dealing-with-shit-testIf you are a man that has spent any amount of time in sexual relationships with women, and if you have opened your eyes to the truth of the interactions around you, you will easily see women like drama, and they test men.

There is a lot of debate from PUA’s, MGTOW’s, and Evolutionary Psychologist around why this is. Here is my short take on it. Men are programmed to want to sleep with as many women as possible, to spread our seed, and to move on. We can only cum a few times a day, but each time we shoot millions of sperm. Millions. Wait a day, and we can do it again. Outside of legal enforcement (the courts making you), from an evolutionary stand point, we have very little invested in having a child. One good shot of sperm and we are fathers.

Women, however, have completely different wiring. They release one egg every 28-32 days. If that egg is impregnated, they have a 9 month investment before child birth, with the added responsibility of taking care of the child for the next 16-20 years. Once again, baring legal enforcement or removal.

Women are also geared more towards providers in this state. I have always wondered why a woman can typically move on from one man to the next so fast, and I think part of this has to do with wanting stability and provision. Both for herself and her children.

With that said, most women want Alpha cock when they are most fertile. This is the “Sexy Son’s Hypothesis”, and it is a whole book on itself. Suffice it to say that more than a small percentage of women are down with being fucked by the bad boy at this time of the month. Science has proven this, along with the fact that birth control can influence a woman to prefer more effeminate men. The science even goes into facial structures that women prefer during ovulation vs non-ovulation. Think Neanderthal during ovulation and Johnny Dep or Justin Beiber the rest of the times.

But it’s not just looks or her logical (I chuckle to myself typing that) choices. It’s your attitude. Act like a Neanderthal and look like Johnny Dep = Tons of Pussy. Look like a Neanderthal and act like a super duper, scared of his shadow, nice guy = you are just going to be friends, or the “ick” feeling.

Now, we say all of this to lead up to shit test. I use to hate shit test. I would have some serious attraction going, escalating kino perfectly then wham – the shit test. Something like: “I have heard you are a player and I should stay away from you.” Or some other variation of coming up with an obstacle or challenge for whatever you are saying, or doing.

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