Does it all come down to how you see yourself as a man?
Hey man I really have enjoyed a lot of the emails I have received from you in the past. I do have a question, and that is what you believe is the mentality that separates alpha males from beta males. I’m a strong believer in the fact that everything exists in the mind before it appears in reality. Therefore does it all come down to the way you see yourself as a man? Granted not every woman will be attracted to you, just like we are not attracted to every woman, but what are some attitudes/ beliefs/ Mindsets/ body language tips that will improve results with women who are attracted to you.

Thanks man!


Great question and comments.

Does it all come down to how you see yourself as a man?

Yes, I believe it does. Now you are right, that doesn’t mean every woman everywhere will be attracted to you, as all people have different experiences in their life. With that, yes, your mindset and how you see yourself will radiate with those around you.

Before I just give you some of the attitudes/beliefs/mindsets and body language, let’s do a little experiment. In a few of my training sections, I challenge men to go to the mall and observe. I challenge them to try different attitudes, eye contact, openers and to document the results.

With my boxing & firearms tactical training I have become aware that my conscious perception of people has expanded. I can look at a man and determine his relative confidence and threat level. From how he carries himself, to how he is aware of his surroundings I can just “feel” if a man is able to take care of himself, if he is generally pleasant, or needy, or clueless. Usually, I can tell very fast if he is successful (by my definition) with women.

If you start really paying attention, you will develop this skill too. It is something most of us have on a subconscious level. Ever been in a group environment, make a comment, and realize right after that a needy person is now going to latch onto you and try to engage in constant communication?

Ever said something to a girl and instantly realized you just went from a maybe to a no? Or even better, said something to a girl and went from a no to a yes?

It’s never the words, it is your attitude, the attitude and the energy you bring and radiate.

As you know, I use a lot of subliminal audio messages to help retrain the subconscious mind to naturally have and operate on these beliefs. It’s just an energy you radiate, but it has to be genuine. It can be faked briefly, but nothing is more powerful than just being.

For example, I just know, if I decide to put my mind to something, I will figure it out. Drop me off in the wilderness, I will survive. Put me in a new city and I will make friends and create a new harem of women to date.

To drive this point home, I am going to share a recent situation in my life. A couple of years ago I crushed my spine and suffered a severe physical set back. I still have nerve damage, and suffer a much weaker and smaller body than I had. I had still been going to the gym, sporadically, and feeling less secure in my raw strength. I felt myself making excuses in my mind for my strength and I felt my confidence sliding.

I decided that this had to change. I decided to “fuck it” and just go get it back. I have gone back on my very successful HGH diet. I have also gone to the gym every day. When I walk in, I am telling myself “I am a champion”. I am the same man I was, I just have to re-earn the physical. Rather than feeling embarrassed for the much lower weights I lift, I decided to embrace it and increase my volume. I can’t even shoulder press 135 lbs. right now (use to shoulder press 250).

I sat down and shoulder pressed the bar. As many times as I could, about 8. And then I did it again, and again, and again. I only allowed myself about 30 seconds of rest, and went till I could not do another set. I did this with every exercise.

Now, the fact that I am doing volume exercises hasn’t changed my social standing. And I weigh 40 pounds less than I did 2 years ago, and while I still have an athletic build, it is nothing to brag about.

But I had been going to this gym for over a year. And I had talked to no one, nor did any one talk to me. I was embarrassed with my weaker nature, and I withdrew into myself in this environment.

Just this week of changing my mental attitude, everything changed in the gym. People approached me and talked. In one week I have met more men and women at the gym than I have in 1 year. Even though I teach this, I wish someone would have kicked me in the ass and reminded me a year ago.

As for the mindsets I focus on?

With women, “I am the prize.”

No girl brings more to the relationship than I do. Every single girl I have ever been with have not had the same ability to meet people, solve problems, fix things that are broken, navigate life, be as kinky and sexual or make as much money.

Having this mindset radiates with women. It is the opposite of most men. It is naturally a challenge. I truly believe most men rush into relationships and marriage because they feel this girl is the best they can do. They call, text, talk, hang out and spend too much all while trying to impress and “win” the girl. While women might like this when she first meets you and has a little attraction to you, these attitudes will slowly force her away.

But if you mentally are letting her prove herself she will feel your sexual market value is higher, and she will try harder to be with you. She will text, call, and talk to you more. Better sex with kinkier and hotter taboo deeds.

I also use her actions to judge how well I am doing at keeping the attraction up.

A few other mindsets I truly focus on:

“I am a champion.”

I have been a champion in several competitions, and it’s still me. Sure, the torch has been passed and younger men that are now stronger and faster, but that doesn’t replace that I earned my champion status.

“I am dangerous.”

Another of my favorites. No woman has ever read a romance novel about the super sweet nice guy that does everything they want. No, they read about the untamable bad boy that can lead them down the road of carnal delights they would never do with a normal man.

And just to be clear, I do not mean dangerous as in “I will cause you bodily harm”. I mean dangerous as in “I know how to unleash your body and make you shake with orgasms as I treat you like my sexual slut”.

“I own this motha fucker”.

My default attitude when I enter a new social situation. I look forward to the new group dynamics and learning the strengths and weakness of those around me. The tame way of saying this one is, “I am confident”.

Lastly, “I am fearless”.

Fear is a killer. Fear keeps us from meeting new women, making new friends, starting new businesses and living a life above average. Fuck average. No girl wants an average guy. No guy wants an average girl. We may settle for that, but no one desires it. Being fearless does not mean being stupid, it means approaching situations in a calibrated way and embracing whatever it brings. It means trying new things and pushing yourself.

Someday, the Grim Reaper will come for us all. I know I have made some tragic mistakes. I have hurt people I loved very much, I have let down lifelong friends, and I have terminated hundreds of jobs and lost millions of dollars on frivolous stuff.

I also know I have brought joy to people’s lives. I have helped hundreds of men and women heal from social and relationship troubles. I believe I helped keep at least 2 people from killing themselves. I have saved 3 businesses with combined revenue over $100 million while saving over 1000 jobs.

When Death shows up for me, I do not want to be one of those that wishes I had done more things. I would prefer to be one that said, “What a ride, I loved every minute.”


I have 2 main beliefs: Abundance & Ability.

My first law of Alpha is abundance. I have screwed up many great relationships, and more than a few hundred girls have screwed up relationships with me. I know, without a doubt, there are literally millions of girls that want me. I haven’t met them all yet, but I am working on it.

It’s the same with money. I just know that wealth is built every day. The key is to offer a service or product of higher value than the money you charge and the money will come.

You can have anything you want if you are willing to learn how to get it.

As for ability, it is coupled with all of my experiences. I just know if I have a problem and focus on it, I can solve it. I just know I can think and learn to do anything. This makes new experiences a lot easier.

Body Language

For body language, I will refer to my previous Alpha Body language article. I believe if you have the mindset and attitudes, your body language will naturally follow. With that, don’t try to impress, but carry yourself proudly. Regardless what happens, move as if you are in the most fun and biggest adventure of your life. This body language radiates to those around you.

Great questions and thank you.

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