man-dominates-womanI am a dominant man. I say “no”. I do not do what women want me to do. I allow none to shame me with my masculinity and no amount of “you should man up” will push me into taking on task or responsibilities that aren’t mine and I don’t want.

Most women that have not had the pleasure of my particular brand of love, looking in from the outside, believe me to be controlling. Some of the women I have been with have also had that conversation with me. Most of these women have to tell their friends and family, “No, he is not controlling. Just very dominant.” And then she spends hours talking with her girls about what I do, and why, and that it isn’t controlling, since I never try to control her. The conversations can be amusing to say the least. So what is the difference?

A controlling man comes from a place of weakness. Deep down he is not sure of himself or his ability to get another girl of equal or greater beauty. He believes he must keep this girl from outside influences or in a relationship with him to prevent her from leaving for other men. He is jealous, and may threaten her or other men when he believes his space is being encroached on. He believes that telling her what to do proves he is masculine. He uses manipulation and the threat of violence as tools to try to make his girl do whatever it is he wants.

A dominant man doesn’t have this weakness. He knows, if this one leaves, there will be more. He knows the Law of 10,000. He is sure that he can achieve whatever he wants. And he has a strict code he lives by. A dominant man doesn’t have to force a woman to have sex, or submit to him. She naturally wants to. He states what he wants, and with confidence, escalates. She decides to either follow or say “no”. A dominant man always respects “no”.

This was sent by my sub.

This was sent by my sub.

Also, as a dominant man, I have rules. For example, cheating. Cheat on me, and you are gone. No fight, no fuss. I won’t cry or ask why you did it. I won’t even get mad. I will just go to the next girl on the list. And I haven’t been cheated on in a long time.

I also don’t care if she text and talks to other guys. I don’t care if 1000 guys tell her how hot she is on Facebook, or that 100 guys are offering her a life of houses, cars, and wealth just so she will have dinner with them. But dear reader, understand… all women like the attention that men give them. They like the man that buys them a car before he has even had a date, or the hundreds of guys that like their new bathroom Facebook status picture. They shriek with delight with all of the men offering compliments and telling them how lucky their boyfriend is. They like the attention most of these men give them, but they won’t sleep with them. No near dear reader, most of these men are beta’s, or worse. They serve to build up the girls confidence, and make her feel empowered. But deep down she knows, while she could have those men, they don’t excite the same fire in her loins that Alpha does. So she may have 1000 guys that want to sleep with her, but she really doesn’t want them, and she knows if she goes too far, my dick will be wet before her eyes dry.

In the bedroom, we have rules too. I like to play rough. I like pulling hair, choking the girl as she cums, spanking her, and completely dominating her. She is not allowed to cum without asking. She is not allowed to touch herself without my permission. She must call me Sir or Master, as in “Sir, may I touch myself?” “Yes slut.” “Sir, may I cum for you?” “No slut, wait.” “Sir, pleaseeeee…” “Cum for me slut.” “Cumming for you Master” and so on.

Too much for you? Well, I understand. I don’t like “sadomasochism” but I do like to dominate (and bondage for her). But as a dominant man, I don’t want to take. I want her to serve and give freely. I want her to want to surrender. So I will never force her to do anything she doesn’t want. We always have a safe word, that is to say, a word outside of the normal sexual realm, and when that word is spoken the play stops. Immediately. No trying to talk her out of it, or you are about to cum, etc. She has to trust you to serve you, so you immediately stop. Untie her, get a drink of water, and that is the game for the day.

dominant-man-throat-womanSo why is this so compelling with women? Why was 50 Shades of Grey such a big hit (yes, I read it long after my personal discovery)? Primarily it is about a woman finding a man she is so attracted to and so lustful for, that he offers her the choice to surrender, which allows her to do all the dirty things she has always wanted too without the guilt, since she has to follow her Master’s direction.

Guys, if you only knew the amount of women who thanked me for taking control and dominating them. Lay the rules out front, then go, but respect the rules. I have heard so many stories of guys that ask if they can kiss the girl, or if they can place their hand in this spot, or as they are slowly and tenderly sliding in and out ask her if “this feels ok”. I cringe at the thought.

She wants to be fucked. When she surrenders to sex with you, use her. Fuck her, push the limits. But always, always, respect the rules. We live in a society where a girl can claim rape just for feeling guilty the next day, and we don’t need that.

Remember to always follow “Alpha Laws“.

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  1. Jake on June 26, 2014

    Ehh. This is so so. Was a good read .. Kinda. Okay job.

  2. DigitDevil on September 13, 2014

    Sir, i am a beta no longer. You have changed my life.

    • AlphaX Author on September 14, 2014

      Just knowing it moves you out of beta… welcome to the start of alpha.

  3. Misty on December 13, 2014

    0_0 *wet*

  4. Jairalee on January 14, 2015

    They should teach this in schools. Especially since the women’s movement, Men growing up with out fathers and estrogen in the food has really sissified men. I like everything in this article, accept I still think I should guilt men into taking masculine responsibilities when they should, which is the other half of the problem with men now a days. But even getting guys to know the sex stuff is a really good start.

  5. Summer on February 20, 2015

    Well written article that gives women an inside look on the views and thoughts of dominate men. Thanks 🙂

  6. submittonoone on December 9, 2016

    I like what you said about 50 shades of grey. Iam the poster girl for that book. That was my first relationship..and I can tell you how it ends. She leaves. The sex may have been great but keep the control in the bedroom alone. Outside the bedroom I am the dominant.

  7. Angelina on March 24, 2017

    OMG what a turn on. So wet. Love alpha men esp. in bed.

  8. Asdf on January 3, 2019

    Yeah, whatever dude. As a chick I can confirm that this is not what I’d want from a dude who I was interested in long term. A kinky occasional fuck? Maybe. Try to bring this weird, manipulative shit into my life permanently? Nope, no thanks – I love being emotionally stable.

    To the author – you need to ease up a little, find a person whose existence you don’t despise, and try to have sex that has the same outcomes for both of you. Life isn’t porn, maybe you should look at your attitude and the way you treat other people.

    • AlphaX Author on January 24, 2019

      Great, you are not the target for this type of relationship. If what you want and what I don’t want, I find a girl that is does match. 50 Shades of Grey wasn’t popular because of its exceptional writing.

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