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My Story
How You Act Versus Who You Are

Section 1.) Strategic Self Development
Attraction Is Not A Choice
1.1) Inner Game
1.2) CONFIDENCE – Developing External Traits
1.3) YOUR LOOK – Dude, It’s Time To Shower
1.4) Remove The Pedestal
1.5) Overcoming Fear Of Rejection NEW

Section 2.) Subliminal Learning – Building Alpha Through the Subconscious
2.1) Download all Subliminal Training

Section 3.) Section 2: Tactical Self Development
3.1) NLP Understanding Reality
3.2) Rapport – It is all about “Clicking”
3.3) NLP Calibration
3.4) Language Pattern Development
3.5) Pattern Interrupts & Embedded Commands – The Silver Bullet
3.6) Building Eye Contact Confidence
3.7) 3 Questions To Elicit Seduction Values
3.8) Social Proof And Why It Is Catnip To Hot Girls
3.9) Cocky & Funny – Why I Have The Biggest Balls In The Room
3.10) Negative Hits – A Way To Open Her Eyes
3.11) The Approach
3.12) Phone & Text Game
3.13) Shit Test – Dealing With The Test Women Throw At Us
3.14) Compliance Test
3.15) How To Challenge Women & Increase Attraction

Section 4.) The System – Fastest Path To Sex

Section 5.) Additional Material
5.1) Powerful Interactions NEW

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1.) Diet & Exercise
2.) Vitamins & Supplements
1.) ED Treatment – Natural Erectile Dysfunction Cures
1.) 385 Easy To Make Paleo Recipes with 85+ Super Foods
Email Coaching If you have a question on dating, pick-up, sex, fitness, business or anything else I teach you can email me directly and I will respond within a day. If we can don’t it by phone, we will have a conference call.

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