site and he starting digesting the “Laws of Alpha” and all of the other free content you have.

So now two months later and I’m getting weekly texts from him detailing his recent, sexual escapades. Whenever I stop by facebook I can count on seeing a new picture of him with a new, attractive woman on his arm. He’s banged three girls in the past six weeks or so. I spoke with him the other day and he told me you’re website’s changed his life.

I’ve always considered myself pretty good with women but as of late he’s pulling hotter ass than I am. A few minutes ago I said f**k it and signed up for your member content. Looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

You’ve accomplished through sharing your material what my friends and I couldn’t accomplish in all of high school. That’s enough of a sell for the broke ass college student I am.

Thanks for helping out my boy,

I really want to thank you AlphaX, because for the first time in my live, I’m having the feeling that I really understand female attraction and not just theoretically, but also my power to influence it.

Thank you,

~ Velmorite
I want to buy your product but don’t know what it is, is it a book or is it a subscription to the member’s content? I am not so sure about that
I looked at your cite for 2 days, what is so special about this program that I cant get at the surface of the cite?? is it because of success rate? example of pick up line/ cocky funny line? or a more detailed breakdown on how to be an alpha male (eg. how to walk, slow, eye contact)
What are the major difference you see between student using your product vs only using the website??

And I live in Canada, so if I order it how long will it get to my place? Also, I am only 19 years old so I don’t want my family to see that I am ordering these kind of product, is it secure in the cover where there will be carton that covers it or something like that??


Potential Client

Thanks for the question.

You get all the member content listed here: Table of Contents

When you join you will be sent a password and username. This allows you to read all of the material online and download the over 37.5 hours of subliminal messages (fastest way to change your behavior and the same tools Airforce Drone Pilots use in training).

And that is what is so special about this site, and why I have had 1000’s of sales and only 2 refunds.

I combine the strategies, tactics and interactions that trigger attraction along with the subliminal programs to rapidly change your internal belief system.

I offer you this example: I spent over $1000 on a program to understand body language. What I learned (after time) was that if I have the right mental beliefs I naturally have the right body language. IF I have the wrong beliefs I portrayed the wrong body language. So learning body language was like placing a bandaid on the problem. It helped, but was not the core issue. I could have had faster success learning the attitude from following this program.

Everything is online, and the purchase will say Clickbank – very bland.

It has a 60 Day money back Guarantee – Try it for 58 days. If you really listen to the subliminal programs and read the material, you will have more success with women. If you truly don’t feel you have better results, simply contact Clickbank (the merchant CC processor) and your money will be refunded.

You are going to learn exactly how to open, talk, and seduce a woman by focusing on your mental belief system. My training is intended to help you understand and grow your:

Attitude – How you see yourself in the world

Behavior – Your interactions with the world

Technique – Strategies and tactics in the world

Conscious – The aware focus of your mind

Subconscious – The robotic autopilot function of your mind

This is all hard hitting information that can save you YEARS of trial and error or study.

One single credit hour at Harvard is $4,538. That is $1,134.5 per month over one semester.

For a fraction of that cost I am going to teach you exactly how to rapidly retrain your mind to become a magnet for women. That includes hours of subliminal messages to easily reprogram your mind. Not just dating habits, but money, wealth, sales, health, plus building confidence, approaching, flirting, talking and any other skill you need to become Alpha. Some of this information is worth millions simply by what changes it will bring in your life.

Thank you Sir, for your time and response. I Will upload a body picture soon, I’m feeding off this curiosity I have for this lifestyle. I’ve always felt drawn to it and interested. I find myself yearning for this in a boyfriend or relationship, but have never seemed to find it.

Thank you again,


Thank you. You answered one of my questions on yahoo answers about “how to get my ex back”. At first your advice seemed mean. Girls couldnt be like that. But something in your writing really started making me think. I tried a few of your text and it worked perfectly. I still wanted to rush in, but I made myself hold back to let her chase me. Last night I sent her the system text you have. Within a couple of hours we were having sex. I can’t believe how fast she responded. I know I still have a lot to learn, but thank you.

It works.
the book has improved the way i has improved how i handle my
situations with women even at work not just with women i find attract
and wanna close , its really priceless and i enjoy it greatly .thanks
Hi again, Thank you graciously for your feedback and insight. EVERYTHING you mentioned is 100% accurate and true. I believe my conscious hasn’t caught up to my subconscious. My conditioning has made it difficult at best to embrace my dominance and sexuality, I’m coming through the other side slowly. Like you mentioned, I’m letting go of the “go along, to get along” mentality and it’s frustrating because everyone, especially women have been trained to bitch men out and test to get what they want even if that’s not what the respond to emotionally and sexually. It’s funny because you said I should look at those test as a sign of attraction and that she’s just testing my armour and I do, I’m totally unreactive and little amused. It’s the dialogue in my head that goes “really, why are you making this so hard when you and I both know you want me.” Just last weekend I slept with twins (not together but same night) and one resisted and when I took the other sister it totally raised the first sister’s attraction which I knew it would and be easy. My old self would have felt guilty for my attraction, believing I should only be attracted to one. I’m having a rather difficult time accepting women throwing themselves at me, it just feels a little uncomfortable coming from a place of chasing and pursuing. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and my female energy is slowly letting go of the resistance to the “one” and accepting that every girl is the one…in this moment and that’s okay. lol It really is hard to see things as they are as opposed to what we feel it should be. Thank you for helping to lift the veil. Much gratitude.

Miss K



Lastly, this product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years of age.