I’ve been a subscriber for a few months and I really enjoy your perspective.

The question I have is I’m a female lesbian and I’ve listened to your pre-recorded subliminal on finances and also the total alpha. I have to say 8 out of 10 times after listening to the total alpha mp3 I wake up the next day definitely feeling different. Almost like a veil has been lifted, and I’m calmer with more emotional centerdness. My question is, I also seem to feel more dominant with a short fuse for bullshit female tests. I use to get shit tested by women quite a bit but over the last month or so, it’s almost completely stopped or they’ve gotten more sophisticated. Is there a particular command or suggestion in the subliminal that might not be congruent for me as a female wanting to attract and seduce other women?

Thank you for your time. Also, I wasn’t aware of the custom subliminal and would like to take you up on your offer. Please let me know if that’s still on the table and I’ll forward my preferred suggestions.

Mistress K


Hi K,

This is a great question. To start with, yes, if you are a member of this group, I will make you a custom subliminal message. Send me the affirmations you want and pick a background sound from the site.

The Alpha Male subliminal messages have these embedded affirmations:

I am an Alpha male
I am dominant
I am always relaxed and calm
Women love my raw power
I always flirt and challenge women in a positive frame
I am the prize
I am assertive and powerful
I am extremely confident
All women are naturally attracted to me
I am a natural leader others want to follow
I am totally secure in myself
I speak with authority
Women are naturally attracted to my alpha characteristics
I am highly respected
I make women feel safe and secure

You may notice that everything in the subliminal message affirmations actually supports all of the positive traits you said you feel in your email. I know these work, and when coupled with the rest of the skills, you can elevate your own life to have just about anything you want.

I also don’t see anything in those affirmations that would create anger or make you less congruent. However, think about what you said – “…, I also seem to feel more dominant with a short fuse for bullshit female tests.” Now, the entire premise of being “Alpha” is to have a wider selection of female sexual mates. Some Alphas have many sexual partners, some find the one they want and stop. But being Alpha allows them to manage these relationship well above the average person and to select the partner(s) they want. More, better, hotter sex with less negative feeling, test and emotions.

It also makes the woman much happier.

The subliminal programs should make you feel more dominant, that is what they are designed to do. But think about the short fuse for a shit test… Now ask yourself, “What would the average man in a situation with a woman shit testing him do?”

“Be nice.”

“Apologize and smooth things over.”

“Try to defuse the situation.”

The average male’s programming is to get the girl to “like” him by displaying nice, supplicating behavior.

Of course, this rarely, if ever, works.

But what would an Alpha that has a lot of sexual choice in the world do? He wouldn’t tolerate much bullshit. He wouldn’t take many outburst or ill treatment. He would likely throw the test back at her as a challenge. In the most charming, yet powerful way, he would dare her to be so stupid as to pass him up.

You see, if you really are an Alpha with a large pool of potential mates you can choose, you aren’t going to tolerate much BS from one particular partner.

Of course what does this one trait (not putting up with a shit test) or turning the shit test around and challenging, her do?
It proves your sexual worth and demonstrates you place higher value on yourself. Handling these correctly will actually sexually excite her. 1000’s of times I have challenged right back on one of these test and seen the girls eyes absolutely light up. I can see her flush as her nipples get hard and her body automatically goes into “sex” mode.

She is biologically programmed to do this. It is not a conscious thought, but rather her brain and genetic programming alerting her that a powerful sexual being is in her presence and she cannot stop the feelings of sexual excitement.

And my entire site is geared to teach men how to ignite this fire in women.

When my reality started to change, and I started truly understanding this mating ritual between men and women (or in your case, the dominant woman and her lover), it use to make me mad too. It was frustrating because: 1) I finally saw myself as higher value and didn’t want to deal with it 2) I didn’t want to have to confront the situation directly and risk losing her. I felt the girl should just know my value.

But if you have read the shit test section you should realize that a girl testing you is her just making sure you are the “Alpha” or dominant one. The incongruent feelings are likely your subconscious shifting from “go-along-get-along” to a more in control and dominant person. As the change becomes complete a test like this will actually excite you. You will know you are one step closer to the girl happily surrendering her biggest treasure to you.

My suggestion is to not get mad at these test, just turn them around and have fun with them. Re-read the shit test section, and realize that when one of your girls is shit testing you she is just making sure you are worthy of her. She wants you to handle the test so you excite her. Think of it as verbal foreplay.

It is a good thing.

Alpha X


Hi again, Thank you graciously for your feedback and insight. EVERYTHING you mentioned is 100% accurate and true. I believe my conscious hasn’t caught up to my subconscious. My conditioning has made it difficult at best to embrace my dominance and sexuality, I’m coming through the other side slowly. Like you mentioned, I’m letting go of the “go along, to get along” mentality and it’s frustrating because everyone, especially women have been trained to bitch men out and test to get what they want even if that’s not what the respond to emotionally and sexually. It’s funny because you said I should look at those test as a sign of attraction and that she’s just testing my armour and I do, I’m totally unreactive and little amused. It’s the dialogue in my head that goes “really, why are you making this so hard when you and I both know you want me.” Just last weekend I slept with twins (not together but same night) and one resisted and when I took the other sister it totally raised the first sister’s attraction which I knew it would and be easy. My old self would have felt guilty for my attraction, believing I should only be attracted to one. I’m having a rather difficult time accepting women throwing themselves at me, it just feels a little uncomfortable coming from a place of chasing and pursuing. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and my female energy is slowly letting go of the resistance to the “one” and accepting that every girl is the one…in this moment and that’s okay. lol It really is hard to see things as they are as opposed to what we feel it should be. Thank you for helping to lift the veil. Much gratitude.

ps I can’t make a decision about the commands I would like (there goes my woman side kicking in lol) I want to concentrate on business and financial abundance and I’m not quite sure what my blocks are as yet, but I’ll get back to you.

You are most welcome and nice job on the Twins!


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  1. Snuddy on May 22, 2015

    Ok for the girl that asked this, I wanted to ask out of curiosity if you ever find yourself testing guys, and if so have you been attracted to them (assuming they pass your tests)?

    I ask because I have a lesbian friend who seems to be shit testing me pretty often, and seems to be attracted to me, even though shes a lesbian and has said she feels nothing for guys. Kind of confuses me. AlphaX if you wanna help clear this air thatd be good.

    • Mistress K on May 25, 2015

      I test guys all the time. Not so much out of attraction, although I’ve met a handful of dominant men in my life that I have willingly surrendered to.

      Again not so much in a sexual way, but out of respect for their masculinity and alphaness.

      As a woman that prefers the sexual company of women I can say that a man who won’t bend over backwards and is centered in his sexuality is extremely sexy and I have slept with some of these men.

      I don’t often meet them, but when I do there’s always a magnetic attraction and I have no problems receiving these men sexually.

      The male friends that I test is more because I can, it’s mostly to see if they man up (are more masculine than I am) which I can’t understand for the life of me why I have more balls as a woman than my male friends who are all amateur mma fighters. I think I test them to see if they can earn my respect.

      I see the shit that women throw at them and they just lay down and roll over like its the last time some woman will give them attention and I’m all here like why are they all over me and not you?

      It really is all energy, and although I’m not the stereotypical butch type, straight women are magnetically drawn to my male energy.

      Hope that helps,

  2. Snuddy on May 26, 2015

    That does help and I find it interesting how you put it. Thanks for the insight.

  3. Alison on December 14, 2015

    I think you are very misogynistic even though you try to be subtle. I do not consider myself a feminist, I also believe it’s great for a guy to be dominant. However, you take things to the extreme. I’m with someone that is 5’11, went to Harvard Business School, very “Alpha”. Despite looking average he exudes confidence, my girlfriends all find him very, very attractive. However, I’m sure that I’m the best he can do (and vice versa) mostly because we would never consider dating outside our particular cultural niche. I’m naturally submissive towards him and I love pleasing him in every way possible. But I do this DESPITE knowing that he loves me to death, despite knowing that in our community he couldn’t do any better. I always apologize when I’m wrong(I apologize the most in the relationship in general) but sometimes when he is extremely rude or not willing to take me into consideration (selfish decision making) , I will immediately stop talking to him. He comes back after 1-2 days and apologizes when this happens. According to you, men should never apologize. You are acting like men are god, not humans who make mistakes. You are not perfect, you will not always meet the same calibrate of women, with the same mix. How many submissive women do you know who looks great and is also career oriented? Not many. So although I agree that men should stop selling themselves short, they should also stop overestimating their worth and turning women into commodities. Not all women were made equal. You might just shoot yourself in the foot trying to be over ‘Alpha’. A healthy, strong emotional connection is something every woman craves for when it comes to long term relationship. NOT some stoic asshole disguised as “Alpha”.

    • AlphaX Author on December 15, 2015

      A healthy, strong emotional connection is something every woman craves for when it comes to long term relationship. – This may be what they think they want.

      some stoic asshole disguised as “Alpha”. – This is what they sleep with.

      Thank you for your compliments.

      • Nancy on December 7, 2017

        That makes you a loser though, doesn’t it? All you do is prey on women’s insecurities just to fuck them. There’s no real connection. And worse, you attract insecure, “”damaged” women. Not women of high value. A strong woman won’t put up with your BS.
        I’m not attracted to men who lack confidence or who are begging for my attention. Insecurity is not attractive in anyone. But what you do is just another form of insecurity. Your status is so fragile that it can be taken down if you buy a woman a drink. Or if you even try to compromise with a woman about anything.
        Oh, it’s worked for you? With whom, “hot” models in whom you triggered image issues? Women whose false confidence you’ve exposed? Your technique is about lies and manipulation. Period!
        You are not an “alpha.” You are just another loser who wants validation from women and limits his actions and persona, not in self growth and happiness, but to achieve results that don’t really matter.
        Wow! You’ve slept with hundreds! Congrats! I’m sure that has value in circles of insecure misogynists. But if you think that’s a better achievement with the married guy who’s slept with three but actually elevated the lives of those women, you’re a fool. And no, those women won’t want to sleep with you just because you think you’re an alpha.

        • AlphaX Author on December 18, 2017

          Tell me you height and weight…. my bet, you are not the target demographic.