hot-brazilian-women-bikiniYes she is. For any girl with a little bit of experience, she has fucked a man on the first date. She has sucked cock before the first date. Party girls between the ages of 21 and up have done it in the bathroom, in an alley, in a dark corner of the club, in the parking lot, driving, off of the balcony, and anywhere else you can think of. She has thrown abandon to the wind and done everything you could ever imagine. If you hear “I am not that kind of girl” from a girl, it is likely you are not displaying enough alpha attitude and high value, or she is so attracted she is using this as a defense tactic to soften her soon to be exposed slutty behavior.

First, you simply must know, that the average woman has already had at least one man who has used her in almost every conceivable way. That doesn’t mean she liked it, just that she has tried it. Every girl I have dated in the last 2 years, ages 18-23, have all had anal sex. All of them said they didn’t like anal sex. I do, and I slowly trained them to enjoy my cock in their ass. I taught them to have orgasms like they have never felt. To where they would beg me to give them anal so they could experience the sheer pleasure they had from it again and again.

Most women don’t want to look like a slut, or be seen as easy, or even that she has unbridled lust for the masculine Alpha. She wants you to believe she is a pure snow flake. An unplucked flower. A chaste and sexually inexperienced girl. They subconsciously know that these concepts are triggers for men that will increase their worth in a man’s eyes. And they know that to reveal otherwise is dangerous around some men.

Every think why so many men have a problem with their girlfriends when they realize they weren’t the first to do some sexual act with her? Most men get jealous if they weren’t the first (whatever). Men have killed women, or beat them, or left them when they found out they were cheated on, weren’t her first, or the girl had done some things with an ex, she wouldn’t do with him. To a female, hiding her carnal desires and lustful nature is a programmed self-protection mechanism. True, feminism has built up that a woman can be just as lustful as a man and she will still be valued, which allows easier access to sex for a guy like me. But no amount of wishing, propaganda, or “it ain’t fair” is going to change a few million years of evolutionary sexual biology. We are a successful species because of our masculine / feminine natures, not in spite of them.

To me, a male that displays this jealous nature is proving he is a weak and inexperienced man that truly is not worthy. If he fully knew the nature of a woman, he would know she is just as lusty as him, sometimes more so. Her natural state is to be dominated by a man, and she wants to feel herself surrender to his wishes. I know the Romance Novel Fantasy, she is taken by him (surrenders) then he changes his bad boy ways and becomes the perfect docile house pet that she trained. It was her womanly powers that subdued him. NOTE: I say this for the dumbass guys and feminist – dominating a girl has nothing to do with forcing her. No still means no, and this is a topic for another

If you open your eyes and see exactly the nature of men and women, then if you gain the confidence to be that swashbuckling knave she craves, she will do anything you want. She will be that kind of girl with you. Where you allow the interaction to go from there is your choice. It is very easy to have a relationship with a girl after she has surrendered her sex to you.

If you do find yourself in an interaction where you sense she is saying she is not that kind of girl because you haven’t been charismatic and masculine enough, end the interaction. Do not call her or text her for several weeks, then send her one of the pictures you will find in my material (a high quality BDSM model type photo shoot) with an open loop like, “This reminded me…” If she doesn’t respond in a day or two, she likely lost all attraction for you and it is time to just move on. Don’t worry, more than one girl I have “next”ed has tracked me down after a brief time. Distance does make the heart grow fonder.

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