girl-at-the-barAghhhhhhhh… a slight sigh escapes my lips as I begin the blissful urination routine after a few hours of drinking. Tuck, zip, wash and I am headed back to my table.

My wife and I are out at typical dance club enjoying a few drinks and building the sexual tension for one of our wilder sexual escapades. As I approach I notice one guy leaning in talking with her. I notice her body language; she is slightly turned away from him, but I can tell she, like most girls, appreciates the male attention.

As I get closer I hear him, “Are you sure I can’t buy you a drink? It would be my pleasure…”

Her: “Thank you, but no. My husband will be back any moment.”

Me as I reach the table: “Nonsense, he is just being nice. She will take a Bud Light, I will have a Dewar’s with ice.”

Him: “Uhmmm, ok…. ”

He walks away, grabs our drinks, bring them back. I say “thank you” with a smile, he just stands there for that awkward moment where his mind is racing. He obviously had no idea how to handle the situation, ignite a conversation and he couldn’t stand the tension. He walks away without another word.

Her: “You are so bad.” with that gleam of sex in her eyes.

Squiggly Lines, Squiggly Lines, Squiggly Lines

She had invited me out to a local sports bar. She was another “proclaimed” bisexual girl that worked at Hooter’s. Gorgeous long brown hair, 5’5 105 lb, small but perky breast and a tight body. She is also 14 years younger than me.

We arrive to the bar which is rather crowded and as we enter she sees a friend of hers. Without saying a word she runs across the room to “engage” him.

I have a slightly amused look on my face. This is not the first time a girl has either been this naturally clueless, or intentionally shit test me. I notice a cute, thin, strawberry blond sitting at the bar engaged in an energetic conversation with a shorter dark haired Latin beauty. I approach slowly.

Me: “Ladies… I need a favor.”

Latin: With a slight smile, “Yes?”

Me: “I am in need of a Dewar’s with ice… and yet there is this long line and I lack the rather impressive breast you have. Which of you can get me a scotch faster?”

Strawberry: Raised eyebrow, “Why should we help you?”young0strawberry-blonde-girl

Me: “I am the most interesting person you are going to meet here. And only a scotch will satisfy my desires right now…”

Strawberry, calls over the bartender and I order. We chat for a bit, mostly me challenging them and being rather cocky and funny while letting them qualify themselves. Not long after Hooter’s girl arrives. The look on her face was priceless as she saw the other two girl engaging me and enjoying my company. Strawberry touches my arm just as she arrives.

I introduce all three girls.

Hooters girl ask me if I got her a drink – “No.” said with a hint of amusement. A moment of awkward silence.

Strawberry: “Is this your girlfriend?”

Me: “Not yet, but she is trying to win me.”

Hooter’s: Evil eye contact with Strawberry and then she turns to me, “I want to introduce you to someone.”

Took me over to meet her friends who had noticed the girls I was talking to. She never left my side again.

Squiggly Lines, Squiggly Lines, Squiggly Lines

Out at Party Cove tied up with several groups of friends. I am 40 and my 19 year old, 5’2, 96 lb. natural c-cup girl is with me. Group of young guys are flirting with her a lot. They are making sexual innuendoes and she is enjoying the attention but also telling them she is with me. I keep talking with the group I am with. Shortly she calls me over and introduces me to the guys, the leader of which has me by 50 lbs. and 4 inches.

Big Guy: “So you are her boyfriend.”

Me: “I prefer Master, but boyfriend will work.”

Big Guy: “It doesn’t bother you we are talking to her?”gorgeous-girls-on-the-lake

Me: “Not at all, if you can get her, have at it.”

Big Guy: “Are you saying we can be with your girl?”

Me: “Only if she wants. She is an adult and free to choose her own path.”

There are a few more minutes of chit-chat that rapidly become boring. I say “bye” and turn back to my group. Within 10 minutes the guys have left and my girl is happily mixing me a drink.

Squiggly Lines, Squiggly Lines, Squiggly Lines

We are out at a motorcycle rally. She is a model for Harley, 23, incredible eyes, long black hair with a lean body. She is also dressed in black leather, sliver chains and ripped up jeans. It is a very slutty look. I am 41 and in my standard biker gear – ripped shirt, ripped jeans, dew rag and big black boots. Standing close to us is another group of bikers. One of the bigger guys keeps looking at her and finally leans into us.

Biker: “Man, she is hot.”

Her: Huge smile with radiant teeth.

Me: “Yeah, she is alright… a bit of a brat at times.”

Her: Eyes flash to me with a bit of a challenge, but also with humor.

Him: “Dude, you shouldn’t talk like that. You are lucky. If I had her I would treat her like a Queen.”

Her: Big rewarding smile to our White Knight.

Me: “Luck has nothing to do with it. But I tell you what, I need a beer, why don’t you talk to her and try to win her while I go get one. We are only dating so she can leave with you if she wants.”

I take my time getting a beer. I talk to a few friends and generally enjoy the crowd. When I make it back Biker and Model are still talking.

Me: “Hey, I just saw a blonde I would like to meet. Are you riding with him?”

Her: Slight punch in the arm, “No…. (to the biker) It was nice to meet you.” as we walk to rejoin my group.

Squiggly Lines, Squiggly Lines, Squiggly Lines

We are out at the strip club. This is my current hot girlfriend. This is a girl that always turns heads, 100’s of guys have tried to pick up, even if I was there, and ex boyfriends from years ago still write “just wanting to stay in touch”. As we are walking to our table a guy grabs my arm…

Guy: “Is that your girl?”

Me: “Yes.”

Guy: “Damn you are lucky.”

Me: “Yes she is.”010

Guy: “No, I said you are lucky.”

Me: “I agree, she is lucky.”

Guy: “I don’t think you heard…. (looking me in the eyes), then again, I am starting to see why she is with you.”

Me: “I agree, thanks.”

Her: Nothing but “I love you” eyes.

And these have played out over and over through my life. Everywhere I go, my girl is hit on. My ex was hit on. My date was hit on. Sometimes, they encourage it like a test, sometimes they are just that hot and guys have to try. It never fails. In my early teens I was fast to fight, or at least stick out my chest and act tough. And don’t get me wrong, I still train, and I have experience – but I haven’t been in a fight in years, nor do I want to.

There are 2 lessons that every man should glean from these short examples.

1) State Control

2) Extreme Confidence

State Control – I spend a huge amount of time training the mental aspects of confidence and subliminal programming. This is the fastest way to get anything you want in life. State control is just an extension of frame control of the mental programming. Think of state as how you “feel”, in this case calm and confident. Frame would be that of “I am the Alpha” or “All girls are lucky to have me”. The mental programming is the process where we teach the subconscious to make this the default programming that you operate by without having to think about it.

See, if I really am a guy that can easily meet and seduce other hot women, if I really know the true nature of women, and if I really believe I am higher status than her (or the prize), then why would I even try to compete with other men? Why bother trying to show how Alpha I am, or tough, or create tension by starting a fight or verbally threatening?

When I had my first Mustang, it was a decent car but not the fastest. I raced that all the time. Anytime some guy at a light wanted to run, I was ready to go.

When I got my first Vette, I was still like this. Some guy would roll up in a similar car and if I was feeling frisky, I would race him. Most of the time I raced, even if I knew I could win.

When I got my Viper, I raced a couple of Z-06 Vette’s and they were close races. If the Vette wasn’t modified, it really came down to who got off the line first.

Today, I don’t typically race. I don’t care. I know, of all the cars on the road, I have one of the fastest cars in the world. Is it the fastest? No. But exactly how often do we get to drive 180-240 MPH without being on a professional track? And I know, that for every 500 cars in the world, I can beat 499 of them without leaving 3rd gear. I can live with a 99.8% average.

Once you have the mindset you “have high value” (remember, she doesn’t date her equal or below her), then why try to prove it? That simple fact that I don’t try to prove it fascinates people. It mesmerizes them, and neither in the Viper, nor with a girl, has maintaining my state of “I am the King” ever created a loss of status or anything else for me. You cannot withdraw and not interact, that simply looks like you don’t have confidence. But if you interact with a solid, positive, radiant state, you will never loose.

Every single time I have done it I have been laid that night. Without exception.

If you would like the fastest, easiest, and most technologically advanced program (one that uses some of the same teaching techniques that combat drone pilots use) to truly attract women, my Alpha Training program is SUCCESS-GUARANTEED.

You can check out the program here and start listening and reading it RISK-FREE right now.

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  1. Prov Erbs on April 19, 2014

    Great post! How would you apply this in a marriage setting? So, in a marriage of 10+ years people typically don’t go out as much or get hit on as much. But, there are opportunities for other men to come up at various social venues. I find that it’s not easy to avoid mate-guarding. Any advice?

    • AlphaX Author on April 21, 2014

      Yes, do it exactly the same. The first example was my wife. Works like a charm. Just don’t mate guard at all. You have to know you are so valuable that her losing you would hurt her more than it would hurt you. If you tell me a specific scenario you find yourself in I could probably help you formulate the response.

      • Dean on August 4, 2018

        I read the post and although I like the advice. I couldn’t help but think this guy is hyping himself up in ways that aren’t realistic. In some of his examples (especially the one where he tells the girls to get him a drink) it’s not likely things will play out that easy (I’ve been killing bar game for years in similar situations. Something just seemed off) . I felt a bit of exaggeration in his stories to make him look better and that he was probably full of shit. But I thought why? And continued reading.

        Then I saw at the end he was promoting some alpha program he was selling. Then it all made sense…

        • AlphaX Author on August 6, 2018

          Whee did you learn bar game?

  2. James on April 20, 2014

    So, you are saying to remain state oriented and act overly confident? It all boils down to this? The more you don’t react the more it will work in your benefit… but you did say it isn’t good to do nothing at all or never interact. Can you elaborate a little more on this? What exactly are some ways one could interact and remain in a favorable position? You’re saying it’s best to say “well, you can have her if she wants you.” What if she sees this as you don’t care enough and escalates with another guy to et back at you?

    • AlphaX Author on April 21, 2014

      Good question, and play this out. What if she does see this as “I don’t care”? What if she does escalate with another guy to get back at me? That simply means she is demoted and I am on to the next girl. Worrying about what she is going to do or feel about your actions shows a “scarcity” mentality. Having an abundance mentality means you don’t worry about these things – it is part of what communicates to her that you have high value, since you don’t worry about losing her.

  3. babymongo on July 6, 2014

    yeah you like to play pretend bruh

    • AlphaX Author on July 8, 2014

      No, I am just that controlled and uncaring. But I tell you what… if you have a girlfriend, why don’t you try this and let me know how it goes. Don’t mate guard at all, and report back to us if she was more attracted or less?

  4. mubarak on October 15, 2014

    Great one I wish I have done this to my ex girlfriend

  5. JOEY on August 18, 2015

    Great article. Thanks for the insights.

    Here’s my current situation: One of my best friends is constantly hitting on my gf (of over a year). He would go so far as to try and sabotage us. For example I had to leave a party early and she was coming with me but I couldn’t find her. He blatantly lied and said that she wanted to stay and I should go. All so he could get alone time with her without me around. I’m very tempted to confront him but not sure how I should approach it

    • AlphaX Author on August 18, 2015

      Great question. You will note, the guys hitting on my girl(s) were all guys I didn’t know. Personally, I would confront him and let him know in certain terms that to continue hitting on my girl will negate our friendship and cause him bodily damage. Actually, if he was really hitting on my girl I would cut him off as a friend and ignore his ass. If she seems to like him, encourage those 2 get together and ask your girlfriend for her hottest friends number…