Table Of Content

Section 1
  I. My Experience
  II. Sex is the physical expression of mental energy.

Section 2 – The 3 Pillars of Sexual Mastery
  I. Emotional Connection
     i. How To Connect With A Woman Emotionally
     ii. Build Attraction
     iii. Build Rapport & Comfort
         a. Listen & Respond For Emotional Connection
         b. Active Listen & Respond Techniques
         c. Providing Good Feedback
         d. Sharing Emotional Intimacy
  II. Dominance
  III. Variety

Section 3 – The 8 Archetypes of Male Lovers
  I. Novice Lover
  II. Romantic
  III. Controller
  IV. Giver
  V. Dominant
  VI. Slave
  VII. Player
  VII. Legendary Lover

Section 4 – Coming Soon

Section 1

Welcome to the Alpha Man’s Guide To Sex. This guide is a serious approach to teach men sexual mastery, both for his pleasure and for hers. This is a man’s look at sex with a woman, and we will be discussing adult concepts with no politically correct dampeners on. We will discuss what works and why it works.

My firm belief is the more masculine and Alpha you are the happier the women in your life will be. Forget the Cosmo type articles of cuddling her or gently kissing her while asking if “she likes this”. I always wanted a girl to have so much sexual desire for me she couldn’t wait to tear her clothes off and fuck me. And that is what I created in my life.

When I first began my journey on being a success with women, I believed if I just learned the secret to getting a woman would be enough. However, as I learned more about the real mating secrets between men and women, I discovered the attraction you make her feel coupled with the sexual ecstasy she experiences is the only way to completely dominate her.

Now, when I say dominate, I do not just mean physically. I do not mean just control, or to use force to keep her. I mean that your energy is so masculine and positively charged that she WANTS to do anything she can to please you. Because that pleases her.

A woman that can get and keep an Alpha is the happiest woman in the world. A woman that has an Alpha, masculine man that knows how to really turn her on and unleash her sexuality will never leave him. She will never stray, and she will rarely test him. Once you have proven your strong masculine side, and given her a Legendary Lover experience, she will be yours for as long as you want.

When you couple an Alpha attitude with sexual mastery she will:

  • Initiate sex with you – and not just sometimes, but all the time
  • She will want to suck your dick
  • She will want to try new experiences
  • She will have anal sex
  • She will want bondage and domination
  • She will want sex in public
  • She will want to have a threesome (yes, there is some caveat to this one)

Every dirty deed you can dream of she will do WILLINGLY.

And it is either you having this fun with her… that, or some other Alpha will.

Couple of thoughts before we get started. I know for a fact that the more Alpha you are, and the better you are in bed, the more girls will try to capture you. Many will try to get pregnant with your child, as she is genetically programmed to want the child of an Alpha.

If you don’t believe me, do a few searches on ‘why professional athletes are not to leave condoms in the trash where a woman can get to them’. There have been many cases of women impregnating themselves (either by lying about birth control, damaging a condom, or using the sperm in a condom) to either trap the man or at least have his baby and share his resources.

My ex used the “I am on birth control” method with me to get pregnant. I have caught other girls trying to damage my condoms or entice me to sex when a condom wasn’t available. It got so bad that I went and got a vasectomy.

Suffice it to say you need to carry your own condoms, use spermicidal lubricates and make sure you take or completely destroy the sperm in a condom. I kept vinegar in my bathroom before my vasectomy and would pour a small amount in the condom after sex just to be sure.

Secondly is STD’s. I have to admit, I wasn’t always prepared when I first starting getting good with girls. I remember one extremely hot girl that invited me over, wanted to fuck, but I didn’t bring a condom. The mood was ruined and I never did get her. After that, I always had and wore a condom. I didn’t even ask, I just did it and I learned this turned girls on.

First, it showed preselection and social proof in I had been with many women and knew how to take care of the situation.

Secondly, it put them at ease about getting a disease or pregnant.

After the vasectomy, if the girl became a steady girlfriend I would stop using condoms. Even then, with any casual sexual partner, or new threesome, I always use a condom.

Lastly, we are going to discuss real world sexual desires of both men and women, and that includes domination and rape fantasies. Of course, real rape is a crime and I would be first in line offering to shoot any man that commits actual criminal rape.

Our society has gone WAY overboard trying to convince men we are rapist. The real number of rapes and sexual harassment is extremely low (as reported by the Department of Justice) for the North American population. With that, we as a society, have some very misunderstood conceptions of what actually turns a woman on and that misconception is fueling the amount of sexually frustrated men and women our population has.

For example, the number one fantasy females have is termed the “rape fantasy”. In this government sponsored study, “The nature of women’s rape fantasies: an analysis of prevalence, frequency, and contents” the authors found that 62% of woman had a “rape fantasy”.

Now, does this mean women want to be physically abused and raped? No.

Through my research and study, I believe it is more an expression of a woman wanting to surrender to a strong, sexual, Alpha male. It is why women are so turned on by “50 Shades of Grey” or other romance novels where the woman is dominated by an Alpha.

Once again – forcible making a woman have sex when she doesn’t want to = rape = bad.

Creating an atmosphere where the woman wants to surrender and submits to domination = rape fantasy = good.

I have role played this scenario 1000’s and 1000’s of times with 100’s and 100’s of girls. It is extremely common and very satisfying to the woman.

As you read this guide, you must keep an open mind. Try to digest the information from a “could it be possible” viewpoint and test the theories in the confines of a trusted relationship. You will find this information will definitely challenge your current belief system. And if you implement the information from a “letting her submit” standpoint you will find hotter, better sex than you have ever experienced.

When you learn how to “How To Be A Legendary Lover” you won’t believe how your life can change. I have had girls actually tell other girls about my ability and had those girls seek me out to experience it. I have had girlfriends bring other girls home for me. And all of these women were sweet, caring, and very attentive to me. Just because I could make their body and mind feel things no other man had I had my pick.

Keep in mind, the more you’re exposed to something new, the more “natural” it feels, and the less like a “skill” it feels. As you soak this knowledge into your subconscious it will become natural in your daily life.

My Experience

If you have gotten to this point in you Alpha Training, you have likely read my heart tearing story of my ex leaving and the devastation it wrought in my life. After I decided to finally learn exactly how to attract a woman and have sex with her, I learned that just attracting her isn’t enough.

As I became really good as a pickup artist, I got really good at getting a girl to the point of having sex. Of course, this is just the opening in another step in the process of fulfillment.

Several times I had girls in my bed, starting to have sex with them when I felt the energy change. One girl even started crying and I immediately stopped. She left and I never saw her again. I knew something was off in my technique and I started reading every book, science study and course I could on sex.

I read about the different angles the penis can enter the vagina and how it affects different sensitive spots in her. I read about different way to stimulate the clit, what toys to use, how to touch her, different thrust, etc.

Some of this did help me pick my game up, but none of the “Just do this” and you will give her a mind blowing experience actually had that impact. It wasn’t until I started to really understand NLP and the human psyche that I learned the secrets.

Sex is the physical expression of mental energy.

To truly be a sexual master you must learn to focus both hers, and your, mentally programmed desires into a physical act. There are three key concepts to do this. In learning to be Alpha we called these concepts:

In learning sexual mastery these are translated as:


The 3 Pillars of Sexual Mastery

Emotional Connection

The entire Alpha Training program is geared towards teaching men how to naturally unleash their attractive traits. These traits act as sexual triggers to the woman. As these triggers are activated, the woman becomes more emotionally and physically attracted to the man. These are not logical steps, but the genetically determined and hard wired programming that women have to help her select a mate that will give her child the best chance of survival.

You can’t approach a woman with just technique. It ‘s not how you touch her, but the energy behind the touch. If your energy triggers attraction in her then just about anything you do that keeps this attraction will work. When you have desire for her, and she has desire for you, you share an emotional connection. The sex can be hard and rough, or sweet and gentle, but the emotional connection is still strong.

In the bedroom I have found letting myself run awash in lust works perfectly. I stop thinking about what “I should do” or wondering if “I should do this” or “touch her like that”. I allow myself to unleash my animal desire to want her. I understand that raw attraction in her mind coupled with my masculine desire can give her waves of pleasure.

We will discuss some technique in this guide, but keep in mind – the energy behind the technique is the key to making the technique work. It is the confidence, attitude and mentality you have already built in the Alpha Training section.

I have tried the same thrusting move, both with my energy boiling with desire and with my mind just going through the motions. When my desire is unleashed these thrust can cause her multiple and squirting orgasms. Without this desire she likely won’t come. Same actions with different energy.

While we live in an age of “empowered” women, but that still will not overcome the primal urge to surrender to a man she is attracted to and be used by his desire. The more your desire is present in your energy, the more safe she feels allowing her own desire to be unleashed.

Your desire will also overcome her insecurities. If you are awash in desirous energy, abandoning your own insecurities you also lead her to be free of her insecurities. All humans have insecurities in our body – penis and vagina size and shape, body fat, scars, shape, color, smell, etc., etc., etc. When you fearlessly ignore your insecurities (or she perceives you are) you make it safe for her to forget her insecurities and just relax in the moment.

Said another way, desire is a display of personal confidence. You stop worrying about what she will think, or say. You don’t worry if she will like it or not. You simply overcome your insecurities and allow yourself to express how she makes you feel sexually and what you want to do to her. As the man your desire is leading her to feel safe in her desire. She simply must trust you to serve you with abandonment, and your showing her you are safe in your desire for her allows her to reciprocate.

How To Connect With A Woman Emotionally

In my opinion there are 3 components to really emotionally connecting with a girl.
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