women-love-murdererAs a student of behavioral and evolutionary psychology, I use to wonder why women preferred the “Bad Boy” or “Jerk” type of man.

Before the 60’s men were seen as strong, capable leaders at the head of the household. Movies portrayed men as masculine, dashing heroes. A man didn’t cry, and he stood up and fought for what he believed in. He was seen a protector and provider. Even in very tough times these men were strong.

Masculine men were looked up to, and feminine women were desired. Both had strengths and weaknesses, that when blended made a powerful whole.

But thru the evolution of our culture and the broad acceptance of feminism, masculine men are dubbed as villains. Men are portrayed as rapist, murders, and child or wife abusers. Yes, some men have done these things. And so have women. And as a society we have portrayed masculine men as bad, and feminine woman as weak. And the media continues to shove these arch-types down our throats. Rarely do we have an action movie where a woman doesn’t have to save a man. Yet you will be hard pressed to find any news stories where this is true. It is the deep nature of men to save women and children in extreme stress situations, so men usually do the saving acting on autopilot. Not a put down for women, just the way are both built.

Politicians crave votes, so they perpetrated the giving of more and more “liberties” to women. More programs, more shelters for abuse victims, more “Male Sensitivity Training” for men and more government programs for women who pump out bastard spawn. And the media, which is paid for by the advertisers cater to these female wishes. They portray more women as strong, independent, don’t need a man types. And they do this so the advertisers can sell more goods to the women. Even the advertisers don’t respect men any more. 9/10 commercials show a woman having to save a man. He is a bumbling, weak bore who needs a woman to keep him and the family running smoothly.

And this is all great as we all laugh it off… it’s not real life.

The 80’s saw media and women wanting the “sensitive man”. A man in touch with his feelings. A man who can emotionally open up and share his most inner beings. This is what women said they wanted, so the media portrayed it, and the men became it. The average man is very sensitive and emotional.
Women wonder why guys are so nice and needy these days? They simply grew up in a culture that portrayed the nice, sensitive man as the man women want. It’s a great and noble thought. Pretty far from the truth, but a great thought.

The problem is our makeup. Our very being. When women said they wanted a “nice guy” who is “in touch with his feelings” they forgot to tell you that this guy was ALREADY a masculine and strong man. This is the man that other girls wanted. This is the man who was untamable. The man who was on a mission, and was going to reach his goal come hell-or-high-water. This man was already Alpha, who just happened to be amazed with this one girl that for her, and only her, he showed a softer and more open side.

Feminism portrayed masculine as bad, thus projecting an entire culture that wanted to be nice and sensitive. If you go thru, not the individual complaints, but the overall thought process, this movement believed if we erased masculinity, then we would have an end to violence, rape, war, abuse, etc. Society would be a UTOPIA. This created a man in touch with his feelings, who was docile and tame while doing exactly what he thought the women wanted.

However, we are creatures and animals. Some people are bad. I know it’s hard to believe, but women tend to be more violent than men.  They just tend to display this violence differently or use men to enforce their desire for violence.

And women are programmed on a deep evolutionary level to want a strong man. In a society of weak men, the only men displaying some masculine traits are the thugs, murders and rapist that woman said they despised. The positive masculine traits have been destroyed, leaving only the worse traits masculinity offered.

Nice guys sitting around wondering why the girls treat him like their girlfriend, and the women that say they want “nice guys” actually offer marriage and kids to the murdering rapist.

One of the most infamous examples of this Ted Bundy who received 100’s of love letters and marriage proposals after his arrest. Women from all over jammed courtrooms of his trials each day. Keep in mind, this is a man who raped, murdered and then sometimes had sex with the dead body before decapitating them. All his victims were women.

Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer, is said to have had amorous women sending him letters, money, and other gifts during his time in prison.

Serial killer Richard Ramirez (the night stalker) married a female groupie in prison who had written him over 75 letters. During his trial, dozens of women flocked to the courtroom to catch a glimpse of him.

Rapist Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned his daughter in a basement for 24 years and physically assaulted, sexually abused, and raped her numerous times, received hundreds of love letters from women following his arrest.

Men, it is time for you to become masculine once again and bring back the positive traits of masculinity.

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  1. James on June 1, 2013

    Why do you bloggers NEVER name the source of our decline? You purport to be a Man’s Man who takes shite from no one, man or woman yet you NEVER name the real villain. Who exactly runs Hollywood? Who owns and operates the MSM? Who are the prime founders and proponents of Feminism?

    • AlphaX Author on June 3, 2013

      ED: Interesting thoughts… Source of the decline is a power struggle between the sexes. The real villain? That is actually funny. Is it the woman who in demanding “equal rights” actually wishes to strip power from men? Or is it the man too weak to do anything about it? In all truth, I don’t know. I don’t think anyone does. Who runs Hollywood? Not very good on cause and effect are you? Women run Hollywood. Perhaps not as the CEO, but as the primary revenue source. The media has to produce content that advertisers can use to sell products. 60-70% of that revenue is geared towards selling women. Prime founders of Feminism? Women.

  2. not_PC on July 30, 2013

    Hmm… a slightly different analysis. Good stuff.

    AlphaX, I’d like to expand on what James said. I’ve accepted that the West will go into some sort of decline (most likely around 2020 and 2025). What I would like to know is what would be the best strategies to learn and use in order to survive the coming chaos (which will be, in my opinion, economic)? Would it be possible to do a blog post on this?

    • AlphaX Author on July 30, 2013

      Not_PC – I appreciate the view, and would be more than happy to have a guest post – feel free to send me what you want to post. As for me, I am building multiple (though small) income streams, then I am leaving. When my son is 18 and we are not tied down by court orders, then this world is going to be my personal playground. Still, I would like to know what you, and others think.

  3. Sam on March 27, 2014

    This may sound confusing but I am a very callous, insensitive (and sometimes downright evil) young man and I am deeply loved by almost all the women in my life. Oh, the irony. I am 20 years old now but I know women better than they know themselves. When it comes to women I am probably much more of an asshole than you are ALPHAX but I am congruent. I literally have no respect for women and so when I treat women like pieces of trash they know deep down that I am just being myself. It is ironic that the only sin that a woman doesn’t forgive is being weak. Anything else goes. Women have forgiven me for ignoring them for months, slapping them around when I got pissed off, swearing harshly at them, etc. They have never forgiven me for being hesitant or unconfident, though. The sky is falling and the world is upside down.

    • AlphaX Author on March 27, 2014

      Interesting comment and I think you are exactly right… “the only sin that a woman doesn’t forgive is being weak”. I think that plays perfectly into the values and feelings we add to a woman’s life (What Value Do You Bring). Well said Sam.

    • Ms. Perfect on December 14, 2016

      Only the stupid insecure girls put up with guys like u fyi youll never have a partner of quality lol. Also, you wont be able to get it up once u hit midlife while all the pretty women will be having multiple orgasms until they die. Did you know female orgasm gets stronger as we get older? You on the other hand literally wont be able to come anymore once u hit mid 40s. Its so awesome being a woman (:

      • AlphaX Author on December 14, 2016

        So you don’t like the facts and reality based observations, so instead of correcting our view of truth, or countering with your own facts, you just attack stupid girls and my masculinity… I doth think thou protest too much.

  4. Teryo on April 30, 2014

    This is absolutely insane. The morale of your post is to become a serial killer rapist to get laid.

    • AlphaX Author on May 1, 2014

      You are trolling. I read your blog and your comment. You know very well I am telling men to be men… say no, pick their path and be men. You have a different agenda.

  5. shin on April 1, 2017

    Late to this but I find a lot of ‘unapologetic’ bloggers to be just that; adding disclaimers, seemingly after every truth, so as to defer to women………which IS a mild or ‘veiled’ form of Political Correctness or…apology.

    Case in point, (I see it so often that I am able to target it immediately)…”It is the deep nature of men to save women and children in extreme stress situations, so men usually do the saving acting on autopilot. Not a put down for women, just the way are both built.”

    Disclaimers are ways to soften the blow of the Truth…(because women HATE truth)….make it taste ‘nice’ for them.

    Look, women are monsters, plain and simple. If you don’t accept that, then watch whom they choose to ‘love’. This article and millions of articles prove this point. Women love evil men because they themselves, are evil. Plain and Simple.

    A woman is just not strong enough, or in many cases economically powerful enough, to carry out her evil, so she finds a ‘host’ body, whom she can vicariously live thru and control.

    A woman will use a violent man for her own ends and goals.
    The article, above, ends in subtle suggestion that after all the evil women do, that we, as men; if we somehow get our stuff together that we can somehow………SAVE these little beasts from themselves.

    Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Every man must take an accountability for his actions. When women, on a massive scale, can start doing the same, then AND ONLY THEN should they even be considered PARTIALLY EQUAL……if even that.

    Women seem forever to act AGAINST their own best interests and the well-being of a healthy society. They seem to be bereft of contentment until they have wrecked havok in society.

    Their ‘propencity’ towards wickedness is LEGENDARY to say the least — Slender-Man and Jeff The Killer Fan Girls, Edward Cullen, Vampires, The Fallen Angels who eloped with women and as consequence, had offspring (The Nephilim) whom, destroyed the world, serial killers, murderers, ECT..