Samra Kesinovic

Samra Kesinovic

Many men that I deal with simply cannot comprehend how attractive being an Alpha is to a woman. I get hundreds of emails or comments about “that’s not what women want” or you should be nicer.

I also get hundreds of emails from women asking “how do I attract an Alpha”?

As a young man, I listened to “politically correct” statements, and thought, “yeah, I’ll just be nicer and sweeter to her, and she will love me forever.”

And I would be nice, and sweet, and give them lots of complements, and take them out, buy them dinner and stuff and do my best to just be the gosh darn best guy ever.

And with that approach, every attractive girl I ever even had a first date with got bored and left.

Then my ex-wife left.

And I haven’t looked back since. The last girl I “tried” to be nice to (as an attraction strategy) was the ex-wife. I know for a fact women want a masculine, take no prisoners, challenging kind of man. Not a nice, boring, sweet boy that so many of today’s males emulate.

Would you like to know just how attractive even the illusion of Alpha is to our bored, Western women?

Recently I read about Samra Kesinovic, a beautiful Austrian girl only 17 years of age that many a man would love to date and be with. I would bet millions of men would have married her and given her a comfortable life. If you look at her picture, she easily could have been the homecoming or prom queen at any high school in the West. She is definitely hotter than my prom date was.

And like many of the women in our comfortable western civilization, Samra was bored. She left her comfortable life to seek out the perceived Alpha men she saw in the world – the ISIS Islamic Group. Samra and her friend Sabina Selimovic (age 15) wrote letters to their parents that they had fled to Syria and not to try to find them that they had “gone to serve Allah”, and they were “ready to die for him”.

Samara and Sabina rapidly married Islamic Jihadist. They literally became poster children for bored, comfortable Western women that presumably became so unimpressed by the weak, nice, sweet and dare I saw wussy men in their own country they traveled half way around the world seeking that raw masculine and Alpha rush.

Samra Kesinovic in Hijab

Samra Kesinovic in Hijab

Of course, ISIS used these women on social media to recruit more bored and comfortable teens to come live with the “perceived Alphas”.

As you can imagine, reality slapped these women fairly fast. The comfortable life they lived was a far cry from the realities of a perceived Alpha life with a Jihadist.

“But by October that year there were reports quoting friends of the two women saying Ms. Kesinovic had been sickened by the killings she witnessed and wanted to come home.” Independent UK

Both girls tried to contact their parents in an attempt to get back to Austria.

Sabina was killed in a gun fight in September of 2014, just a few months after arriving.

Just a few days ago it was reported that the lovely Samra was beaten to death for wanting to leave the Islamic State.

Sabina Selimovic

Sabina Selimovic

Thousands of non-Western women are raped, drowned, beaten to death, set on fire, stoned, or shot every single day and the response of Western feminist? Well of course, as you can imagine, there was a HUGE outcry from bored Western Feminist…. Well not really. The latest feminist report is of an evil teacher that prevents boys from playing with Legos while trying to force girls to play with the Legos instead of dolls because, you know, EQUALITY.

““I always tell the boys, ‘You’re going to have a turn,’” Keller told the Review. “And I’m like, ‘Yeah, when hell freezes over’ in my head.” – Evil Moonbat Kindergarten Teacher

Our society has completely extended childhood out beyond the age that it used to be, and made it so easy we don’t even keep score at the kids sporting events. Just 100 years ago a boy of 10 would be up by dawn. He would feed the chickens, milk the cow and cut firewood while his father worked the land. All on a school day.

By the time he was 15, he was likely proficient enough to survive on his own.

Most 20 year old college students can’t do that today. They need safe places to hide and pout. They complain about “white privilege”, “rape culture” or “triggers”. And if the battery in their remote key pad goes dead, they don’t know how to unlock the car door.

In general women are so bored, so comfortable, so spoiled by how easy life is, a challenging, Alpha man is like the flame for the moth.

Time to be that flame.

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