The issue of taking girls on expensive dates has crossed my mind a lot through the years. Back in my 20’s when my company was lining my pockets; I took girls on expensive dates all the time…

$1,000 shopping sprees…

$4,000 cruises….

$1,000 dinners with the limo…

And these were just FIRST dates…

Guess where that got me?

It got me a TON of first dates… with very little sex and no relationships.

Of course girls will go out with you if you are willing to throw away hundreds or even thousands of bucks for them to have a good time. Doesn’t mean they like, love, desire or want you.

Actually, as I have gotten older and learned not to do this. You wouldn’t believe how many girls tell me about the “wealthy” guys in their life that is buying them cars, clothes, apartments, jewelry and more… all while they are snuggled up to me naked in bed.

In general… a typical date should never be more than you buying a couple of drinks.

Trust me on this… if she doesn’t feel attraction and sexual tension after an hour of having a couple of drinks, no amount of FREE SHIT is going to sway her.

And if it does, she isn’t a date; she is a high price hooker.

Let’s be honest. I wasn’t taking a girl on a date to talk politics, or find out who she really was deep inside. I don’t even give a shit about that till after I have f*cked her and seen her naked. If I liked her body, if I liked how sex felt, then I would want to no more about her character…

If I didn’t like her body or sex, I wouldn’t even want to see her again.

Pretty simple dating and relationship steps for me.

I really don’t do the “several dates” and wait before sex. Those types of girls are usually using you for fun, and banging someone else.

If she doesn’t feel the chemistry to bang me by the second “drink date”, then I am off to the other women in my life. I have stopped trying to convince girls to like me…

And if you go cold after a couple of dates and you have been triggering sexual attraction, she will find you and jump your bones – no date needed.

Back in my player days, I had hundreds of girls go on expensive dates with men, get dropped of later that night and come climb in my bed.

I didn’t pay for ANYTHING – nor did I promise them anything. All I did was build massive sexual attraction in them… and you just know they aren’t telling the Nice Guy the truth.

Even with girls I had been with for a long time had this same issue… expensive and long dates never helped me get laid – even with them.

My ideal of a perfect date was doing something kind of fun, having a few drinks, going home and screwing for hours.

Those nights I got roped into a play, huge concert or even a big group out at a night club SUCKED.

Sure I had fun out at the club, but after hours of dancing or drinking, the girls were usually too drunk or tired to want to do anything. Even if they did want to, they were usually less than spectacular performances.

I want a girl losing her mind in bed… not passed out.

And even worst is when they want to stop for that 2 AM breakfast after a night of drinking. I promise, no girl wants to be pounded after eating a huge, greasy plate of food at 2 AM.

From my perspective, those dates are a complete waste of time – if I wasn’t the one that wanted to go do whatever… and usually I am not, these expensive and long dates never helped get me laid.

Many times, when a girl was just DYING to go see this country star, or the rock band, or even her favorite play, they would want to start with dinner, then go to the main event. This means a date of about 6-8 hours… before the logistics are even right for sex.

Not to mention the money spent.

For me, the best dates are meeting her at your place or somewhere very close, having a few drinks, busting her with my charismatic chops, and going home to f*ck.

That doesn’t mean I don’t take girls to do fun things… I just don’t usually do it on their terms.

I love riding my motorcycle and use to do Drive-In, Dinners and Dives on the loop with my buds. Half the time I had a different girl riding bitch. A drink here, a bite there, back at my place by 8ish and banging till midnight. Total date with gas was usually under $50 bucks – these places are not known for being expensive.

Now that’s fun.

I do have one exception for expensive dates.


I have been fortunate to have been invited to many banquets, business diners, award ceremonies and such.

I know men and women judge men on the quality of the girl they date. You show up with a hot, young and fun girl, networking is easier, business deals flow faster, and you immediately gain social status and power.

Many of these times the 20 something girl I am dating does not have the right clothes. If I let her wear her favorite dress she will look like a 20 something club girl or a high price call girl. These are the only times I splurge and take a girl shopping. One nice, attractive yet practical outfit for whatever function we have.

I want her to shine for MY advancement – not hers.

I will also make her wear a slutty set of lingerie to remind her while sitting in it all night, just what type of man she is with.

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