tactical-self-developmentFirst A Warning

Success with women is more disillusioning than failure. I truly want you to keep this in mind.

You see, if you are the average guy reading this book, you believe certain “facts” about women and dating. The media and feminist culture continue to enforce these “facts” so that you will continue to act the way you do – which usually places power in the hands of the lady. Opening doors, flowers on dates, paying for her dinner or taking her shopping. Talking about feelings and being her knight in shining armor. These are the traits that women say they want, and what Hollywood pushes as the guy that gets the girl. The movie “Hitch” was very true, right till he threw himself on the car and basically begged the girl to be with him. The movie shows a man becoming tame, the women all sigh, the guy gets the girl and they all live happily ever after – on screen, for the last 2 minutes on the show.

In real life truth is harsher.

As you learn these tactics, which are nothing more than watching what a women truly responds to, you will see that very few of them are of common knowledge. As you date and bed more women, you may find yourself more disillusioned than you are now. I know I was.

I was one of those guys that had bought into the “women are pure and loving” creatures that should be cherished for their feminine nature. When I learned how women really were, my views of the world were shattered. When I learned how easy women will fuck you, how fast you can do anything with them, how fast they will cheat (with the right AKA Alpha man) it took its toll on my soul.

I am not bitter. Not angry, though I was angry at the world for lying to me for so long. There is freedom in learning how to bed any woman you want. But the cost for many is a shattering of long held (limiting) beliefs.

I just don’t care anymore, I’m not here to save the world, I’m here to just tell the truth and help a few men stay in the light, I’ve given up on the whole bring balance to our upside down, female ruled world… it’s a long arduous journey to come to that if it ever does, and I probably won’t be around for it.

Field Work – It Is Time

So far we have worked on understanding and removing limiting beliefs in the subconscious and conscious. We have also looked at developing a strong masculine frame. Sure both of these take time, but this is a journey you are on, not a destination. Next we have to add in some human to human interaction. Your mind can take you very far, but when we combine the mind, the body, with actual experience you will become very powerful.
When I was first learning this, after my first divorce, I was fat, balding (hadn’t shaved my head yet), broke with no confidence. The very first approach I did to a girl was terrifying. My voice cracked, my knees shook, and I know my body language had to be weak. Luckily she was nice and politely said “no”. During my field study and learning phase, I tried 1000’s of different combinations and scenarios. Many were a waste of time, but several had an incredible impact on my development.

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