social-proof-and-why-it-is-Social Proof is why television sitcoms still use laugh-tracks, even though everyone thinks they’re lame and outdated. Social Proof is also the reason people like to take pictures of themselves having fun with their attractive friends, and use those as social network or online dating profile pictures.

A large part of seducing women is Displaying High Value, which is a form of Social Proof. DHVs, as the dating community call it, are a part of every seduction. To me personally, it is ranked right up there with confidence. Have irrationally high confidence, demonstrate very high value and you are getting laid. Period. DHV’s can be everything from the stories you tell, the people you hang with, how you hold yourself and the items you have. The most convincing DHVs are genuine high value activities and passions in your lifestyle that are seen as dangerous, interesting and attractive to women, as well as other qualities that constitute an Alpha’s passive value.


Displaying High Value and Social Proof = What Makes A Woman Tingle

1. Pre-selection – proving that other women want you; this is the hardest one to fake and one of the most powerful DHVs and attraction switches (in evolutionary biology, this signal is perceived as most likely to be correct because of its difficulty to fake). If you are surrounded by hot girls, and a new hot girl sees you, she will be curious. Tease and flirt with her a bit, and the fact you have other women is actually a turn on. It also displays a high level of confidence to flirt with one woman in front of another woman you appear to be with.

Most men I know would actually try to hide the fact they have other girls, or are dating several, or that they even have girls as friends. They believe this is either disrespectful to the girl of their desires, or that it would turn her off, yet in real life, having lots of girls that want to fuck you is the easiest way to fuck the new girl.

2. Leader of men – indicator of an alpha male and social intelligence. Provider of social proof and survival resources. This can be anything from the leader of your group, department, sports, or just a guy that takes charge. It is not as strong a social signal as Pre-Selection, but without Pre-Selection, it is the next best thing.

3. Protector of loved ones – ability to protect her, her children, and those around you. Ever notice how hot and turned on most girls get watching UFC, boxing or some other type of fight? I have literally gotten into a fight, won, and had a random girl who watched me want to fuck me. I do not recommend fighting if you can help it, but being muscular with an Alpha attitude does invoke the “protector” attraction button in most girls psych.

I never recommend that a man White-Knight (defend some random girls honor) for a women, and I will tell you why later. Know this, standing up for some random girl in most situations will not provoke the protector attraction response.

4. Ability and willingness to click – correct emotional filters are in place, so you respond (automatically, unconsciously) the right way to different emotional circumstances. This is building rapport and comfort into the communication, while still building sexual tension and displaying an Alpha masculine frame.

5. Belief in a greater cause – you are willing to devote to a greater cause in life, bigger than yourself. This can be anything. Building a company, composing a song, designing a masterpiece. The sky is the limit. Ever notice how great sociopaths and historical figures inspired their share of tingles in women? Part of it was how they communicated their vision, that great goal or cause.
In life, I hope you have a purpose above just getting laid. I know if you aren’t getting laid it can feel damn important. But once you are getting laid easily, you had better have a bigger vision or life can get boring. And it helps keep the stream of women steady!

6. Willingness to walk way – you WANT her, but you don’t NEED her. Think of it this way, most women experience a man being overly jealous, hanging on, clingy or needy. Even from the first interaction, a woman can feel this needy attitude. For example, most men at a club will see a woman they want to meet, walk over and offer to buy her a drink. If she accepts, they take it as a sign she wants to be with them and simply will not leave. This typically gives a woman the “ick” feeling. It also demonstrates low value.

In a relationship, dating or otherwise, your mental ability to walk away if she doesn’t treat you the way you want is your strongest tool. A girl can feel this. She will test you, and how you demonstrate your ability to walk away will either cause her to get wet and want you, or leave you.

Another interesting feature of being able to walk away is that it demonstrates, to some degree, Pre-Selection. See a man that has many girls that want to fuck him, or if he knows he can easily replace this girl, he doesn’t place too much on the interaction. His attitude displays the high value of a man surrounded by women.

There are many other DHVs that come from other schools of thought:

  • wealth (real or perceived)
  • family background
  • body build
  • sense of humor
  • social intuitiveness and wittiness
  • ability to have fun and positive emotions (AKA vibe and frame control)
  • understanding how to redirect social pressure
  • sense of style
  • having strong personal values and conviction beyond that of pick-up

All of these DHVs relate to a solid congruency to an cool inner core and unique personality. These traits are catnip to women.

The important aspect of an Alpha’s game is that the High Value traits are real and a part of who you are and in any long term relationship, a fake High Value trait will be felt by the girl. In a cold approach (where you are approaching a random unknown girl) pick-up, it is important to display subtle high value traits in an efficient and effective manner to create attraction within a given time window. If you are too bold in displaying high value, you will be seen as bragging or a show off, which is try hard and not Alpha.

It is important to note that High Value traits are different from boasting or bragging, which are approval seeking behaviors that are actually a demonstration of Low Value. I have been the guy bragging about wealth, and it rarely actually helped me get the girl. A subtle, congruent high value wealth signal would be the car you drive and her seeing you in it, not telling her about it. DHVs work best when they are woven subtly into stories or displayed through action.

How Social Proof Can Help You

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