Hi Alpha,

I love your stuff. So tired off all the BS out there. I just want to be raw masculine energy. Your blog and webpage is my favorite. I get bored reading other dating sites and their books. Can you please describe the exact process you would use to get someone from BETA to total Alpha? What was your journey like? Did you approach 20 women a day? How did you figure out where you were going wrong in your interactions? How did you internalize the new beliefs? How did you become the man you are today? You’re a real deal. Love your stuff.

Regards Bear


Hey Bear,becoming-the-alpha

Thank you very much for the compliments.

As for you question, the path I took was a much longer path than the material I teach. I trimmed out all of the crap that was not needed. With that, there were some key components I did that really helped.

First, I had almost zero confidence when I started. I was actually scared to even go up and say “hi” to a girl. As I was reading and studying Pickup & Human Dynamics, I knew I had to overcome my fear of talking to attractive girls.

I started by talking to everyone. When I was in line at the gas station I joked with the guy behind me. Or the cashier. Nothing major, just small talk. The “how is you day?” or “you look bored” type of fluff. You will find that in a very short amount of time you will naturally be able to talk to anyone.

I then started approaching every girl I saw that I thought was attractive. At first, I wasn’t even trying to pick up the girl; I just wanted to get over being nervous or scared of the hot 5’2 90 pound girl. I hated being scared of girl that I could literally throw on top of a house.

I never had a “number” of approaches in mind – I just made myself approach every girl I would fuck. As you learn the rest of my material (like pattern interrupts, cocky & funny, calibration, social proof and embedded commands) it becomes very easy to read and flirt with a girl.

I had also read a lot of BS advice or at least “so-so” advice. These are things I tried that just never really felt comfortable. Like wearing certain clothes, items or other conversation pieces known as peacocking. I also tried several “pick up” scenarios and openers that just felt wrong.

I tried many ridicules things that some pickup artist taught, simply because I did not have any clue what worked. The stuff that did work, I refined. The crap, like peacocking, I removed. And I have them all in my training.

I also kept a journal. When I tried a new approach, or scenario, NLP seduction pattern or technique, I wrote down where I was, what I did, how hot I thought the girl was, how the interaction went and how I felt about the exchange.

I would try these tactics and techniques many times, and the ones that did not produce numbers and lays, I stopped doing.

As I made myself do this, I rapidly blew past my fear and started having a lot of fun with it. The more I learned about language patterns and NLP the faster I could sleep with a girl. That’s where I started learning about the subconscious mind, all of the routines that are programmed into our minds, and how most of it we didn’t consciously choose to put there.

As I learned about habits and how our internal programming impacts our view of the world, I learned that our internal feelings DICTATE how others deal with us. Most people reflect what we believe about ourselves. I also learned it is damn hard to change our internal programming.

During my research, I learned that drone pilots use subliminal messages to rapidly train the mind to fly a drone and pick out friendly from foe targets. So I spent like $200 on the software to make my own subliminal messages.

That was 13 years ago, and I still listen to positive subliminal messages.

Whether it was the amount of studying I did, or the subliminal messages I included, my sex life exploded. I have literally had some of the wildest experiences, and the more I learned, the further I pushed my expectations, the hotter and wilder the girls in my life became.

Like only dating bisexual girls. It is simply amazing how many hot girls like other girls.

At this time I was a decent pickup artist, but still not an Alpha. There was one thing missing.

As I spent more time banging girls, the more I learned about their true nature. With our moms, media and the average man’s view of the world, many of today’s men believe the fairy tale that women are not very sexual, weak victims that are also loyal and pure in heart. They simply want to be treated tenderly and sweetly to win their love.

However, that life view was not lining up at all with what I experienced in real life. The true nature of women is much different than how media or society portrays them. I have slept with several hundred women in the last 10 years, and at least 75% of them were either married, engaged, living with a guy, or had a serious boyfriend. None of those girls told me about it till after they fucked me.

As I was included more into the world of women (as men and Alpha’s do) the more fucked up shit I saw them do. Basically think of every stereotype women accuse men of, and multiply it by 1000 and that is how they are.

For example, guys will brag about the girl they banged and how hot she was. There will be no real detail, just she was hot.

Girls will discuss everything. From how hard you fucked her, the amount of positions, how good you were, how they felt and every other detail. There are no secrets between females.

And if you are in a relationship with her and she gets mad at you, every single detail, failure, mistake or otherwise sensitive information you have ever let her know will be shared with everyone that will listen to her.

I also noticed just how manipulative they are. They are physically smaller than most men (at least the hot ones are) so when they really get mad, they use other men to try to make a man submit.

Or they use most men for utility. I was shocked as I learned exactly how many of these hot girls accepted dinners, clothes, cars, money, trips and anything else from a man while acting like they liked him, only to make fun of his weakness behind his back. Hundreds of times girls have come to my house at midnight after their date dropped them off to climb in bed with me.

Now, I am not putting them down, simply pointing out I always looked at women like weak, pure snowflakes that needed my protection.

Now I use them like the slut I know she wants to be.

Understanding the true nature of women is what moved me from pickup artist to Alpha. It also really simplified my life!

So fast forward to today, and I still read about new developments in psychology and human behavior. I still flirt with every hot girl I meet, and I enjoy the hell out of my life.

My journey went something like this:
0-6 months = More confidence, started dating some cute girls

6-18 months = refined my approach, became smooth, used subliminal training and started dating bisexual girls.

18 months – 3 years = learned more about social proof and female nature.

Became Alpha. After that change I became a high level executive of a 2 billion dollar company reporting to the CEO. I have managed 3 different multimillion dollar companies as the President. And I haven’t been with a girl that weighed more than 110 pounds or was older than 28 in a decade. All things I wanted to achieve.

Learning these skills not only helped me get laid a lot more, it helped me build the life I want.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much.

I have read the article several times and taken tons of notes.

Again, words cannot describe how incredibly greatful I am.

Thank you for sharing all the knowledge you have gained over the last 10 years.

Most pua still look and sound like beta males with good lines. You are true man. The essence of what we should be.

God bless you.

Regards Bear

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