1) Treat every interaction with a female under the Law of Ten Thousand. Every day 10,000 girls are turning 18… 10,000 are turning 19… 10,000 are turning 20 and so-on. Never place too much importance on the interaction with just one.

2) You are what you believe and will live according to the frame you set for yourself. Avoid negative influences. Have a guy friend who sucks with the ladies and runs his pent-up emotion as a negative flood as to why they all suck – time to cut him off as a friend. Have another friend who is so caught up in the chase of modern pussy that he defends the “slighted honor” of any female, no matter how true the comment was? Time for a new friend. Any person in your life that is not helping you move forward to your goal (while you of course help them) needs to go. Life is too short, and the road much to fun.

3) You must learn to see the world as it is, and not through the social constructs and frames you have been taught. These frames you have learned are meant to make you more docile, easier to control, and a more productive member of society. Almost every commercial I see has some father or man acting like a dumbass, and some girl saving the day. These commercials are geared to selling a product to a woman and making her feel empowered. Even Hollywood movies use this principle of some super trained, gun slinging woman who saves the day by protecting everyone. Yet in real life I rarely, if ever, hear of a woman saving the day. Hell no, they are in the lifeboats while we try to save the day. Men and boys are under a constant barrage of rules, laws, and media designed to strip you of your masculine energy. When I lived on the East Coast, my son’s football team didn’t keep score because it could be upsetting to the losing side. The boys can’t play football at recess anymore, too rough. Dodge ball? Yeah, right. Everywhere you look men are portrayed as weak, bumbling “doofuses” that can’t handle life without a woman or as insane abusers and rapist. And because so many men believe and have bought into this, the powerful, confident, Alpha male who shrugs off this imposed prison truly ignites her soul on fire. Every hot woman I have met has complained about men being too nice and weak. That’s why you must watch how people truly act, and not what they say.

4) You will never try to impress her, buy her, or be nice to her. Contrary to what many women believe, respect is earned. Trying to impress her will look weak. Buying her things will look weak. If you want to date or pick-up a stripper, the first thing you have to do is communicate you are not a customer. The stripper cannot see you as the typical mark she earns from or you will never excite her. It is the same in dating. All hot single women have guys they use for social dinners, shopping sprees, and to talk to when they have relationship problems. Thanks to social media, the most average girl still has 100’s of men complimenting her and showering her with undeserved praise DAILY. These are the same girls that tell you she wants a nice guy, but bangs guys that don’t buy her anything, take her anywhere, or supplicate to her at all. They do, however bring out the animal side in her.

5) She doesn’t have to like you to fuck you. I have been bold and brazen, literally picking a heated verbal sparring match (not an argument, since I was just pushing her buttons with no skin in the game) to heat up a girl who wouldn’t even talk with me. She got pissed and start calling me names and getting very verbally abusive. And at that point I told her “I knew if I could just get past that bitch shield you have up I would see the real you.” A back handed compliment (neg) and perfect pattern interrupt to be sure. She halted, I held my frame, and she melted. I had her that evening. So stop trying to make a girl like you. The opposite of love is indifference, not hate. Hate means she doesn’t like you at the moment, but would still bang you.

6) When you see a girl that arouses the lust of your loins, you will approach her. Be overly confident, assume she likes you, and be bold. If you have eye contact and she looks away and down, you have 3 seconds to cement that you are the Alpha and dominant, so go do it.

7) The best approach is when you don’t have to. As I created my reality and had many, many girlfriends (that demonstrated my pre-selection) they would talk. As these girls saw my interactions with other men or women, it simply reinforced how wonderful I must be. It is an awesome feeling walking into one of your favorite places, and having 12 hot girls, plus half a dozen guys immediately come over to talk to you. This display of social proof and high value will lead to other girls subtly approaching you. Most aren’t bold, though a few may be. Most will ask to be introduced by people who know you.

8) Tell a girl no. The fastest way to develop your self-worth in relations to a woman is not to comply. She ask for you to buy her a drink? “No, but you can buy me one.” Waitress says “How is this table?” “No, I would rather sit there.” Something more fun comes up and you have plans with a girl, break the plans. Nothing is more exciting to a woman than having a man they can’t control. She orders you to get something or hand her something? “No, I don’t take orders. Would you like to try asking nicely?” I have seen CEO’s of $3 Billion dollar companies get a fax off the machine that their Executive Assistant told them to get. I won’

9) Never tell your deepest secrets or weaknesses to a woman. You may think you are bonding, but she will feel your weakness and respect you less. In addition, when (not if) you have an emotional conflict with this girl, these will be the weapons she uses to hurt you. She may be sorry after her temper dies down, but the damage is done. If you are in a relationship with her, and you split, this is what she will share with the world. My dad had the best saying, “Trust everyone, tempt no one.” If she doesn’t have the goods on you, you never have to worry about her damaging you or your career.

10) Your Reputation is your life. In business, with your male friends, in the motorcycle gang, and with the women you bed. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen men blown out of the water for betraying a group of close male friends for a woman, or for bad mouthing an ex-girlfriend or wife who wronged him. Women talk more than men. And they talk more graphically, so keep your mouth shut about intimate issues involving your woman, and never put a girl ahead of friends you have made commitments with.

11) Be very selective in your honesty, praise and generosity. She may be the most beautiful girl in the world to you, but you can’t praise her for that like every other man. She may be a new girl in your group that all of a sudden needs you to rescue her, and you will refrain. If I am not banging the girl, I am not going to bring her gas because she was too lazy to stop and fill up.

12) Nothing will make her fall for you like mystery and absence. Do not see her every day. Do not call or text her every day, especially in the beginning. When she meets you and you increase the attraction, exude raw masculine energy, display high value and leave, she will be thinking of you. With just a few well placed text, she will get to the point where she can’t stop fucking you in her mind, and she will find you.

13) Use unpredictability and restrained anxiety to keep her excited. If she ever believes she has you, or you are too easy, or predictable, you become boring. A girl that knows you can have another girl faster than she can pack, is one less likely to leave and fight with you. A woman who is unsure of how much you like her will tear herself up inside thinking about you. Longing for the moment you will be with her. Use this.

14) Always use boldness to your advantage. Ever been at a play and as you get to the end of an act everyone is unsure of when to clap? One bold soul starts, then everyone claps. That principle is one you will see through life, as most people are scared of leading and fear being wrong in public. Have the courage to act with boldness, and risk being wrong. The old saying “Fortune favors the bold” is true. The guy that goes up to a girl and says he would “like to bend her over a pool table and fuck her from behind” is going to have a much better life than they guy who sends a drink from across the room.

15) Cultivate your sense of entitlement. Even as creatures who study human relations and social dynamics, we still don’t understand all of the subtle sub-context of how people communicate. The ever so faint smirk, the slight tightening of the eyes, the slightly raised chin all communicate on a subconscious level. When you cultivate a sense of entitlement, a sense that you can win any situation, can have any girl, where you are judging whether this woman is worthy of your seed, or that man worthy of your attention, others can sense this. If you truly believe you are entitled, others will follow your lead and believe you deserve it too.

16) Use mixed signals to increase the intensity of your mystery and desire. Coming right out and telling a girl you like her rarely works. However, telling a girl “on a scale of 1-10 she is a maybe” will send her mind into a roller coaster ride of trying to figure out what you mean. Her mind will work in your favor as she thinks about you. A few well placed comments about something other than her beauty, and she will be yours.rapport-it-is-all-about-cli

17) Always have the ability to walk away. As a man, it is your greatest asset. Just like sex is a woman’s. The ability to calmly say “No” and risk upsetting the girl, or even losing her is what will increase your power, and minimize the test women will give you. You are allowed, under all circumstances, to walk away. You do not owe her money, security, a relationship, or anything else simply because you dated her or had sex with her. She dated you, and sex with you, so you are even. Scratch that, you are likely the best she has had, so she will keep you in her memories forever as that special one, so she owes you.

18) Never get caught up in the Law of Reciprocity. Humans are hard wired to respond positively to a positive action. This is why a car salesman will throw in the free $200 undercoating so you will buy the $1000 extended warranty. Women will also use this to further their ability to get what they want from you – with hints and subtle (or not so subtle) suggestions of the delights you will experience if you only did (whatever she ask for)…. do not fall into this trap. The reverse of this is you buying for her. Many girls, especially women worth being with will decline the drink from a man simply because she does not want to imply the reciprocal of she will talk/date/sleep with him. So never try to use the rule to your advantage. Instead, have her comply with an order. Then you can reward her if you so desire.

19) Don’t date woman you aren’t fucking. I know of hundreds of girls that will go out with a guy for the music, food and beverage, and when he drops her off at home, she comes to my house to climb on me. A first date should be no more than a drink or two, and you having sex. If she offers to take you out, she pays.

20) Do not make love to her. When she surrenders, or jumps your bones, you fuck her. Hard! Pull her hair, spank her ass, grab her throat. Always have trust with her, and respect whatever boundaries you establish. I personally create a safe word for us. Mine is “oranges”. Say that word and the games stop. This allows you both to role play without having to worry about stepping over the lines. If either of you hear this word, the game is over. Do not be a soft, in touch with your feelings kind of guy. Be a wild man. Don’t worry about her cumming or even how she feels. If you lead her to a wild, raw, dominant fling, she will cum harder than she ever has. And always get pictures. Of her dressed sexy, sucking your cock, banging you with a look of pleasure on her face. I have never needed it, but it has kept some friends of mine from facing false rape charges from a girl they slept with, but didn’t want a relationship with.

21) You will protect your seed as if it was pure gold. The more alpha and successful you are, the more a woman will try to impregnate herself with your seed. She is on the pill? Only have to miss that two days and you are a father. She has the condoms? A small needle will fix that. Diaphragm? Uhm, can I see? Tubes tied? Why are you banging a girl with kids? My suggestion is to go get a reversible vasectomy. Some states will not allow a full grown man do that without children (you aren’t playing by the rules damn you), so use your own condoms, and still pull out. This doesn’t feel as good as blasting your load in her, but it does have the added benefit of helping you get ready for round two since you didn’t achieve full release. Oh, and destroy the used condoms. Make sure they are gone. Professional athletes are told this because some women will save the condom and artificially inseminate themselves to either trap you in a relationship, or procure resources from you, known as child support.

22) Never stay with a woman that withholds sex to make you comply to her wishes, or offers sex in exchange for something she wants. This literally makes her a member of the “oldest profession” club. In a relationship, especially a marriage, when a woman plays the “you aren’t getting sex till I get (whatever)” she has pressed the nuclear war button. You have been placed in a no-win situation. If you cave and give in, she loses respect for you since you have demonstrated you value her pussy above your own beliefs. And if you don’t give in, you now have to provide for a woman who is shunning you. Several ex’s have done this. They have all been treated the same. That’s why I refer to them as ex’s.alpha-training-4

23) You will never win an argument with a girl verbally, only thru a display of actions. She is trained from birth to manage arguments and social interactions like a ninja, so don’t even try. Disagree? By all means. Discuss? Hell yes. But once she becomes very emotional, starts yelling, throwing things or crying, and saying the mean shit intended to wound your soul, you must stop. A simple “You seem to be really upset, why don’t we talk about this later when you are able to communicate in a more calm matter,” will work. She will likely go ballistic. This is where you lean back and stay calm. No more discussion. None.

24) If (or when for most of us) you go through a divorce or breakup, you will destroy your opponent totally. I am not calling for physical violence, but I certainly wouldn’t let it be used against me. No, I am talking about giving her the benefit of the doubt. Ever heard the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”? Well, hell hath no fury like a woman who perceives she has been scorned and who has divorce court and “primary aggressor” laws with civil servant policemen enforcers on her side. You got mad and called her a “bitch” once? Verbal abuse. She took a swing at you, and you restrained her wrist? Physical abuse. Have a kid? She tells the court you have touched the child inappropriately. So if you ever have to go through this, you realize, even if you loved her, she will not play fair, and you had better be one step ahead. Hidden cameras, taped conversations, home security and legal advice are the tools to protect you and if you have the slightest inkling that you may be headed this way it is time to start gathering evidence.

25) Never discuss these views with women, nor ask a woman for advice on seducing women. All women, everywhere, hate the thought that the magical connection she is feeling with you and the erotically wonderful tingles in her can be taught or broken down into systems, logic, and an understanding of sexual desire. Trying to convince, or discuss this with them, is a losing battle that will damage your reputation and minimize your pool of willing women. While you may know the score, you are better using actions to display your understanding, rather than words.