secret-to-her-sexual-desireEmail – PART 1

I have discovered your website a couple of weeks ago. This is gold. Subscribe will come soon. English is not my native speaking so I’ll do my best : I’ve past the 25 years old. I’ve been in long Relationships that didn’t worked out and I’ve been dating a respectable amount of hot chicks during my life. Anyway, I still have a lot to learn and I’m enjoying every step of it. Dude, You saved me years of trying all by myself by sharing your experience with me. And I thank you for that. I own you a Scotch. Maybe 2. There is still something I’m wondering about : How to make a women come when I want ? I do know how to make a women wet like the Mississippi without even touching her. But I still don’t know how to make a woman come when I want. I know the frame is important (consented domination, bed-teasing, hard sex or whatever) but there is still girls I just can’t make them come. No matter how long or hard I try. I tried with my hands, tongue and cock. And this is fucking frustrating. I know it must be some rules/category of girls/way to do it that I don’t know yet. My plan is to understand every women that shares my bed and make them come as often as I want to. You’re opinion on this would be welcomed. Life is beautiful. Your bro”

Email – PART 2

“Hey, I forgot to ask you something from my previous mail. If you could share also how to do good anal sex for the women, that would be great too. I tried a couple of times. But I had no idea how to do it right. I’ve been checking on the web but I’m sure you can give better answers than www womentoday com or any website like that. Cya”

Hey Bro,

Thank you for the compliments and question. Yours is an interesting one, and one that I also spent a lot of time thinking on and researching early in my quest.

Before I started learning Evolutionary Psychology (Alpha traits) and NLP, I spent a lot of time learning pick-up and sex. I thought there must be some secret to touching a girl, or some position that would push her over the top. I tried a lot of techniques, pills and gimmicks.

Here is the simple truth. Her largest sex organ is between her ears.

It isn’t her clit.

It isn’t her nipples.

It is between her ears.

Her mind.

If you can make her wet with just your attitude, then the cum part should just be an extension.secret-bdsm

But here is where I have to be VERY honest with you. There are sexual positions or acts that are just a little more taboo and will amp the feelings of lust. These can help her feel more excited. But there is one thing I did that really changed everything.

I stopped caring.

There are phases we go through as we learn to become Alpha, and a few years ago, I just stopped giving a shit if the girl liked anything I did (sexually or otherwise). I was dating so many women that I literally just started focusing on myself. I didn’t try to make her cum, or even feel good. I just did what I liked.

And you know what happened?

Girls started cumming harder and faster than they ever have. Girls that had never squirted did. I can’t tell you how many times girls have told me I was the first to make them cum. I have even had ex’s admit they think about me when they are with their current man just to get wet.

The only thing different was my energy – my vibe.

I believe you give off energy in every communication. Subtext of communication if you will. If you are nervous, she will feel it. If you are focusing on her pleasure rather than your own, she will feel it. If you try anything too hard just to get another person to do what you want, they will feel it. And that breaks her mood, and lowers, not only your Sexual Value, but also her trust in you.

It can be really confusing and counterintuitive, but it is true.

I have read many books on how to pleasure women – both by men and women. I have read books on positions and technique. How to rub this way, or use your tongue that way. Or just to be tantric and so in the moment.

What none of these authors (especially the female ones) could describe is the mental interactions that happened before the sex act. Some female author describing how women love a certain speed or “stroke type” is not describing what all women like, but rather what she likes and how the Alpha that made her cum from it made her feel. Not ever man could make her feel that same orgasmic explosion by using that exact technique or speed because not every man could display the right levels of Alpha with her.

While it is true, the more orgasmic you make a girl, the more she will want you, it has very little to do with technique and everything to do with how you make her feel. That is why I focus so much on developing Alpha traits in men – not just a cocky & funny pickup line or some easy routine to get a number.

secret-sexy-girlSo stop worrying about making a girl cum. And then enjoy them to your heart’s desire.

Now, if you have read my material, I always have a safe word – I am not into forcing a girl to do anything (consented domination – I had never heard it put like that, but that is a great description of dominate sex). But I don’t ask if I can fuck her a certain way, or touch her, or kiss her there. I tell them what to do. I want my cock sucked, I tell them to suck my cock. I want my balls rubbed as I bang her from behind, I tell her to rub my balls.

I also make them call me Master or Sir, and they cannot cum without asking. This is a form of role play (even if it is my lifestyle) and it is a bit of a psychological role reversal and a great reframe.

People want what they can’t have. Rather than trying to make her cum, you should already assume she will, and tell her she is not allowed until you say so. You are taking control of her, possessing her, and setting the stage for a MAJOR orgasm. But don’t try to make her. If she doesn’t, oh well.

As for anal, if the girl doesn’t like it, or hasn’t liked it, I start with a small anal plug while I have sex with her, then I just cum in her ass at the end. This is to bond my pleasure with her taking me a few times. From there when we do have anal, I allow her to have a vibrator on her clit (at the start anyway.)

However, it is the same as above. I don’t ask, and I tell her NOT to cum. Once again, I am enjoying myself. I hope she does, but that is up to her. And for those who think I am too selfish? She is free to leave me at anytime. Being dominate has nothing to do with being controlling.

Also, have you ever noticed when a girl really gets into sex and she stops thinking about the situation or what’s around, and she just starts banging you with wild abandonment, how fast you cum? That same dynamic works for girls too.

Bro, I realized a long time ago that you “never make a girl happy” – whether it is sex, a relationship or a date. All you can do is be the best Alpha man you can be and enjoy the hell out of YOUR TIME. Whether she likes the ride is her choice – but I believe she will (and that is my frame) and most do. That’s not just for sex, but for everything. It is hard to describe, but the more masculine, taking, challenging, raw, dirty and perverted I am in the bedroom, the more frequent and harder all girls cum. Yet I never ask, nor do I care.

One way to keep this frame is to remember Alpha Rules #17 – Always have the ability to walk away. You shouldn’t try to impress her when you approach her, so don’t try in the bedroom. Do what you like. And if she doesn’t like it? Have the ability to walk away (no negative emotions and not mad – we just “weren’t meant to be”) and also remember Alpha Rule #1 – Treat every interaction with a female under the Law of Ten Thousand.

Try less to please them, and more to please yourself. This is the secret to increasing her sexual pleasure.

If you would like the fastest, easiest, and most technologically advanced program (one that uses some of the same teaching techniques that combat drone pilots use) to truly attract women, my Alpha Training program is SUCCESS-GUARANTEED.

You can check out the program here and start listening and reading it RISK-FREE right now.

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  1. BroTales on November 21, 2013

    That was very intersting. Thank you.

    I really hope one day we could have a drink together and talk about the most interesting thing in the world : girls. You could teach me so much. And I’m a fucking good student believe me on that.

    Until then, I will do sex the way I want it. With their consent of course. The safe word you advised to use works like hell when you want to be sure the girl likes what you do without breaking the vibe, I’ve tried it. And they love it.

    Thanks again

    Ur bro

    • AlphaX Author on December 3, 2013

      Always up for a drink. If you pass through Texas let me know.