Fuck the Omega!

I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about me, however I do want you to understand what you can have. I am 42, and the oldest girl I have been with in years is 23. I typically only date extremely hot bi-sexual girls. I have been a millionaire and completely broke. Currently I am in the middle. I do not spend money to pick-up or keep girls. I grew my start-up company from 0 to $8 million in revenue within 5 years. I have also been divorced from the same woman twice – just cause I finally learned doesn’t mean I was a fast learner. I was not always successful with business or women. In my quest to be good with women I learned the steps to also be good in business. I am not a male model, I am actually bald with a big nose and a wicked scar on my head. This is me and my current girl:alphax-gfmy-girl3my-girl2

Yes, that is me, and those are hers. The rest of this site is for you and as we begin our quest to help you reshape your future and success with women, we have a few rules we should review.

Unlike many self-help authors, or motivational speakers, I am not writing this to make you feel better. I don’t really care how you feel, if you are seeking validation, you are reading the wrong book. This book is intended as a wake up call, to shake the very foundations of the Hollywood and Feminist life you have been forced to serve. This is the first step to creating the success you want in EVERYTHING, including women – to see the truth, even if it goes against everything you have believed your entire life. It has been proven true in my life that people will believe a lie they have heard 1000 times before they believe the truth. You must know you are responsible for your results. If you do not have the success you want, and you ignore the dynamics of how men and women truly are, you are to blame.

With that, I truly want to help you. If this book helps even one man avoid the pain, devastation, rejection, hurt, financial burden and humiliation I have felt through my journey of knowledge, then I consider it a success. And you truly are to be congratulated for trying to become a better man. One who is attractive to women, who can meet a woman’s needs and keep her happy in her desire for you. I have also stripped the process down as much as possible to create the fastest path to sex. Once you have this ability, then you can chose wherever the interaction goes.

Some of you will reject the proven social dynamics in this book and suffer a fate that I suffered in my 20’s and early 30’s – and so be it. You are free to choose. Some of you will embrace this knowledge and go on to be legendary lovers, or if you choose, successfully married with fun, beautiful and fully sexual wives. I have spent all of my life learning to create what I wanted, to achieve my goals, and live in a way that is fulfilling to me. This is the knowledge I now share with you (you lucky bastard!).

In the years that I have taught my skills to other men (and more than a few girls), a common theme continues to undermine those poor souls. As you soak up the Laws of Attraction in this book, many of you will withdraw thinking my observations, studies, research and interactions with women are too harsh. These are the men that complain that women are not like this, wouldn’t respond to these dynamics, or that it is all the woman’s fault and they should change.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different outcomes. Stop this cycle. Chill my wayward son and I will lead you on the path to fulfilling your desires with women. You are a logical creature, yet you desire emotional creatures. You must learn her mind to unleash her body. And you need to grow some balls. It takes courage to look into the tempest of the sexual market, see reality by actions and embrace the truth so that you may achieve your goals.

With that, we will teach many step-by-step interactions with learning and handling the female communication style. But once you have learned the material, changed your mindset, behavior and learned the path to unleashing a woman’s intimate soul, you will stop following routines and follow your natural, true ALPHA male self. It really is all about Inner Game and your belief system. And this is where the fun really begins. When you are confident and controlled, and understand the woman’s communication style, the world is yours for the taking.

At times I will also sound harsh on women. I am critical of the actions of all people including myself for some of the idiotic things I have done, but understand, I love women. I would rather spend my time talking with a group of fun, beautiful girls than any man alive. I love their “shit-test”, flaky behavior and sub-text communication style. They are wonderful sexual creatures who follow their natural desires, which makes them very fun to play with. Plus, they smell better.

I will also be critical of the average man (the beta providers), and the crap they put up with or do to win a potential mate. Some of the neediness a beta man drags around with him makes me cringe – mainly because I allowed myself to be this man in my early life, and I know full well the fury of destruction it wrought in my life.

And lastly, religion. As we delve into the sexual dynamics of meeting, bedding and keeping your woman sexually happy with you, I will leave it up to you to determine how this fits into whatever your religious belief system is. In this book we are concerned with real life interaction and what works, not what we wish worked.

If this doesn’t sound like your particular brand of scotch, I would stop reading.

What Your Premium Content Includes

Alpha Training
I Am The Alpha – 1,904 Words or about 7.6 pages

Alpha – The Leader

My Story – 2,803 Words or about 11.2 pages
How You Act Versus Who You Are – 753 Words or about 3.0 pages
Section 1: Strategic Self Development – 1,588 Words or about 6.4 pages

CONFIDENCE – Developing Internal Beliefs
How You View The World Primer

Attraction Is Not A Choice – 1,504 Words or about 6.0 pages
Inner Game – 7,568 Words or about 30.3 pages

You Are Either Wired For Success Or Failure!
You Have Already Programmed Yourself
NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Swish Pattern
Procedure – Regular Swish
Automatic Unconscious Anchors
Designer Anchors
The Resource State
Types of Anchors
Visual Anchors
Auditory Anchors
Kinesthetic Anchors.
Installing Anchors
Additional NLP Tips
Wrap Up NLP
So Why Work to Change Your Limiting Beliefs?
Not All Men Are Created Equal

CONFIDENCE – Developing External Traits – 1,549 Words or about 6.2 pages

Gaining Confidence Is Not Easy, And That Is Great News
Do Others See You As Confident?
What is Self-Confidence?
Becoming Extremely Self-Confident

Diet & Exercise – 11,612 Words or about 46.4 pages

Medical Disclaimer
The Role Of Glucagon
Control of Glucagon Secretion
Glucagon and Fat Loss
Starvation Response
Effects of Testosterone
Naturally Increasing Testosterone
Exercise: It’s About Mass and Intensity
Nutrition – Your Testosterone Is Affected By What You Eat
Building the Body Hot Women Love
The Diet
Essential Fats and Inflammation
How I Eat
Static Contractions
The Basics of a Static Contraction
Drop Sets
Cadence of the Mass Building Lifts
Warm Up Sets
The Mass Building Routine – Gym
Cardio Confusion
What is Cardio?
Cardio Exercise
You Can’t Out Train Your Diet

Section 2: Tactical Self Development – 1,879 Words or about 7.5 pages

Field Work – It Is Time
Talking With Men
Field Work – Exercise 1 – Talking With Men
Field Work – Exercise 2 – Talking With Women

Building Eye Contact Confidence – 4,077 Words or about 16.3 pages

Field Work – Exercise 3 – Eye Contact With Women
NLP Eye-accessing Cues and Rapport
How Does This Work
How This Benefits You
V K A O G – Visual Audio Kinesthetic Olfactory Gustatory Systems
Seduction Eye Contact
Eye Contact “in da Club”

Rapport – It is all about “Clicking” – 3,882 Words or about 15.5 pages

It’s All About Creating The Vibes
Mirroring on a Cellular Level
When Men and Women Start to Look Alike
Your Voice Tone
Intentionally Creating Rapport
Who Mirrors Whom?
The Guessing Game

YOUR LOOK – Dude, It’s Time To Shower – 820 Words or about 3.3 pages
Social Proof And Why It Is Catnip To Hot Girls – 3,817 Words or about 15.3 pages

Displaying High Value and Social Proof = What Makes A Woman Tingle
How Social Proof Can Help You
Guide to Social Proof
How To Create Social Proof

Cocky & Funny – Why I Have The Biggest Balls In The Room – 3,838 Words or about 15.4 pages

How to Use Cocky Funny Successfully

Negative Hits – A Way To Open Her Eyes 3,206 Words or about 12.8 pages

Examples of Action Negs:
How close was I?

The Approach – 3,108 Words or about 12.4 pages

Level 1 – You Suck – The Weak Approach
Level 2 – So-So – The “I’m Busy” Approach
Level 3 – Much Better – The Cocky & Funny Approach
Level 4 – Awesome – The “Qualify Her Approach”
Level 5 -The Master – She Will Chase You
When You First Start Approaching Women
My Son’s Approach At 10
Back To You And Getting Numbers

Phone & Text Game – 1,535 Words or about 6.1 pages
Shit Test – Dealing With The Test Women Throw At Us 1,631 Words or about 6.5 pages

Keep These Rules for Shit Test In Mind

Pattern Interrupts & Embedded Commands – The Silver Bullet 2,480 Words or about 9.9 pages

Pattern Interrupts In Your Daily Life
Pattern Interrupts For Seduction
Key fragments

Compliance Test – 2,375 Words or about 9.5 pages

Compliance Test Her
How Much She Likes You
Examples of Compliance

Remove The Pedestal – 5,734 Words or about 22.9 pages

What Are Your Odd’s Of Being The Daddy?
Vasectomy: $400. Speechless look on her face: priceless
Unfair Court Systems And Laws
Why Do You Even Want A Relationship?
And let’s talk about odds.
Most expensive divorces
But She Is So Hot

More Added Weekly

Total 67,663 Words or about 270.7 Pages

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Alpha – The Leader alpha-lion

In social animals (and that includes “civilized” humans), the alpha is the individual in the community with the highest rank. The top dog, so to speak. This is the male that all other males supplicate in front of or to. Think of the mighty lion. The females hunt, they care for the young, and they help guard the pack… while the male alpha lion’s primary job is to mate with the females.

The alpha animal takes preference to be the first to eat and the first to mate and with some species they are the only animals in the pack allowed to mate. Other male animals in the group are usually killed or ousted if they violate this rule.

The term “alpha male” is sometimes applied in humans to refer to a man who is powerful and through his boldness, competitive “take charge” and devil-may-care attitude beds 100’s of women as many women follow his lead. With their bold approach and confidence “alpha males” are often described as charismatic, rebels and bad boys. CEO’s of large companies, high ranking government officials, and rock stars typically fall into “alpha role” within their respective groups. While “alpha males” are often overachievers and recognized for their leadership qualities, their aggressive tactics, narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy and devil-may-car attitude can also create resentment in others. It also opens all the girl’s legs.

The status of the alpha is often achieved by means of superior physical prowess, though in humans, prowess can be established by material success, fame, social status or simple interactions and sub-context in communication styles. The individual in the alpha position usually changes when another challenges it to a fight, in some species to the death, and wins. With humans though, the perceived Alpha can change simply on surroundings. The high powered CEO may be the Alpha of his company, but in a night club with me there, he will likely not be seen as the Alpha (unless he has discovered the skills presented here).

Consequently, alpha animals may have to fight individuals in their own group several times to maintain their position throughout their lifetimes. In species where the fight is to the death, alphas rarely reach old age. In some species, a nomadic individual may approach the alpha, successfully beat him, and thus become the new alpha. When this occurs in the lion community, the new alpha usually kills the previous alpha’s cubs.

And yes, history is full of examples where a couple of alpha males went to war, with thousands of people killed, simply over the right to mate with a high quality female (Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, etc.). Lucky for you, humans have evolved a much better (and less dangerous) civilization where Alpha’s are defined by, ultimately, there success with women. And you can learn this skill set and create the alpha life.

Also we need to note the other social layers and with social animals in a hierarchic community have a certain rank. Five of these ranks have attracted special attention in ethology and been given applicable names: alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and omega.

A beta animal is an animal that is second-in-command to the reigning alpha and will act as a new alpha animal if the old alpha dies. In some species of birds, the males pair up in twos when courting, the beta male aiding the alpha male. The beta male does not generally get to mate with the female birds, but if the alpha dies, he takes over the alpha’s females, becoming the new alpha.

In the seduction community, we call these guys Beta Providers. If you open your eyes, you will see this dynamic constantly around you. Some nice guy, usually a loving, hard working dad, with nothing but desire to please his woman slaves away years of his life to raise kids that were not his is the very definition of a Beta Provider.

“According to Dr Jeanette Papp, director of genotyping and sequencing in the University of California at Los Angeles of human genetics, 15% of children born in the Western world are victims of paternity fraud. Statistics from the United States, Australia and other countries show that approximately 30% of all paternity tests rule out the presumed father as the biological father.”

alpha-training-hot-girl-kimNow, if you are new to the game (the skills and traits of seducing women) and these concepts, that might not register the way it should. When you learn the skills of the alpha, and you literally have bedded hundreds or thousands of women, this information is going to ring very true. As I became good with women, they accepted me into their circles as the Alpha. I would be the only male invited to go out with the girls on “girl’s night out”. And I saw, or have been with, so many girls who had boyfriends, husbands, were engaged, committed, whatever, it would break an average man’s concept of reality. Women usually hide this type of information from men not in the know, and use this hidden knowledge to suck resources out of the nice guy.

If you are a beta provider or down, understand this: There is a 1.3 to 30% chance, when your woman gives birth, that child is not related to you (ranges by social economic class). And if you even suspect for a moment the child doesn’t look anything like you, go get a paternity test immediately. If it is not a child of your loins, divorce your wife or leave your girlfriend immediately. Our court system has established a precedent that even if your girl leaves you 1 year later, you will still pay child support for the unfaithfulness of your woman. She sleeps around while with you, and in the eyes of the court, it is still your financial burden. You pay, while she plays.

Lastly, we have the Omega which is an antonym used to refer to the lowest caste of the hierarchical society. An omega is subordinated to all others in the community. The omega is commonly the last allowed to eat and never, ever has sex.

If you would like the fastest, easiest, and most technologically advanced program (one that uses some of the same teaching techniques that combat drone pilots use) to truly attract women, my Alpha Training program is SUCCESS-GUARANTEED.

You can check out the program here and start listening and reading it RISK-FREE right now.