Wendy McElroy wrote a great article on “Making Men Rapist“. Many of her facts and information can also be found in sections of this website but here are just a few that really grabbed me:

” The legal standard of affirmative consent is said to solve these perceived problems. The person initiating sex must receive explicit consent before and throughout the sex act in order to escape the specter of rape. In practical terms, this means the man must receive explicit consent from the woman prior to and during a sex act, or he becomes vulnerable to being criminally charged.

The consent can be verbal, but this could be dangerous. What happens if a willing partner later becomes vengeful or regretful, or seeks an advantage such as a favorable divorce settlement? The man could face a “he said/she said” scenario in hearings or courts that are often biased in favor of “victims” and of women. To be safe, therefore, the man must get not only explicit consent but also provable consent. An example would be to get consent in writing.”

“…For instance, men perpetrate domestic sexual violence against women at roughly the same rate as women commit it against men.”

“… Suzanne Venker points out that “three peer-reviewed studies have found the rate of false accusations of rape to range from 41% to 60%.””

“Even on the brink of graduating, the accused can be expelled and refused the degree that he may need to obtain a license for the career for which he has trained. With a permanent stain on his record, other universities are not likely to admit him. Few employers are likely to hire him.”

Her article is truly worth a read.

The more I study human nature and the sexual dynamics of men displaying high enough value to attract the female of their desire, the more this “rape” issue pops up. I had an aunt that was rapped and it was a very traumatic and painful experience for her. One she has yet to fully recover from. This was the case of an unknown man who came into her house, physically beat her, tied her up and rapped her for hours.

This is the only girl I know that has this type of story. My heart goes out to any person who has had to deal with this type of violent crime: Unknown man breaks into her house and uses violence and force to take hdirty_harry_44er sexually. If I ever found out who this man was, my .44 would ring loud and true as I removed him from the gene pool. This man will not be tolerated in my society.

The problem is, many girls I have known have claimed to have been “raped”. It is everything from they got drunk and woke up naked next to a guy from the party, to some guy on a first date slipped her something in her drink, to she had sex but didn’t remember telling the guy “yes”. Not one of the hundreds of girls I have been with every claimed to have been forcibly rapped. Not a single one. But they all had these kinds of rape stories. And that is the grey area and where men are attacked.

If the man truly slipped her something, I score this as rape as well, but after seeing 100,000’s of girls chug any alcohol handed to them at spring break, parties, clubs, the pool, the lake, float and camping trips, etc. it is mostly just a cover story for them to explain the bad choice of sleeping with someone while drunk. If they “throw in” they thought it was a drug they remove responsibility for where they were and what they did.

Now, there is a lot of talk about is this rape or isn’t it. I know more and more cases of men being accused of rape turn out to be nothing more than a girl who felt rejection of some sort and she premeditated claiming rape to damage the man. Either through legal, financial or physical punishment.

drunk-college-girlsMore of a problem is that of campus or young adult rape involving alcohol. See, our laws are so screwed up that a woman and man can both buy a house drunk, buy a car drunk, enter into a legally binding business contract drunk, gamble thousands of dollars drunk, drive drunk, shoot someone drunk, etc. and both will be held legally liable for their actions. But a woman cannot consent to having sex drunk. Apparently a man can, but not a woman.

As a man who has slept with hundreds of young girls, this has always been a concern of mine. Some 20 something girls bangs me then regrets it and claims rape falsely. It is part of why I don’t recommend sleeping with a girl for the first time if she has had more than a few drinks. It is also why I have so many pictures of ex’s sucking, riding, and enjoying my cock with date stamps and why I have kept explicit emails and texts from girls I have had sex with. Call it protection.

But as we get even more paranoid about rapes – as we refer to shit that isn’t really rape as rape – as the laws shift to paint a man guilty of any type of sexual crime with just a woman’s word and no evidence, as our liberal college campuses remove “no means no” to having to get enthusiastic consent or affirmative consent from a sober female I offer you the Affirmative Consent Form.


What, you don’t think they will sign it? They will. Read “50 Shades of Grey” and his nondisclosure agreement. A book of fiction for sure, but one that 50 million women fantasize about. If you are the type of man that can create attraction and generate sexual tension you can use this list like a “role playing” script that will be fun for the woman. Make it an adventure for her and never lose frame – if she hesitates just tell her it is to protect the large estate your uncle left you [EDITOR NOTE: When I wrote this line I was trying to be funny, but I don’t think it came off very well. If she hesitates you calmly and with positive energy simply tell her this is the only way you will be with her. If she say no, then you have to walk. Never get mad, discuss, shame or try to convince her – just walk away. She will likely seek you out later after this massive display of masculine energy and control]. If she doesn’t consent you will just have to move to the next girl. If you have demonstrated enough value in her eyes, she will sign it with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

Remember, a girl that has massive amounts of attraction to you will do anything for you. Anything.

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