Hi Alpha,

These last 2 weeks have been the most insane of my life.

I have been talking to people as much as possible, reading your book and paying the subliminal messages EVERY day.

Approaching is feeling more natural and as I man I feel 100x more confident. (plus I’ve had some “nice” experiences)

I am noticing 2 sticking points:

1. Approach goes well. Number goes well. But then then the interaction loses chemistry.
I challenge and tease but the chemistry is not feeling right. Calls don’t get returned and chat’s over email end.

What can I do to make myself more interesting? How to I make my actual personality irresistible?
Perhaps there is a section/s of the book I should re-read?

2. What does an Alpha look like?

I know this might be a silly question but in my mind I try to imagine how you behave around a women based on your book.

Is there some video’s you have or alternatively some movie characters who I can use to emulate my goal behavior?

Thank you so much.


Couple more fantastic questions Bear.

First let me congratulate you on actually following the road map. Talking to people is a skill that will not only get you laid, but help you make a lot of money. Confidence is the beginning of the right Alpha attitudes, and it seems you are progressing fast. Really good job.

On to your questions:
1. Approach goes well. Number goes well. But then then the interaction loses chemistry.

Go back reread The Approach section as you missed a key element. I never try to keep an interaction going. No matter how confident or Alpha you are, trying to keep the interaction going is subconsciously placing more value on her than you place on yourself.

Instead, follow My System.

You are the prize, and you are deciding where she fits in your life. Open her, tease her a bit, neg her if she is really hot and has attitude, get the digits and get gone. This is part of being a challenge, and demonstrates a non needy and higher value attitude.

When you have internalized all of these systems and bedded a few dozen really hot chicks, then you don’t have to worry about it, but for now the best way to be more interesting is to disappear. Let her mind work for you. Let your approach, cocky & funny teasing and overall “I don’t care” attitude simmer with her.

Let the next 10 guys that approach her (don’t worry, hot girls are flirted with all the time, everywhere they go) be the nice guys that try to keep the interaction going. Let them lose that chemistry. Her mind will naturally drift back to the guy that made her feel attraction and left. She will begin to crave more of that.

When you get to the place where you don’t really care if she likes you, you can do whatever you want. For now, give her some mystery to work with.

What can I do to make myself more interesting?

Until you have mastered the internal beliefs and have as many dates as you want, you use scarcity to be seen as an interesting man. The man that can drop everything to spend time with her is seen as a lame, no friends, no hobbies, no goals type of guy which equates to low sexual market value.

The guy that has things to do, a full social life, dreams he is building and isn’t quite sure where she fits into his full calendar seems very interesting.

In addition to this, find what you love to do, and do it.

Before my accident I worked an insane amount of hours, rode my motorcycle on mini-trips every chance I could and hit the gym 4-5 times a week. Couple this with 3-5 girls I was sleeping with and my calendar is full.

Since the accident, I can’t ride motorcycles anymore (yet) so I have gone back to a hobby I had in my 20’s – shooting.

Now, I never really got away from it, I just didn’t do it as much as I do now. My son started shooting with me at 5. I bought him his first 9mm at 10 years old, and he got an AR-15 when he was 13. For his 16 birthday he got a mil spec 1911 .45 pistol along with a 1873 .45 Long Colt single action cowboy guN with a quick draw rig. I have been teaching him.

We love shooting, we love reloading, and while the average girl could give 2 shits, I am on the range 2-3 times a week. I work on everything from quick draw, to transition, to long range precision shooting.

As drills for accuracy, my son and I play poker. We are building another website together and going to have a lot of “masucline” videos, especially around shooting.

In this video we are playing sniper poker.

Now think of this, while the girl may not have any interest in shooting, most men around Texas do. I have a reputation as a bad ass shot, so when I am with friends, they are asking about our latest shooting trick.
Or if a girl is in my house, she will see my reloading station right there in the living room. This is my son making his first .338 lapua mag round and I give zero fucks about what should be in what room. The house is set up to make me happy, not impress a girl.

The point is, we do what we love and what interest us. That passion keeps us busy, but is also powerful energy that others can feel. I am never just sitting around my house with nothing to do. Very rarely can you call me at a moments notice and me not already have plans. Simply doing what I love is my life.

So find something you love and do it. My one caveat is to do physical activities. Very hard to meet people playing video games and I have met some very hot women on the range, at the gym, scuba diving, bar hoping on the bike, at car shows, etc…

Very hot.

2. What does an Alpha look like?

An alpha looks like whatever the fuck he wants to look like. I have worn my black leather biker gear to a very expensive upscale cigar bar and been treated like the sexiest man alive while the guys around me in their custom $5K suits were treated like the average chump.

I have worn my cowboy boots (I wear boots 90% of the time) and a blue gene shirt to a goth bar and been treated like a rock star.

It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.

I wear what I like. For the most part, I wear cool dress shirts, un-tucked, jeans, and brown leather cowboy boots. This is what I wore to my wedding. This is what I wear to clients. Even if they all wear suits… I usually don’t.

Your attitude is what people feel about you. If you are wearing biker gear in a high priced bar and you walk, talk, flirt and tease like it is just you, everyone will like you for it.

If you do it to try and stand out, peacock (get attention so girls will approach you) or if you are really nervous about it, your energy will repel people. That type of energy will likely trigger aggressive behavior in some men and women alike, and now you will have to deal with challenges, bullying and potentially a fight.

With all the men I have taken out to teach, I never told them what to wear or to change. I wanted them dressed how the felt the most secure.

Just get the attitude right, and don’t worry about the clothes.

This is absolute gold!

My favorite thing about your feedback is that you are totally real. No BS, No sugar coating just truth!
It’s also really neat that you and your son are so tight… he’s a lucky kid.

Thank you Alpha.

To further clarify my questions.

After I have number and we have either met up or made out… the tension goes stale.
I have had this with a few women now. I can only assume they are bored? I challenge or tease but if feels like the attraction is stale.

In terms of second question, if you asked me to behave like Charlie Chaplin… I have seen how he behaves and would do that. If you asked me to behave like The Godfather, I have seen the character in movies and would do that. What I would like to know if there are any examples of movie men (or even vids of you) that show me what my goal behavior and demeanor will look like. I currently use the Alpha laws in your book and imagine how you would demonstrate them in a interaction.


Thank you for the compliments.

So let’s talk about things getting stale on a date. First, you have to keep the “I am the prize attitude.” This means your expectations are for her to entertain you. Just having this attitude will vibe with her, and most girls will fill the silence giving you all the details of there life.

If things do go flat, you have to keep tension to keep attraction, so you make statement questions.

So you don’t say, “What are you studying in school?” or “Where do you work?”

Instead, calibrate the girl and go with your gut on a statement like this:

“You are studying marketing I bet” or “I bet you work in human resources.”

These types of statements are authoritative, and if you guess right she will be “How did you know that, you are so in tune with me!” or if you guess wrong she will likely laugh, and tell you the truth about her.

Feel free to teasingly judge her on it.

Asking her open ended questions, especially at first, feels like being given the 5th degree… but making statement questions is like playing a game. It is fun.

As for the people….

Go buy the Movie, “A Streetcar Named Desire” and study the actor named Marlon Brando who plays Stanley.

This guy beat his wife, almost (or did) rape her sister, always out with the guys and is what nice guys would call a jerk. He also had girls actually crying in the theater over how hot he made them. Literally, teen girls passing out by the sexual tension this character instilled in them. The attitude he has, the challenging, judging, I am the prize attitude is the one that resonates with women. No need to beat her or rape her sister, just have the right attitude.

Another movie that I think has a lot of the Alpha man/ entitled woman dynamic is Support Your Local Sheriff! and study James Garner who plays Jason McCullough. Watch how he handles the thugs, outlaws and the hottest, richest girl in town. Pay special attention to his verbal playfulness and challenging nature with the girl. It seems he is always making her mad and she runs away like a butt hurt school girl… only to come back to him. And he just chuckles about it.

The last movie I would say is “The Witches of Eastwick” and study Jack Nicholson as Daryl Van Horne. There is an urban legend or rumor that Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood & Burt Reynolds were all at a party in the 80’s – back when they were all in their prime and the biggest names in Hollywood. As the legend goes, the ugliest man, Jack Nicholson had all of the girls on him. Nothing but attitude. Anyway, watch his attitude as he is on the bed and the character Alexandra Medford (played by Cher) is telling him he is the ugliest most vile person she has ever met… right before she sleeps with him. That devil may care, and just assume she wants you (or soon will) is perfect. That is the charm you have with shit test. Like it amuses you.

Anyway, watch these movies and let us know your results.

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  1. Lee on August 27, 2017

    If she is smiling at me, do I ask her her name. After I tease or flirted.

    • AlphaX Author on December 18, 2017

      No, tell her to buy you a drink….. its all attitude.