Hey man! It’s been a while and I have 2 questions..

1) What’s a good c&f response to a “how big are you?” question? I’ve seen guys brag about having 7″ and be shut down, so I know it’s dumb to try to impress the woman, but what do you say?


2) This sounds also sounds insecure but I’ve read about penis growth “exercises” where you stretch your dick in your hand over a long period of time in a specific way. I’ve heard people say “It doesn’t work” but have yet to see any personal testimony saying “I did this and was consistent and it didn’t work”. I’m curious what your experience is with that type of stuff

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Hi Brother… couple of good questions.say-about-penis-size

1) When I first started learning cocky & funny, I used this style of humor to indirectly answer the question.

For example, I am actually from Texas so I have said:

Her: “How big are you?”

Me: “Have you noticed I am not tall?”

Her: “Yes”

ME: “You do know I am from Texas right…. where everything is a little bigger?”

It’s cocky, it’s funny and it is charming. It is slightly above average for an answer.

Now, there are 2 better responses.

Before I give them, I want you to understand the frame. The girl is qualifying you. She is basically shit testing you to see actually how high on the Alpha scale you are. Even if your penis was 12 inches and Porn Star built, answering it this way is you accepting her frame, which is usually an automatic lowering of your sexual market value in her eyes.

The man that truly understands sexual triggers in women does not play by her rules…. he makes her play by his rules.

So these are the 2 best answers I have used that work:

Answer #1)

Her: “How big are you?”

Me: “I am tiny….. Like tic-tac small. Yep that’s me, hung like a tic-tac. It does freshen your breath though.”

Most times, I do not advocate men use self-depreciating humor. A man that really believes he is the prize is not going to spend any time putting himself down to make himself more acceptable to a girl. This is exactly what a weak “nice” man does, and we all know that doesn’t work.

However, in this case, due to the inherit ego we as a society associate with penis size and being powerful sexual males, your answering this way actually demonstrates extreme confidence and a “Zero Fucks Given” attitude as to what she thinks about you.

That, regardless of what she says or tries to tease you about, is going to immediately heat her up. Just not that many charming and confident men in the world and it is rare for a girl to truly meet one. Make sure you don’t say you are kidding or apologize if she gets mad that you aren’t “playing in her frame”.

Answer #2) (and my favorite)

Her: “How big are you?”

Me: “How much money do you make?”

Her: “What does that have to do with anything?”

Me: “Seriously, how much do you make? Are you rich? Do you have a trust fund? What kind of car do you drive? Is it even paid for?”

Her: (Nervous little laughs) Either – “That is none of your business” –OR- “No, I’m not rich…”

Me: “Doesn’t matter then, you can’t afford me.” -smirk-

This type of pattern interrupt pulls her out of her frame, moves her into your frame, and places you in the “qualifying her” role. It is being a playful challenge, and it also demonstrates Zero Fucks Given and extreme confidence.

The entire interaction around sexual questions from a girl is that girl trying to bring you into her frame as the judge of your worthiness. You must know you are above her, and play with her like a bored mouse toying with a rat. It’s fun, and just what you are supposed to do.

As for you last question I need to tell you a story.

If you read back to when I was 30 and my wife left me, I had absolutely no idea why she left. Her leaving me, a rich millionaire to go bang the bartender really damaged my ego. Lot’s of thoughts went through my mind. That devastating event (losing her, my son, millions and damn near my mind) is what set me up on the path to learning everything I could about human dynamics and seducing girls.

I wanted to be the best.

At that time, there was no good site that just laid the true nature of women, sexual triggers or the attitudes that attract hot women. So I did read a lot of “pick up” artist material, but I also read a lot of relationship books, how to attract men books and how to be a better lover.

I also tried to increase my dick size. I started with a “Penis Stretching Guide” and if you really want it, I can go back through my archives and find the name of it. It is basically all of the “Penis Exercises” you can read for free on the net.

The concept is to stretch the ligaments and tissues that house the Corpus cavernosum & Corpus spongiosum. These are the columns that fill with blood to give you a full erection.

I believe the primary ligaments and tissue to focus on stretching were the Tunica Albuginea, Suspensory Ligament and the Fundiform Ligament. If you make these ligaments longer, then you will be able to get a larger penis upon an erection.

For 6 months I spent 15 minutes 2 times per day following the exercises in the guide. I also faithfully measured and kept track. Over that period I gained around ¼ of an inch. It was a lot of work for a small gain, but I did gain.

I never kept up with the program. According to the “Hard Facts” infographic, I was already a little bigger than average. I was also learning that your attitude and how you approach sex with her is a much bigger turn on than that extra ¼ of an inch.
My analysis? Penis stretching does work. It is a lot like learning to do the splits though. It takes a very long time to stretch ligaments without damaging them.

If you really embrace the attitudes I teach, learn her sexual triggers, and then use your natural lust to lead her down the dark path of you dominating her, she will cum harder than she has with any other man. Regardless of dick size.

If you would like the fastest, easiest, and most technologically advanced program (one that uses some of the same teaching techniques that combat drone pilots use) to truly attract women, my Alpha Training program is SUCCESS-GUARANTEED.

You can check out the program here and start listening and reading it RISK-FREE right now.

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