What If Attraction Fizzles Out And Alpha Personalities?
Hey AlphaX it’s me Dan.

I emailed you about a year ago regarding my relationship with my girlfriend at the time. I love reading your advice on many topics on your website. I was never really the alpha like you explain you are but I am still working on it. Sometimes I feel as if it doesn’t fit my personality. I’m more of the charming, witty, and funny type.

I felt as if when I tried to be alpha or too alpha it backfires on many woman but some woman find that very attractive. I need advice on something that happened to me in class this week.

So there are these two girls who are in different college classes with me. One of the girls is named Jade and she has the FATTEST ass. Her face is alright but every time I look at her I just wanna bend her over and fuck her doggy. I can tell she has been into me since day. She always laughs at everything I say and she always smiles at me and loves it when I flirt with her and tease her. I asked for her number a week ago and she gave it to me.

I texted her that day just saying here’s my number and maybe I’ll see you tomorrow on campus. No reply back. No reply back. Now everytime I see her she seems like she’s no longer interested in me anymore. I don’t get the same positive vibes I used to with her in the beginning. I don’t know where I went wrong.

The SAME thing happened with the second girl Alyssa who is more of a girlfriend material type. Being in a toxic relationship for a year made me get out of practice a little bit.

I would like to know what I should do from this moment on. Should I still say hi to them when I see them and chat with them or should I not make it anymore awkward by just ignoring the both of them. I would really love your advice on situations like this when you know they like you in the beginning and are attracted to you and then boom! The attraction fizzles out for some reason.


Hey Buddy,

A lot going on in your email. So let’s look at a few topics…

“I was never really the alpha like you explain you are but I am still working on it. Sometimes I feel as if it doesn’t fit my personality. I’m more of the charming, witty, and funny type. “

Dan, the charming, witty and funny type is the PERFECT personality for meeting, seducing and having any woman you want.

Yes, I am more blunt and assholeish… but it is mixed with charm and wit.

I have several Alpha buddies. One is a very charming and witty guy, probably a lot like you. Good with business and above average looks. The other is a very soft spoken and reserved ex-Marine Core Sniper that also towers at 6’2 and 250 lbs. Still another is a 58 year old biker that is tall, skinny, potbelly and long salt-n-pepper black hair. This guy plays southern charm and talks to girls like they are refined women of culture – yes, the chicks selling beer from a tub at a biker bar is talked to like she is the Mistress of a large estate.

All of these guys are Alpha – they all pull extremely hot chicks and none of them spend a lot of money or chase girls. They also all have different personalities. Completely different personalities.

Learning Alpha isn’t about having a certain look, or money, or even a certain personality. It is about learning sexual triggers in women and knowing how to trigger sexual attraction.

So learn the attitudes and triggers… and then blend them with your personality.

Now on to your questions with the girls.

To me, it sounds like you didn’t move when you were supposed to.

Just reading what you wrote about Alyssa tells me you still put women on a pedestal in your mind.

With Jade it sounds like she was into you… but you let her attraction stall.

Look, if a girl is into you, and you don’t make a bold move by letting your intentions be known you are signaling 1 of 2 things.

You either:
1) Don’t like her, therefore to protect her ego she has to let her attraction die… or
2) By not making a move when you should have you are signaling you are a mentally weak man.

My guess, it’s the second one. I know, I was that guy for a lot of years so I know how we tip-toe around girls we like so we don’t do anything wrong. And by not just going after it, you are doing something wrong.

You have to internalize this to the point it is never in questions again…

Girls do not date their equal… they date up. The way you make a girl think of you as a man that has higher status than her is to trigger attraction and sexual tension in her. That’s what this whole site is about.

Also, the phone is for logistics… not building attraction. Guys that try to use email, the phone, snap chat or anything besides being in person are demonstrating they are NOT Alpha. A guy that is good with women doesn’t have a lot of tolerance for playing phone games. You can’t fuck over the phone.

I would tell you exactly what I would do with Jade. Wait till you are at a place to actually follow through with this… you must be prepared to follow it up without hesitation.

When you are ready you text her “I would like to bend you over and fuck you until you can’t walk.”

Wait till she texts back. No matter what she does text back, you tell her to meet you right then. This is not a “take them on a fancy date” ploy. This is a being BOLD and ALPHA demonstration.

Do not engage in any other conversation…. Do not answer her questions or if she “acts” mad, do not say sorry. Just give her a place and time to meet you. Ignore everything else.

When she comes to meet you, do not hesitate… lead her to the bed.

If she doesn’t meet… anytime you see her after that you just smirk and be charming. You called her out, she didn’t respond, you are above her and should FEEL like that around her going forward.

I think, if you are bold enough, your odds are pretty good with that one. Actually, that could work on both.

Here is one thing on that Alpha attitude… when you run into them, sure, be friendly, say hi, whatever. But you should never go out of your way to see them, say hi, or anything like that. Remember, you are the prize… you are above them and should act accordingly.

If it was me, when I saw them out (without going out of my way – I’m a busy guy on a mission, no time for chasing skirt) I would use Cocky & Funny to lightly sexually tease them to build attraction. When they start to flirt back, just give them a place and time to meet again. Do not waste your time making a girl feel good with sexual teasing and then not follow up on it.

You do this right, and both girls will start to text you and go out of their way to see you more.

When they start chasing you just follow my system and have fun.

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  1. Dan on February 28, 2018

    This was such a great read. I gained a lot from reading this article reply. I can’t thank you enough buddy. This is just what I needed to hear. I will start applying the sexual tension from now on and using the attitude you told me to here. Thank you!