ever-man-needsI have learned many lessons about dealing with women. As I grew from the bitter and needy ex-husband into the loveable asshole I am today, a few fond memories pop up. In honor of International Woman’s Day 2014, I would like to share one with you.

In my earlier days of success I still had not achieved the massive amounts of confidence that I have now. I still wondered and worried about how girls would react in certain situations. One of the situations that always came up was that of dating other women.

At this time I was learning a lot about NLP and pattern routines that helped me increase attraction and create sexual tension, but I had not learned just how different girls see the world and what high value traits were. I believed a high value trait was something like telling them I was a doctor, driving a nice car, and showing them I was interested in them.

When I would meet and seduce a new girl, I always hid the fact that I was dating many women. I did this because, as a man, I didn’t want to date a girl that was dating lots of men. This is pretty typical thinking of men that don’t understand the hard wired behavior of women.

As I dated and slept with more women, I noticed they ALWAYS left something at my house. Earrings, panties, makeup, etc. I would always remind them to grab everything and they still managed to leave stuff. There were times I had one girl leaving in the morning with another one coming that afternoon and I would literally spend hours cleaning and searching for those mysterious items to keep the other girl from finding them. Shake the sheets, look in the medicine cabinet, under the sink, in my dresser drawers and always take out the trash. It was amazing to me where some of this stuff turned up.

Well, one day it got me. At the time I had no idea how a pair of panties ended up in my linen closet, nor why my current date was in my linen closest. If you have read any of my material, then you will know women test men a lot, and leaving stuff around the house is just another test. I use to hate shit test, but this is where I began to love them. Women really shit test men the like.

Anyway, current girl goes berserk. I meekly try to explain. The fight is heated but short, and I lost her. She was very hot and the girl that left the panties was only cute… It started to really piss me off that my other girl put panties in my linen closet so I decided I would get her back.
I went out and got a large cardboard box. I went to several stores and I filled this box with a huge rubber dildo, a clit vibrator, anal lube, several sets and single earrings, some other costume jewelers, nipple clamps, panties and several cheap sets of lingerie. I also placed her panties in it. On the outside of the box I wrote “LOST AND FOUND”.

The next time she was coming over I placed the box by my bed. As we chatted, I mentioned that I found a set of her panties. She asked where they were and I told her they were by the bed in “Lost and Found”.

I thought she was going to be pissed – little did I know she was shocked but also impressed (the only way to describe the look on her face). She went through the items a bit, and asked me whose they were. I mentioned they were just others girls that I had dated. She didn’t get mad, or even upset. She did bang the hell out of me.

So I started changing my approach. I freely let girls know I was dating other women. I told them I didn’t want to be in a relationship. I would encourage them to keep me around for fun, but to pursue other men for any type of relationship.

If a woman ever left anything at my house, it went in my box. If they ever asked if I had seen this or that, I would always let them rummage through the box. And no girl left items twice.
That little box displayed a lot of desired traits:
Confidence, for just having the box.
Preselection, for all of the items left by other women.
Humor, as the box typically made a girl laugh.

No one was ever mad about the box. What I learned was these Alpha Male Traits and just the hint of preselection were enough to increase her attraction level. It was through this that I stopped hiding my desires and just started learning how certain male traits are seen by women. A man that can have many women makes a women he chooses to be with feel special. Be that man.

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  1. Snuddy on April 4, 2015

    The other day, I looked on MGTOW’s forums to see what they were whining about that day. I found some post about a proud man “trolling” women on dating sites. He was just texting with them and using some cocky and funny neg before moving on; and the idiots thought this was pissing the women off (which they were proud of, given they blame women for their problems). Another guy talked about how he takes the “power of pussy” away from women by not reacting to sexual solicitations, but he was doing so thinking it would piss them off (she just wants to use me). Halarious that they were unknowingly attracting the women they were trying to piss off; pure irony.