alpha-menThe definition of an “Alpha” man (not a lion, chimp, or guerilla), but a social homosapien is a man that has a larger variety of attractive potential mates than the average man. The man that has bedded 100 or more good looking (by male standards) women is an Alpha – regardless what his job, resources, IQ or any other attribute is. A man that could bed 100+ attractive women but doesn’t is still an Alpha (think of the married rock star) by this definition. If 5 males and 5 females live on a deserted island, and one guy is sleeping with the 2 hottest girls, he is the Alpha. Get the idea?

Now, actual statistics are hard to come by, but it has been reported that the average man sleeps with 7 girls (median) while the average girl only has 4 sexual partners (median). It further reports “that 29 percent of American men report having 15 or more female sexual partners in a lifetime, while only 9 percent of women report having sex with 15 or more men.”

FUN FACT: According to Census Bureau 49.1 % of the population is male, and 50.9% of the population is female. And for anyone who knows anything about math, what does this tell us? Men and women lie. Men tend to exaggerate up in count, and women down. For any large population of sexual partners, there is absolutely no mathematical way the average man has slept with more women than women have slept with men.

Now, from observation, the Alpha men tend to have their pick of women. These are the men that have 100’s if not 1000’s of attractive sexual partners. But why would they have such access?

For a moment, suspend our cultural “what life should be like” programming and think of reproduction and propagation of the species in cold, hard reality terms. Life doesn’t care about anything other than growing the species and dominating the habitat.

How does that effect out mating preferences?

As a man gets older, his sexual market value goes up. He is more controlled, typically more confident with more resources. He has also likely learned what women really want. These are all primitive, genetic and behavioral psychology markers that have been with our race for 1000’s of years.

As a women gets older, she tends to look less beautiful – all of the physical markers for beauty are markers for health and fertility, and she really is less fertile. A young woman of 20-24 has an 86% chance of pregnancy, while a woman just 10 years older (30-34) on has a 63% chance. That’s a full 26% drop. Add another 10 years and it is down to 36% chance – a 58% drop.

This is easily seen by the two charts from OkCupid founder’s new book.

What ages women look at by their age.

What ages women look at by their age.

The ages of men looking at profiles by age.

The ages of men looking at profiles by age.

Men desire young attractive women that are fertile – it is our programming. Our genes seek out young and fertile as they were the most likely to survive child birth and have children with minimal defects.

What IS It About Alpha

Women desire alpha men (men that can have lots of women as in “preselection“) – these are the men that display traits that make a girl feel attraction and sexual chemistry. These are the men that other women want. If he also has resources, then he is an even better life partner. But the resources are not logically thought of by a woman in the heat of the sexual moment. That is usually thought of AFTER she has had sex and is thinking of commitment or children.

But once again, why would the man that can have lots of women actually be MORE LIKELY to get even more women?

It’s not just money – I know lot’s of “rich” men who can’t bed 100’s of girls.

It’s not just fame – though that certainly can help. But it likely won’t keep the girl – as seen by the millions of women that leave famous, wealthy men.

It is the character of a man that through his communications and interactions (body language, voice tone, values and beliefs) that communicates high value and sparks attraction in women.

I already knew the answer before this post, but it was made even more evident with the outlandish circulation of Jeremy Meeks mug shot. This convict was swooned over by 100,000’s of girls through social media – a felon in jail, with no resources. One girl liked his mug shot and shared on Facebook with comments. His good looks and felon “tough guy” credentials makes him seem Alpha. The more girls that want you, the more you can have (Preselection is wonderful). This runs parallel on why women love evil men and why women love jerks. A man that displays these politically incorrect thoughts as well as the actions (beliefs and values) of a man that can take her or leave her triggers the “he must have many options” i.e. other women want him.

The unconscious driver in the woman is gene survival. The man’s genes that sparks attraction in other women will likely produce children that will be seen as “attractive” therefore increasing the likelihood of the woman’s child continuing to have more children and keeping the gene strand going.

This is the “Sexy Son’s Hypothesis” and the single answer on why learning how to unleash your Alpha personality is more important than anything you can do. The man that can have many women, can have even more.

Matthew 13:12 “For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.”

If you would like the fastest, easiest, and most technologically advanced program (one that uses some of the same teaching techniques that combat drone pilots use) to truly attract women, my Alpha Training program is SUCCESS-GUARANTEED.

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  1. Johna82 on September 24, 2014

    Great, thanks for sharing this article. Really Cool.

  2. Auntie Phem on October 11, 2014

    > ” Life doesn’t care about anything other than growing the species and dominating the habitat.”

    That’s just a theory. Nature obviously doesn’t “abhor” a vacuum since most of the universe (outerspace) is a vacuum. Plus nature wouldn’t care if all life died on Earth and it became a barren planet.

    We can only guess what life “means.” Certainly we would think someone mad who created things that died…which replicated before dying…so other things could replicate and die, too. It makes no “sense” to humans.

    I mean, who cares if we replicate or not? Species appear and disappear. Where from? Where to? Why?

    Also, why make coitus connected to reproduction?

    We can boink just because it feels good.

    As for “life,” once kids are born we tend to love them and do what we can to keep them alive…even though we know they will eventually die.

    It all seems so silly and pointless, yet few extant folks seek to die.

    So the mystery continues.

  3. Davidson on October 28, 2014

    It’s a real pity you’re not decorating your website with actual pictures of your girlfriends (assuming all you’re saying is true) instead of photos taken from the Internet. It would give more power to your pages if your readers were able to gauge for themselves which girls fall for your ways.
    Incidentally, a picture of you would be great, too.

    • AlphaX Author on October 28, 2014

      Feel free to look at the About Us section – that’s me and my current girlfriend.

      • Davidson on November 3, 2014

        Thanks for your reply. I did end up seeing your pics. Girlfriend is nice (but not amazing IMO). You look quite good too. You may be way older than her, but you’ve got what looks like a great body and yes you’re bald but, so are the Rock and Vin Diesel… not much of a problem anymore, nowadays.