easy-girlI was recently in an energetic conversation about the nature of women in today’s world. In this discussion I was accused of targeting “damaged” women that were easy.

My personal belief is ALL women are easy in the right situation with the right energy from the man.

All women may be easy, but some are just easier than others. As I go through my daily life I am always evaluating people – men and women. I judge the men to determine just how confident and Alpha they are, and I judge the women on how naturally attractive and sexual they are.

With that, this is my list of Easy Lay Traits. These are signs she is easy BEFORE you have sex with her, and may not include slut tells.

We live in a fluid world, and while in general these are true, they are not 100%. But the more of these signs you see in a girl, the more your Alpha, masculine and confident side will easily open her legs. If you are following my program, the more these girls will just attack you.

Most of my readers know I qualify and challenge women. This not only weeds out girls that are not in alignment with my lifestyle, but it also builds attraction with all women.

Easy Tell #1 – Bisexual

My very first major qualifying question is, “Are you bisexual?” – This is a major tell on how easy a girl is.

If she says “yes”, she is an easy lay.

If she says “no but I have always wanted to try it”, she is easy.

If she says “no” but with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes, she is easy.

Every other answer is inconclusive.

Easy Tell #2 – Sports Easily Seen Tattoos

While many men know the Tattoo tell, the tattoo in general can give you a gauge on how easy she is.

In general, the lower the quality of the tattoo, the easier she is.

The little ankle or foot tattoo is not much of a tell.

A small wrist or forearm tattoo she is beginning to show her easy side.

If she has the traditional lower back tattoo, she is moderately easy.

If she is sporting a full sleeve, but it is very professionally done, she is easier than the tramp stamp, but just barely.

If she is displaying 3-7 random disjointed tattoos on her arms, legs, shoulders, back, etc. she is even easier.

If the back of her legs are tattooed she is basically inviting you in.

If she has erogenous zone tattoos (on her breast, butt, inner thigh, and very low abdomen) she is easy and craves a powerful man.

If she has another man’s name tattooed on her body you can bet she is easy.

Easy Tell #3 – Piercings

If she has 2-3 ear piercings, she is on the cusp of displaying an easy sexual side.

If she can’t go through a metal detector because of the amount of ear jewelry she displays, she is moderately easy.

Add in an eyebrow or more piercings, and she is easier.

If she has a small nose stud, belly button ring or tongue piercing and she is even easier.

If she is sporting the bull ring, or the piercings down the nose she is easier, but she is starting to display antisocial signs. The more powerful you are, the easier she is.

If her nipples or labia are pierced she is not only easy, but she likes to be dominated.

If her clit is pierced she is highly sexualized and typically likes extremes – bondage and anal are very common.

Easy Tell #4 – Smoking

A girl that smokes cigarettes, cloves or vaps is fairly easy.

If she also smokes pot, you can bet she has her fairly easy side.

A girl that smokes crack, meth or anything in that world is extremely easy, but probably not worth the risk.

Easy Tell #5 – The Alcohol She Drinks

If she drinks beer, she is likely a party girl and easy.

If she drinks red or white wine, but it is the house blend and she doesn’t know what it is, she is easy.

If she adds in the shot of Jack, Southern Comfort or other bourbon/whiskey, the easier she is.

The girl that loves cheap tequila or Jägermeister shots is even easier.

Most girls that buy complicated, fruity or otherwise difficult drinks to make may or may not be easy, but they are high maintenance.

Easy Tell #6 – Illegal Drugs

Personally, I don’t have much use for illegal or hard drugs, nor have I ever done them. All of the girls that I have met or been with that do these types of drugs are easy.

The girls I have known that do Ecstasy, Cocaine, Rohypnol, GHB, Valium, Oxycodone (or other pain pill), Adderall, etc. are very easy.

Girls that do Meth, crack, heroine, shrooms, LSD, etc. are the easiest.

Easy Tell #7 – Bohemianism

If she is an aspiring model, actress, singer or other type of performer, she is likely easy.

If she is one of those girls that has done “amateur” photo shoot with some random man she has met, she is easy.

If she dresses as a Goth, hippie, flower child, anime or furry lover, hipster, or retro type of girl, she is a little easier.

If she is a full blown rave or night club girl, she is likely very easy.

Easy Tell #8 – Non Sports Adrenaline Junkie

As an “Adrenaline Junkie” myself, the more dangerous the adventure, the more likely she is to put out.

You see a girl on the back of the big cruiser type of motorcycle, she is moderately easy.

Step that up to a custom street bike or chopper and she is even easier.

The girl that climbs on the back of a crotch rocket wearing shorts or a skirt is very easy.

If any of these girls don’t wear a helmet or safety gear and it tends to make them even easier.

Girls that love to stand up in convertible sports cars or jeeps while they roar down the road are definitely showing this easy side of their nature.

This rule has not held true for those Adrenaline sports types of activities that are regulated and women pursue. I have been with several athletes in extreme sports, and most were very conservative, feminine and intelligent females. They tend to have a focused dedication the easy girl does not.

The girls I have met scuba diving have been a mix, so I couldn’t see a pattern.

If you find a girl that has need for “danger” that also has 1 or more of the other tells, you can bet she is easy.

Easy Tell #9 – Single Mothers & Divorced Women

I have met a few women that lost their husband to a horrible accident or fighting overseas. These widows do not qualify for my analysis.

Single Mothers are usually either single mothers by choice (they left the nice guy) or they made a very poor life decision getting knocked up by the “bad boy” adrenaline junkie and then couldn’t keep him around.

If she is a single mother with kids from more than one father she might as well have a sign out front that says “Now serving…..”

If she doesn’t know who the dad is I suggest you only let her blow you.

70% of divorces are initiated by the woman, so the divorced woman falls into this as well.

Both of these types of women are usually starved for fun, excitement and a break from real life making them extremely easy.

Personally, there are enough girls in the world, and I stay away from these situations, but the opportunity presents itself all the time.

Easy Tell #10 – She Tells You How Good At Sex She Is

When I first started learning the Alpha/female dynamics, I would have never believed this, but as I have become more powerful, I have seen it hundreds of times.

When you first start talking to a girl and she starts qualifying herself about how good she is at oral or in bed, the easier she is. She is also likely manipulative.

If you have been talking to a girl for less than an hour and she tells you she loves to be dominated or any other kinky sex act she is basically telling you “I am open for business”.

Easy Tell #11 – She Doesn’t Wear Underwear

If you pay attention, you will notice many girls that wear body dresses, tight skirts, suit pants or other form fitting clothes will not wear underwear. Every single time I have met a girl that did not wear panties on a regular basis she has been easy.

Easy Tell #12 – She Wears Thongs

While this tell isn’t as good as not wearing underwear, the girls that wear colorful thongs with low rider jeans or other garments are usually just as easy as their commando friends.

Easy Tell #13 – She Wears a Wishbone Corset

This type of corset is used to reshape the female form. It can give a girl an amazing hourglass figure, but at extremes it can disfigure the body. It is also very painful at first. Every girl I have met that wore this type of corset was highly sexualized and very easy.

Easy Tell #14 – Her Father is a Pastor, Deacon or Other Church Leader

While this rule does not hold true across the entire religious community, the girls that had very controlling, religious and strict fathers were always starved for some sexualized masculine energy. Without exception they have been easy and available.

Easy Tell #15 – Her 1 AM Social Life

I have been in many social groups and seen a girls phone start blowing up just as the bars and parties are closing down. This is a sure sign the girl is easy, and has a stable of men to service.

Easy Tell #16 – She Buys You a Drink

In my entire life, I think less than 5 girls have ever bought me a drink before I met them. The very rare “this girl sent you a drink” from across the bar is of course a girl that is into you.

But when I am interacting with a girl and I tell them “Buy me a drink and I will keep talking to you” and they do, they are displaying a very submissive and easy tell.

Easy Tell #17 – Urinating in Public

Any college or adventurous man that has spent any time on a main street of clubs, college bars, or other type of environment that has lots of men and women in a party atmosphere knows this one. The girls that will just drop their pants and piss in an alley are always easy. Make them shower first.

I will also say the girls that do this are either the hottest, Alpha dating girls, or the girls I wouldn’t fuck with my worst enemies dick. I haven’t seen many girls in the middle do this, so I think the hot girls do it as a shit test.

Easy Tell #18 – She Says She Isn’t Easy

Every girl that has said this is literally trying to talk herself out of being easy. If she says she isn’t easy, she usually is.

Easy Tell #19 – Nude Pictures

I hate online dating, and don’t use it outside of the occasional threesome. With that, if she is sending you nude photos before you have met her in person, she is easy.

Especially true on non-kinky type of sites like Match, Tinder, eHarmony, etc.

Easy Tell #20 – She Is Not Famous, But Has A lot Of Friends That Are

What do you think she brings to the table to have all of these “famous” friends, even if they are only local celebrities? She is the fun girl that everyone wants around, which usually means easy.

I have only met a few of these girls, but they have all been very free with their body.

Easy Tell #21 – She Is an Executive Assistant – And Travels With The Boss

I have run multiple companies, with hundreds of millions in revenue and thousands of employess. I have seen just about everything in the business world. The girl that tells you she travels regularly with her boss – and she is only an assistant or coordinator, is easy.

Easy Tell #22 – She Travels With Her Friends A Lot

I have never met a single girl on a cruise or resort that wasn’t DTF. You meet a single girl with “friends” and she is easy and open to your charm. Or lack thereof.

Easy Tell #23 – Anything In Her Social Profile Says…

“I’m tired of guys playing games…”

“I am not looking for a sex, just a friend”

“… Now I’m ready to settle down.”

“I was a wild teen…”

“Players need not apply…”

You get the idea.

This is an easy girl that just found out she couldn’t hold another guy. She is easy and uses her sexuality to fit in and be liked.

Easy Tell #24 – She Gives You Her Number

After telling you she has a boyfriend/husband. Happens more than most men want to know or girls will admit.

Easy Tell #25 – Her Close Circle Of Friends

If her close group of female friends is a group of known easy girls, she likely is one too. Birds of a feather do tend to flock together.

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