What do you say about that wicked scar on your head?

Ever heard “chicks dig scars”? How about, “Women love a mysterious man”?

That’s how I handle it – Belief and Mystery. I know girls judge a man by his character more than his looks, and that long ugly scar just demonstrates my strength of character. And when people ask – all people including men – where I got the scar, I simply respond that I was young, and made a poor decision. Only the doctor, a couple of nurses, my mom and a couple of friends of 20 years know what happened. I simply will not tell the story, no matter how much they beg.

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  1. BroTales on April 24, 2014

    Mystery can be tricky in some kind of circumstances :

    – “Master, why do you have only one ball ?”

    – “I was young, and made a poor decision.”

    -“hmmm you’re so mysterious, let’s get naked”

    • AlphaX Author on April 24, 2014

      HA That still might work… If she is calling me master, we are past the scar bit though.
      – “Master, why do you have only one ball ?”

      – SMACK “Did I say you could talk? Let me show you what your mouth is for – KNEEL!”