alpha-charmA member of Alpha Training wrote this article as he digested attraction women and sexual triggers. This is the most concise, yet encompassing, article I have ever read that gets to the heart of Alpha male traits. I have added some thoughts through the article as he requested.

Hey AlphaX,

I’ve made some notes while reading your material for the last month and since there is value in organization I’d like to share them with you.

I’m especially curious about your insights from these notes and would really appreciate it if you could point out faults in my own thinking.

Also any questions, suggestions, elaborations and even criticisms are welcome!

I really want to thank you AlphaX, because for the first time in my live, I’m having the feeling that I really understand female attraction and not just theoretically, but also my power to influence it.

(You’ll see my ideas on this in the Behavioral Traits section.)

On a less important note,

You might find some information in these notes that is not shared in your Alpha Training.

For these notes I’ve also used: A PUA Book called ‘Revelations’ & A course called ‘Sexual Connections‘ from a PUA called Swinggcat.

Best wishes,

~ Velmorite

[AX: I have met Swinggcat back in my DYD days – his material is very good.]

The primary reason of the Alpha’s High Value is because of his Behavioral Traits, these are traits that elicit pleasurable, exciting emotions and powerful sexual arousal in women.

The secondary reasons that Alpha’s are High Value is because of their Social And Visual Traits. These are just as important, but aren’t always present in every Alpha.

High Value is ultimately what is responsible for women being ‘attracted’ to a person.

Value is sexually attractive, because the females have the propensity to feel sexually attracted to males who have higher survival & replication value (as opposed to low value males), because it increases the probability that their offspring will inherit high-value traits from their attractive mate. In short, women want Alpha babies from an Alpha man.

[AX: I have to throw this in – PERCEIVED value is sexually attractive. A man that claims he is a Doctor, is perceived to have more value than the man that claims he is a construction worker. Also keep in mind, what women see as high value isn’t always what men see as high value, that is why I teach sexual triggers and what females perceive as high value.]

Women are programmed to have emotional reactions to an Alpha because every female wants to increase her own ability to survive & replicate with a male who has successful traits. This is the exact reason why a women is very likely to respond emotionally to an invalidating comment from her boss at work, but also the reason that it is very unlikely that she’ll respond emotionally to a beggar telling her he doesn’t like her hair. The boss is High Value, the beggar is not.

The use of the term Value doesn’t imply anything about the intrinsic value of the beggar as a human being. Both the boss and the beggar have intrinsic human value. A beggar is still a person and retains basic human dignity. God still loves the beggar… but hot chicks don’t. That’s the way it is. ‘Not all men are created equal.’

1) Social Traits (DHVs)

Social Societal & Cultural Value:

The amount of value that is placed on you because of your Social Alignments, Social Ranking/Status, Social Lifestyle, Wealth & Resources.

People place this kind of value on you because if they align themselves with you they will increase their chance of survival.

[AX: or social standing.]

Attention Based Value:

The amount of value that is placed on you, because a person or a group of persons are paying attention to you or are giving you proximity.

You receive this kind of value because if people chose to align with you, it means they’ve made a value assessment of you and according to their judgment you were in possession of High Value traits. Whether that’s true or not, people will assign you value because other people assigned you value – just so they don’t have to do the value assessment themselves.

2) Visual Traits (DHVs)

Visual Based Value:

The amount of value that is placed on you, because of what signals your visual appearance gives off.

[AX: I love this one. Wearing a very nice suit in a sea of men wearing a nice suit is not going to trigger visual based value. Wearing a black leather jacket and biker gear in a sea of suits can both trigger the Visual and Behavioral traits (breaking the rules = bad boy).]

3) Behavioral Traits (DHVs)

Emotional Connection Based Value:

The amount of value that is placed on you, because your behavior creates positive emotions like intrigue & excitement, emotional bonding, trust, comfort and a feeling of security with the person. Losing you (and therefore access to these emotions) would be an emotional loss.

Validation Based Value:

The amount of value that is placed on you, because your behaviors make you a source of validation and fulfills the primitive need for validation. If not getting approval or validation is a loss for the person you have this kind of value. This kind of value is the very basis for sexual tension and compliance. You are more readily accepted as a source of her validation, if you have established others forms of value/attractors.

Sexual Arousal Based Value – (The Most Important.):

The amount of value that is placed on you because your behavior incites sexual arousal inside a woman. The feeling of sexual arousal is more readily acknowledged and acted upon by the girl if you have first established the other forms of value. The more she acknowledges her sexual arousal for you, the more sexual value you have in a woman’s eyes.

Further explanation:

The categorization of different types of Value, explains how one can be a Leader Of Men (Social Societal & Cultural Value), which is attractive, yet have females who don’t perceive him as a sexual partner because he completely lacks the ability to spark sexual tension (Sexual Arousal Based Value).

Another example is being a very good friend with a woman, even having her think highly of your opinion about her. (Emotional Connection Based Value & Validation Based Value), yet still her kitty isn’t get wet for you because you don’t create sexual arousal in her. (= lack of Primary Sexual Arousal Value).

Another example is being very entertaining, holding court in a group and having girls listening to you left and right (pre-selection). (= Attention Based Value) Yet at the end of the night, everyone leaves, including the mob of girls, because girls were there just their for the entertainment value. The reason they left was because of your lack of pro-activeness and thus they didn’t feel that deep primal sexual attraction for you. (Sexual Arousal Based Value.)

All these examples are why I say, that the Sexual Arousal Value is the most important, yet it’s hard to be used exclusively to generate ‘attraction’ in a woman, because if you lack all the other types of Value you’ll face resistance.

A girl might get really turned on by an ugly, poor guy with no friends (Lack Of: Social Societal & Cultural Value, Visual Based Value) because he is great at sparking and releasing sexual tension.

But if she has a higher social standing than him, she is less likely to acknowledge her sexual arousal for him, because it might ruin her reputation.

Of course, if the ugly, poor guy with no friends is skilled enough and has the right logistics in place = f*ck location (or not, just in an alley if he’s even more skilled), he can still compel her to have sex with him.

She may then rationalize afterwards why she did it, and assign him more value (Sexual Arousal Based Value) OR simply have remorse for her actions. Either way, this shows that sex is possible without some of the social & visual attractors in place, however sex was possible simply because of the behavioral traits of the seducer.

HOWEVER, a fully functional Alpha is a powerful go-getter in all areas of his life – not just success with women. That’s why an Alpha seeks to raise his value in every area and as a by-product his success with women becomes easier & easier.

So with that being said, how does an Alpha display his High Value to women?

An Introduction To Demonstrating High Value, Building Social Proof & Creating Female To Male Interest.

1) Via advertised displays of High Value.

This simply means that a third person discloses one of his positive traits to women.

2) Via Displays Of High Value Using Social & Visual Traits.

High Value Social Traits – (Social Societal & Cultural Based Value):

Goal = Using Your Social Traits To Signal Social Proof.

Pre-selection (Also Sexual Arousal Based Value, Also Attention Based Value)

[AX: Pre-selection is group based. It is displayed when multiple women want you.]

Social Alignments (Popularity)

Leader Of Men.

Holding Court/Attention – people looking at you or even giving you proximity. (Also Attention Based Value)

Social Ranking (status).



Genuine high value activities & passions that are dangerous, interesting and attractive to women.

Wealth and resources.

High Value Visual Traits – (Visual Based Value):

Goal = Using Your Visual Appearance To Signal Social Proof.

Physical Athleticism.





Age (indicator of resources)

Grooming. (Indicator of social intelligence)

Fashion (indicator of social intelligence, status.)

3) Via Displays Of High Value Using Behavioral Traits.

I. High Value Behavioral Traits:

1) Emotional Connection Based Value:

Goal = Using Your Behavioral Traits To Build Rapport.

2) Validation Based Value:

Goal = Using Your Behavioral Traits To Increase Her Need For Validation (Getting Her To Qualify) & Becoming A Source Of Validation (Rationing Her The Validation).

3) Primary Sexual Arousal Value:

Goal = Spark & Release Tension To Build Sexual Arousal.

The Alpha’s Behavioral Traits Can Be Categorized In Three Ways:

1) Inner Strength (Yin)

2) Charm (Yang).

3) Sexual Sparking (Yin/Yang)

Inner Strength is best described as the Alpha’s powerful aloof attitude, irresistible strength & authority.

Charm is the Alpha’s beautiful way of expounding his attractive & playful communication, creating social bonds and releasing tension.

Sexual Sparking is the Alpha’s masterful ability to create Sexual Attraction in women. Utilizing both his Charm & Inner Strength to spark and release sexual tension in a powerful way to create sexual arousal/attraction.

The Alpha’s Charm – Yang:

Emotional Connection Based Value:

i. Ability And Willingness To Click (Create Connection).

Mastering & Understanding Rapport.

ii. Willingness To Emote (Healthy Emotions):

Confidence & Entitlement.

Protector Of Loved Ones.

Risk-Taking. (Providing Exciting Emotions)

Positive, Fun & Happy.

Kindness, Sincerity, Trustworthiness, Empathy.

Ambition & Motivation.

iii. Social Intelligence:

Understanding of social situation and human behavior: Calibration (Reading BMIRs).

Social Skills: Language Pattern Development Small Talk Mastery (Field Exercises)

Artistic expression:

In art, poetry and music for example.

iv. Communicating High Value in Embedded Ways through Storytelling/Sound bites.

All the attraction switches (DHVs), including pre-selection, detachedness, social alignments and healthy emotions can be embedded in stories and speech.

v. Mystery: The Art Of Creating Intrigue: (Also A Form Of Challenge)

Cold Reading (Extra Powerful With Open Loops)

Open Loops in Conversation & Stories.


Social Games.

Validation Based Value:

ii. Being A Source Of Validation – Approval Giving.

The art of complimenting her on what she wants to be validated on – obviously things besides her beauty, like her choices which can include her clothing choice, her career choices, etc. Giving approval places you in a position of authority which makes women more compliant.

iii. Providing Emotional Stimulation: (You Are Providing Attention To Her Which Is Validation.) Humor, storytelling with compelling delivery, attentive listening.

The Alpha’s Inner Strength– Yin Traits:

Emotional Connection Based Value:

i. Aloofness/Carefreeness:


[AX: Not sure I agree with this one. Typically, an Alpha is more judgemental. He knows what he likes and has no fear is stating it. I like long hair, so I only date girls with long hair – judgemental. I also only date bisexual girls – very judgemental indeed.

The only time I can think of when to be non-judgmental is on those topics around sex. This gives her a safe space to be “carefree”. If I am thinking of getting into a relationship with her, then her sexual background is a consideration.]

Self-amused (finding stimulation and value in your own reality)

Relaxed and comfortable attitudes and movements.

Ability to speak slowly and articulate clearly.

Outcome independent, always appearing as if it is the easiest thing ever, even when it’s hard.

ii. Total Honesty:

To find out your limiting beliefs and to powerfully replace them.

To truthfully disqualify but also praise women because of your high standards & expectations.

To honestly live in alignment with your values – integrity.

To build your self-discipline and self-control.

[AX: All very powerful.]

Validation Based Value:

i. High Standards & Expectations:

Knowing you are the one who validates/qualifies her and not the other way around.

Looking for and acknowledging the ways that she can pleasantly surprise, please or impress you (qualify to you).

Identifying your desires (standards) through experiences with women and using them as qualifiers (expectations) to validate/invalidate girls with.

ii. Qualifying: To Increase Her Need For Validation.

Teasing, Negative Hits (Disqualifiers).

Sexual Arousal Based Value (Behavioral Traits That Induce Sexual Arousal):

i. Independence/Detachedness:

A devil-may-care-attitude – non-validation seeking and non-qualifying behavior.

Displays of challenge/break rapport like: disqualifiers, cockiness, pattern interrupts, ability to say no etc. (more on this in vi. The Alpha’s Powerful Sexual Communication For Sexual Arousal.)

Un-reactive to external frames.

Willingness To Walk Away.

Lack Of Jealousy.

ii. Masculinity (Controlled aggression):

Pro-active behavior, taking the initiative, channeling your aggression in a constructive manner into your ambitions and endeavors.

This makes you ambitious, industrious, a winner and a successful risk-taker.

Channeling your masculine energy in a constructive manner makes you appear dependable and stable.

iii. Dominance (Frame Control) – Holding & Communicating Your Alpha Frame In Embedded Ways Through Frame Control.

By merely holding the Alpha Frame, women will get sexually attracted to you. Your frame is that she wants to comply with, impress, please and sexually pursue you because you are The Alpha/Prize – and by pulling her into your frame she’ll take on those exact actions, which will increase her sexual attraction for you.

You Can Hold The Alpha Frame Via:

1) Pattern Interrupts & Embedded Commands.

2) Re-Frames (Changing the meaning of a bad frame that she imposes on you to a meaning that implies you being The Prize/Alpha)

3) Knowing How To Handle Shit Tests And Compliance Tests.

You Can Communicate The Alpha Frame:

4) Also Via Pattern Interrupts & Embedded Commands.

5) Setting Frames (Setting Frames that imply that you are The Prize/Alpha)

6) Giving Compliance Tests.

[AX: I would add one more – Challenge her.]

Nr. 2 and Nr. 5 is ultimately what you are doing with Cocky & Funny Frames (The funny part is smoothly incorporating the Yang Alpha Trait of Humor to make your frame more acceptable.)

The Alpha’s Sexual Sparking Abilities– Yin/Yang Communication:

i. The Alpha’s Powerful Sexual Communication For Generating Sexual Arousal.

Combining The Yin & Yang to create powerful sexual attraction.

The main method is to incite sexual arousal in a woman by oscillating between polarities of tension and relaxation. Tension = Yin (opposites attract), Release = Yang (like attracts like).

I. Yin – Spark Tension By Utilizing The Alpha’s Inner Strength:

At first, to spark tension, you need to use Yin (anti-social/bad boy) behavioral traits like ‘Challenging & Breaking Rapport’ in the form of:

  • exacerbating validation,
  • creating an emotional push in the form of barriers that create uncertainty, anticipation, suspense, and unpredictability (also via pre-selection, in which one woman serves as a barrier for another woman creating the primitive emotion of discontent, which is a form of sexual tension.)
  • non-verbal tactics like proximity induced sexual tension & voice tonal induced sexual tension,
  • displays of extreme confidence (cocky and funny – in which the cocky part serves as the creator of sexual tension),
  • pattern interrupts combined with embedded seductive/sexual commands &
  • disqualifiers (negative hits).
  • using mystery/intrigue to create tension, which makes her chase you.

Quick explanation: breaking rapport creates tension because it hits primitive emotions like: fear (of loss), discontent (through tantalization or through a feeling of lack and therefore need).

If this tension is smoothly released and sparked again in an on/off sequence it stimulates the primitive and limbic brain and thus creates sexual arousal.

This fulfills her sexual need for physiological arousal.

II. Yang – Release Tension By Utilizing The Alpha’s Charm

Of course, after you’ve sparked sexual tension, you release the tension in a pleasurable manner. The pleasure received from the release is well-received, because it is followed right after subtle ‘painful’ states of discontent and fear (that induce tension). You can release tension by fulfilling one of their sexual needs:

1) Their need to feel seduced/ to feel worthy & attractive (by rationing validation, flattery and the sorts…)

2) Their need to be a seductress. (by validating them on being seductive)

You can also release tension by using pro-social Yang traits and pleasurable emotional stimulation like: humor, storytelling, fun topics of conversation, kindness etc.

The beauty of this is that you’re not using your Charm as a way to supplicate to the girl, so she’ll like you. Instead you’re using your Charm as a powerful tool to give her an experience – namely, a release from tension which in turn creates sizzling hot sexual arousal.

Excellent summary, and I do hope the information has helped you on your life journey.

Thanks again for sharing.


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