Is there a next level? I’ve read your material, and I’m loving what you are putting out there. Not just your strategies for success with women, but the ideologies that toss out the social constructs Beta’s live with. This is really a transformational website. But is there another level? I’m young, and I fully intend to play the short game with lots of high level women for the time being. More than that, I read your article about the “Benefits” of marriage and know that I’m never interested in that kind of unholy union between me, a girl and the state enforcers. But at some point, I want more than the “lone wolf who can have any female he wants.” Is there another level where an Alpha male starts an Alpha family? I’m not trying to have it both ways, Alpha status AND the Beta dream, but having an awesome family has always been a dream of mine. One I intend to pursue. Is my question flawed from the start? Is that something I can have if I want, but not something you teach or suggest? Are there complications? What do you think?


Hi Allen,playing-at-the-beach

Thank you for the questions and compliments.

You have a few different questions, so let’s roll through them real quick…

“Is there a next level?” – I do believe there is a “next level” but I haven’t reached it yet. IF you the read my article on “The Fuck Line” you will see the 4 major components that elevate a man to have massive success with women.

I know that having an Alpha attitude and learning how to sexually trigger a woman is 100 times more powerful than just having money, since I have had both in my life.

I have not, however, had both an Alpha attitude and serious money at the same time. And when I talk serious money I mean earning 7 figures. My best with an Alpha attitude is in the mid 6 figures – and it’s not enough to really have the “rich playboy” lifestyle.

I do believe that by grooming your Alpha attitude and building 1 or more of the other characteristics; you can achieve an even higher level of success.

Is there another level where an Alpha male starts an Alpha family?
– What a great question. Truthfully, it really depends. My current girlfriend is the same girl I started dating 5 years ago. She stayed with me through my accident and has not been with me for money. I was broke a couple of years in there.

She wants a family and to be married. I haven’t pulled the trigger on that, because I truly believe there is no benefit to men in marriage. I see only downside.

However, this girl has earned my respect. Not an easy task at all.

So, here are my current thoughts on the issue.

If or even when we do get married it will be with the strongest, most detailed prenup I can get. I know they don’t always work, but it’s better than nothing.

The kid issue is really the big problem. I never wanted a family, or to get married. I did impregnate a girl that said she was on birth control so I married her and tried to be a good dad. You can read just how painful that was. I also got a vasectomy shortly after that to prevent being enslaved ever again.

I know most girls say “but I would never do that” – however the divorce statistics tell a different story.

If you decide you want a child, I would date the girl for several years first. I am very confident in the loyalty of my girlfriend after 5 years and the ups & downs.

I would also move to a state that has fairly Equal divorce laws – like Texas. I would never live/marry in a state like California or New York.

Now, having a son and being a dad has been a great experience. Dealing with an ex-wife that tried making my life hell the first year of divorce was not.

If you want the child experience but would like to avoid the potential (and likely divorce and asset rape) I suggest a surrogate mother.

I have verbally discussed this, and it pisses girls off – and that is too bad. Having a child isn’t all that hard as long as you really want one and accept your responsibility of giving this child the skills and knowledge to survive on their own.

You simply find a woman in a different country to carry your baby. No different than when a couple that can’t have a child does it. A doctor impregnates the female, lawyers handle the legal documents and payment is made upon birth.

You and your little bundle of joy can then travel to the states and you never have to worry about a female using the kids to hurt you or them – or even try to exhort money from you. And in a divorce it does happen all the time.

Now, let’s talk logistics and best interest of the child. I raised my son most of the time. He lived with me and while I had “joint” custody, the day to day school, doctor, eating, playing etc. was at my house under my care.

I changed the diapers, taught him many of his skills and helped shape his life. We went to the gym, cooked, played, shot, swam, EVERYTHING together.

Until he is old enough to stay on his own, your life will have very little time. If you are going to be a good dad you will have to be involved. And that means more than just watching TV together.

This kid is an amazing man. Good looking, muscular, football star, honor roll student that understands more about women than I did through my 20’s. He is well above the average child, and I think how we interacted had much to do about that.

With that, I will say having a “woman” around can help a lot with a child. It doesn’t have to be mom though. In all honestly, my girlfriend has helped raise this man more than the ex did.

Now, I am not trying to talk you into or out of anything, just saying what I would likely do if I had any great desire to have another kid.

And I don’t think the question is flawed. Most men, especially successful men, have some desire to pass down their genes. I just think it is very unsafe to do with a Western woman. There are a few good ones out there, but they are the exception, not the rule.

If nothing else, I hope these ideas may give you some bargaining chips when you are writing up the prenup. When she starts pushing back on wanting half of what you built, you remind her you could always just get a surrogate.

Best Wishes,

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