“You boys are handsome. You ladies look like models. In fact I want your hair high and tight by tomorrow morning. When you start looking like Marines you’ll start feeling like Marines and then, Goddamn it, you’ll start acting like Marines. Platoon, ten-hut! Right face! Forward march!”
– Clint Eastwood – Heartbreak Ridge

confidence-developing-exterI love that line. And there is truth in those words. When you start looking like Marines, you’ll start acting like Marines… then you will be one. Same for us on our path of learning to master seduction and Alpha.

So far we have discussed internal confidence and removing all the internal thought patterns holding us back. However, without a tactical plan to use this knowledge, our confidence will not grow as fast. Now we discuss practical ways to become physically confident.

After studying game, pick-up, seduction, selling, influence, etc, I can tell you it takes a lot of understanding and inner belief to be truly confident.  My approach was to learn how the mind worked, and reframe and remove any limiting beliefs.  I have shown you how to remove limiting beliefs, but not which limiting beliefs you may have.  In the section “Removing the Pedestal” we will discuss some world observations and how these limiting beliefs impacted my life.  I also decided to build the best body I could and that will come after this section.

The key to over or supreme confidence is three fold:

  1. Internal mental map that reinforces success while stripping away limiting beliefs (through learning routines, NLP, Limiting Beliefs and Subliminal Messaging.
  2. Self-efficacy and a validation loop.  Basically mastering skills, achieving goals and receiving positive feedback.  For example, as you get more in shape, you will be complemented more reinforcing you confidence in your body.  Also, the more alpha-training-blue-girlpositive feedback you receive from a girl and the more sexual experience you achieve will positively reinforce your mental constructs.
  3. Self-esteem and how much you validate yourself.  As you begin to believe you have the skills and the confidence, you will find your sense of entitlement increases.  This will tend to give you more of an aloof mental construct, you will expect more from people, and people will respond positively to you.  When your self-esteem is very high, people will never feel that needy or weak feeling from you.  And that is very attractive.

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