fun-party-girlsHi Alpha X.

I signed up, & didn’t see that conformation email went to possible junk email. So I signed up again, & then figured this out. So I have 2 subscriptions. My apologies, apparently I was droning out….

Would you like me to cancel the 1st or 2nd one in pay pal?

I have to say your material has floored me. It’s a whole bandwidth of observations & analysis I’ve been trying to figure out for years.

I think I need the subliminal stuff, but I’d really like to know where I’m at, then figure out recording content, to make sure I’m fixing what’s broken, & ultimately going where I want to go. My subconscious “needs” combined with the fatal mistake of trying to connect & be loving has landed me where I am today. She fell hook, line, & sinker for a pseudo alpha.

I’m in the middle of a divorce from what I would call a high conflict woman, psychopathic (warm side), woman after 15 years of marriage.

Really there’s lots I need to learn & understand. What’s the best way to go about this?

Hey Rick,

Sorry about that – Paypal happens to be the easiest to set up with my theme – but it isn’t the user friendliest. Please cancel whichever one you want.

And thank you for the compliment. Rather that write a bunch of material that sounds “awesome” I figured I would really try to help men out. I have been researching and studying this for almost 15 years. It is an eye opener for sure.

Sounds as if your divorce story is like mine – I truly am sorry man. I think, based on all of my life experiences (including the early deaths of several of my best friends) divorce is one of the most devastating things that can happen for anyone. If, as the men, we were also the primary breadwinner and we didn’t want the divorce, then the sting of broken promises, betrayed loyalty and the ripping away of assets built on our efforts (that we know she is going to use to sleep with the new guy) creates a core of anger few who haven’t been there can understand.

Let me start by encouraging you – after learning a lot of this, I have probably the best sex/love/affectionate relationships I ever have. I am still extremely biased, and I will never give up my personal power again, but with that, I relish the rebuild of my life and all of the exciting “pieces” it has brought. If you were married for 15 years I am going to assume you are in your mid 40’s like me…. so keep in mind, you are in your prime. From 18 up will fuck you. As a matter of fact, many girls have a fantasy of the hot older guy, so you just have to learn how to retrain your mind a bit and you will be chased by these younger girls.

With that, I highly recommend you hit the gym. HARD. I trained like a mad man for years after the divorce. It really helps with confidence: coupled with the rest of what you learn here, you will walk with more Alpha swagger naturally, and women will take notice. It’s not just the body, but the attitude and why it is in section one. Secondly, while I studied a lot of pickup material, this really only helped me after I nailed the internal belief aspects (like you mentioned). I would focus on the Section 2: Tactical Self Development and all of the sub-components. When you really understand this, you will know exactly where to focus your subconscious to get whatever you want. Specifically focus on “NLP Understanding and Reality” especially reframes and removing limiting beliefs coupled with “Language Pattern Development“. When you start really understanding these, your life will begin to change. You will start understanding how to communicate with people (and women) in a much more powerful way. You will also start to learn what had held you back and how to remove it.

I hope this helps, and please feel free to ask me any other questions you have. Welcome to freedom!

Most Sincerely,

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