A new article, Positive Pregnancy Tests Up For Sale Online discusses the trend of women trying to use a pregnancy to trap a man.

While getting and using a “pissed on positive” pregnancy test may be a new trend, using a pregnancy to get a man is as old as female intuition.

Never allow a girl to have any control over whether or not you become a dad. You will buy your own condoms, keep them safe and out of her ability to get with them and tamper with them. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have a condom and she does, you will use it and still pull out. I always used spermicidal lubricant as well.

For those of you that have read any of this site, you know the data on cuckold pregnancies:

“The statistics range from 24-26% of children born and tested in the USA are not of the husband/boyfriends DNA (results obtained from multiple testing laboratories). The national average is expected to be more like 3.7% to 13.6 % depending on relationship type.”

So why would so many women want to trap a guy into marriage and kids? If marriage is such a wonderful deal for men, why would a girl have to use any tactics at all? The truth is marriage offers no benefit for the average man and while women may control sex, men control whether or not there will be a commitment after the sex.

I have had several girls tell me they were pregnant. In my 20’s that scared the shit out of me. I was usually good about using a condom and I would still get these scares.

When my ex and I were laying in bed after one lustful romp, she looked at me and said, “I could have one more with you.” – the same girl that already gave me one “accidental” surprise. I didn’t argue, or discuss. I called the Doctor that Monday and set up a vasectomy. Within 2 weeks of that comment I made sure no more kids would be related to me without me having a physical surgery to allow it.

Now, I rarely tell a girl I am just banging that I have had a vasectomy. I also used condoms frequently with the one night stands and infrequent side bangs. If I was dating the girl as her Master (as in a LTR) I never used condoms (after the first few weeks of our new relationship). And since I never talked about the vasectomy I have heard it all:

“I can’t get pregnant… I have X”
“I am on birth control.”
“I should be starting my period.”

and of course,
“I am pregnant, and I think it’s yours.”

I have fun with those – as I know damn well it’s not mine. It’s also likely she isn’t pregnant, just telling you she is to see how you will react. My experience has taught me, the more Alpha and masculine you are, the more you will deal with women talking about, wanting to, or faking pregnancies.

If you honestly don’t believe it could be yours (vasectomy, no broken condom, no sex without condom, etc.) then I would still follow these steps.

Do not to accuse her of anything. You calmly and with a kind smile on your face tell her “Let’s go.” fake-pregnancy-belly

She will ask, “Where to?”

“Emergency Care – we are getting a pregnancy blood test right now.”

For any girl faking or just testing you – that will usually display you as a high Alpha and also call her bluff without making you look bad. All but one girl immediately backed down said they wanted to wait a few days to make sure they don’t have their period. Do not let them off very easy. You now know what kind of bat shit crazy you are dealing with.

If she says “ok” then spend the $150 bucks and go get the blood test.

One of my past girlfriends said she could never get pregnant. Then she thought she was pregnant with mine. After I told her about the vasectomy she stopped with the pregnancy bit. This same girl is now 21, single, with 1 kid and 1 on the way. The guys will be giving her a solid grand a month or more for the next 18-22 years. If you catch your girl trying to fake a pregnancy with you or actually trying to get pregnant without telling you all while destroying condoms, I suggest you get rid of her. The longer she is around, the more damage to your life she can do.

On the off chance your girlfriend/wife/ftf is actually pregnant, it’s up to you to decide if you will ride out the 9 months of emotional bullshit with her to test the babies DNA. Thanks to modern medicine, for the low price of only $99 dollars you can get a “Home Paternity Test.

Some countries and states have laws against a man doing a paternity test without the mothers consent – which is just another way politicians cater to women and give them power over men. No matter what, no matter what laws are broken, I would have a paternity test done. Remember the statistic – you have a 1 in 4 chance of that child not being yours. No matter what, I would never tolerate a women that tried to force another man’s child into being my responsibility. Even if it cost me my life I would not comply with orders to pay child support or care for a child that was not mine.

But what if it is yours? Well, as an Alpha it’s your choice. Talk her into an abortion if you want. Decide to just let her deal with it and know you will have to get a DNA test and likely be paying child support. Once the critter is in her, she literally owns your ass. Whether or not it is ethical, I had one buddy take his “pregnant” girlfriend on a very adrenaline filled and bouncy boat ride. Her period followed shortly there after.

I chose to get custody of my son and raise him to a be a better man than I was. He has been learning these life lessons for years and is already 10 times the man I was. It’s a lot of work, but his life will be better for it.

To all the single fathers out there -Happy Mother’s Day.

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  1. Daphne on December 4, 2015

    I enjoyed reading your articles. You`re clearly smart and have some profound insights about social dynamics/relationships. But this piece left me.. disappointed. It sort of blew your cover.

    How you talk about women … how you CHOOSE the women … you`re not after quality relationships, you just want to fuck as many 20yearolds as possible. Which is totally fine. Just odd that you have to guts to complain about them fucking you over with pregnancies. You don’t take responsibility for your actions (and I`m not talking about putting a condom on). You talk about these women as if it was “bad weather” that just happened out of nowhere, poor me. When in fact it is you who consciously CHOSE these… crazy… women.

    Also the fact that you think that it`s OK to manipulate someone`s body so to set on a miscarriage makes me want to …throw up. Sorry but you`re scum. Your friend had about 1 million other HONORABLE options for handling the situation and he chose (with your help as I understand) the ugliest and lowest way.

    It`s a pity you have a son. Maybe if you had a daughter you`d develop some empathy towards women. I assume you`re not very close with your mother.

    • AlphaX Author on December 5, 2015

      Look, if a woman fakes a pregnancy she is the one that is wrong. If she lies about birth control to have a kid and trap a man she is wrong. Responsibility for my actions ( or any mans )? You are an idiot. If a girl lies, she lies. Do you think a man should cater to a women for 20 years because she lied? Please do tell.

    • Nick on October 31, 2016

      Your dead wrong brother when I got my vasectomy I was honest and told girls up front BIG MISTAKE. They stopped talking to me and if they were over 30 got up and left immediately! This is because they want the power and control to start a family with or without your consent I barely knew these women maybe I never wanted family with this bitch in the first place. So then I never brought it up unless we were getting serious and I felt it was time to tell her…..BUT it usually came out when they would over the course of sleeping together a few months say “I think im pregnant” or something to that effect. Then I dropped the BOMB on the them you should see their faces its priceless. I then cut them off and threaten to sue if they file for paternity. You wont believe how many of my GF’s friends get pregnant while sleeping with multiple men and pin it on the one with the most money it would blow you away the shallowness and you blame ALPHAX?

  2. jami on December 20, 2016

    I thought this was a very good article. It is nice to see a man who doesn’t just blindly fall for this b.s. I recently had my marriage ended after my husband had an affair & his mistress faked a pregnancy out of frustration that he was using her for sex & refused to leave his family. (We also have a child so why this would work shows how mental she is.) She was nearly 30 but seemed to have the maturity of about a 13 year old. At first I believed it until I learned she claimed she was on the shot when she got pregnant. I instantly called b.s. either she went off the shot deliberately or was faking the pregnancy. When she started claiming everything was going to cause a miscarriage I knew it was the latter & she was setting up a miscarriage which “shocker” happened right when it was time to start showing. She went as far as getting sonograms & cutting the mothers name off of the top. This was not my first rodeo & I was laughing my ass off through it all. Women if a man doesn’t want you without a kid he won’t magically fall in love with you if you have one & sure as hell not over a fake one. It is not a childs job to make a man want you. Grow up & get some serious mental help-you need it! Men take this guys advice & wise up. Stop letting these pathetic idiots play you like fools. Get proof & real proof & pay her no attention until she produces it.

    • AlphaX Author on December 20, 2016

      Sorry he cheated…. been there, and no matter what the feeling sucks. He may have done you a favor, and I hope Karma grants you bigger and better. Thank you for your comments!