all-she-wants-is-alphaI have wanted to put these thoughts down for some time. Before I jump right into the conclusion and how this can radically change your life, we need to discuss several components of research.

Did you know, all you need to do to be seen as Alpha by women is to decide to be Alpha? I know, sounds incredibly simplistic, but if you 100% decide to be Alpha, then you program your mind to be Alpha, you will be treated as an Alpha.

How many of you have tried for a long time to be more confident, less shy and better with women? Many people claim to have been learning and studying for years without the success they want. They simply haven’t learned a few universal truths that will give you whatever you want. They have tried and tried, but something still seems to be missing.

As I progressed on my journey, I studied a lot of “game” tactics and NLP. These are general rules that help increase attraction through set patterns. I had to consciously make myself do some of them, and that required a lot of willpower. Sometimes I would psych myself out from opening or interacting in a particular manner. Why? Because it did not match my subconscious patterns.

I studied and practiced every single day, and slowly my subconscious patterns changed. It is a path that takes dedication and practice and it is not the fastest way to develop these magnetic skills with women. I kept reading and studying, every new find opened my eyes a little more. Every new discovery brought me closer to the truth of just how powerful we can be as humans, and just how weak the average person is.

Communication, social interaction and universal laws of attraction are not taught in our educational system. Most of us learn by trial and error, plus what our primary caregiver(s) taught us. Most of our personalities were programmed by other people and solidified by the time we were 8.

You don’t become Alpha by doing certain things, you become Alpha by doing things in a certain way. It’s one of the reasons I have spent so much time on the mind, and very little on routines and lines. Routines and lines can help demonstrate an example, but the energy of the mind will dictate how the women in the interaction feels about you. And that is the key.

The Alpha Energy Secret

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