sexy-older-womanThe hardest girl in the world to bag is the 18-23 extremely hot girl. They are also the most fun. Typically they have free spirits, little to no baggage with a thirst to be led sexually. While they have these positive traits, they are also about as reliable as a Chauchat machine gun in the mud. They are the very definition of flake and follow the shinny object down any rabbit hole that feels fun. Primarily, I love them for their sexy bodies that are in the leanest, tightest moment of their lives.

This is a girl in the prime of her life. Her sexual market place value is at its peak, and even if she ages in the top 1%, she is going to start to feel the pressure of her age in just a few years.

The average man between the ages of 18-23 is at his lowest sexual value – I did say average man, outliers aside. As you age, you will gain experience which likely will make you more confident. You will also likely grow your income and power levels as well. If you stay single then your mid thirties to mid forties will be your sexual marketplace peak. And yes, the highest value man can get the highest market value girl, even with the age difference. Actually, I believe the age difference helps since 40% of young women fantasize about older men regularly.

So what do you do if you are the 18-23 year old beginner that is just learning this material? Or the mid 20’s guy who hasn’t exactly nailed his confidence level or released his Alpha sexuality?

You date older women.

For the most part, the mid 30-40’s, still attractive woman, is a gem for a young man. If she still hits the gym, she will still have a decent body. She has likely dated a ton of assholes, so your slightly shy or inexperienced background can be a turn on for her. You still have to have some confidence and Alpha traits, but not nearly as much. You can be a little nice and be seen as a Gentleman. After you fuck her, you can bring her a single Daisy and she won’t run away or stop texting you. Actually, as I remember it she will suck you till her jaw aches.

And talk about the sex. I learned how to dominate a woman from an older woman. None of them were shy in teaching me to pull their hair, grab their throat, spank them or tie them up. Once they knew I didn’t have as much experience they relished teaching me the ways to touch a woman. And I really am glad for the experience.

I have dated four extremely beautiful women who were significantly older than me. On my 21st birthday, my family got me a limo and my friends and I went to a well known night club that specialized in Swing and Jazz music. The house band was like 18 musicians and sounded amazing. This was a high end club in 1991 and drinks were still $14-$18 each. Pricey even today. I sat with my friends, all of us suited up and looking like 21 year old kids in a sea of 40 year-olds. Then I saw a gorgeous sandy-haired woman in a tight white dress. Mind you everyone was dressed in dark colors so she looked like a radiant angle against the dark, smoky background.
I was almost hammered on Scotch as I watch man after man approach her. Within 3 minutes each guy got up and left her at her table. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t resist. I walked over and said, “Excuse me, what pick up lines did those guys use?” She looked at me with a slight smile and said, “Why?” My response has been used 1000 times since then – “I wanted to know what not to say.” We talked for a bit, and when she found out it was my birthday she bought me a shot. I only spent about 20 minutes with her, got the number and went back to my friends. I called her 2 days later (way too hung over the next day) and set up a date for a Wednesday. After dinner we went to her house to go swimming, and I ended up dating her for about 6 months. I even met her parents. She was 28.

At 24 I hooked up with a News Anchorwoman on a local news station. She was 46 and had a better body than most of the women who went to my Engineering school. I met her at a Country Bar and spent most of the night dancing with her. I had minimal game, but I was polite while letting my eyes display unbridled lust. She kept telling me she was too old for me, and I kept telling her I loved girls who were “26.” Best I could do with minimal game. I did get her number, called and invited her to a late lunch on Sunday. After lunch we went to her place to watch TV, and she ended up seducing me. As we dated she would take me to some of her social/work functions, but it was obvious she was showing me off to her older friends. I didn’t like that feeling, but she paid for everything and had a sexual appetite similar to mine, so I kept my mouth shut.

When I was 27 I was invited to the lake with a new group of people. There I met an extremely hot brunette that I deemed was roughly my age. I flirted a little, but I really didn’t have much game. I did hit the gym a lot, and had the best male body in the group, which worked wonderfully in my favor as she had a leaner more cut body than me. As evening was approaching and the group was saying “good bye’s” and we were all getting into our cars I leaned out my window and asked if she wanted to get a night cap. She said she had to check on her children, but I could come over and have a drink with her in her hot tub. I found out that evening she was 38 years old, divorced mother of two. She had a great job, with 2 ex husbands paying her child support, so her lifestyle was impressive. We dated for about 8 months, though I was more of the guy she called when the kids where away and she just wanted male attention.

And after my first divorce at 33, when I was really learning game I hit on any woman I physically would fuck. I never used the scale 1 – 10 anymore. For me it was easy, it was either yes or no. Nothing else mattered.
I stopped by a local tavern less than a mile from my house after one long day at work. I started out drinking a scotch and reading. I noticed a couple of men sitting with a slender, very well endowed, black haired beauty. She was about 5’10 with long straight hair that hung slightly past her size 1 ass. I did have a little game and I decided I wanted to fuck her. I figured she was early 40’s, and calibrated my game that way. Lot of lustful eye contact, some cocky and funny, no negs with a few well placed compliments.

After a few drinks she invited me for a night cap at her place. The next morning I learned she was 50. It really didn’t bother me as her plastic surgeon and the time she spent in the gym gave her a body the average 25 year old can only dream about. We only dated for about 2 months, as this is when I truly started learning to create my reality. My dating life became very full, and I really wasn’t good at keeping up with anyone. I was more in hunt and conquer mode, rather than create a relationship mode.

Now, I love the experiences I had with each of these women. They each taught me something about sex and a woman’s body. I can’t say I really had a close relationship with any of them, but I do have great memories.

So if you are a man that is just building your confidence and growing your sexual market value, I encourage you to grab a cougar or two. These older women gave me little to no drama, paid their own way most of the time, and actually appreciated my time. Everyone of these woman knew exactly what they wanted and they had no time or energy for games. They fucked the way they liked, and they taught me exactly how and when to touch them. These experiences paid off with each concurrent lay, and they will for you too.

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  1. Stranger on January 2, 2017

    Problem is, where to actually find those older women? I dont think they sit much in bars though….

    • AlphaX Author on January 3, 2017

      I met most of mine at bars. One was at the bar in a up scale steak house, one was at a country dancing bar, and the girl on my 21st birthday was an upscale bar. One girl I met at the lake… with a group of friends.

      • Stranger on January 4, 2017

        Well, this means, if you want to meet older women you have to go to bar and drink? Well, thats a lot of drinking.

        • AlphaX Author on January 4, 2017

          You are looking at this with a lot of limiting beliefs, which tells me you really need to focus on your Alpha mindset. There are 3.5 billion women on the planet. Finding a girl between the ages of 18 and 60 is easy. I meet women everywhere, well over 100 a week. Now maybe only 2-3 of these women are girls I would actually do anything with, but who cares, I constantly meet them so I never have an issue of “where do I meet them”. As for drinking, I don’t drink right now… when I go out I will have an O’douls non alcoholic beer or a cranberry & club soda drink. Masculine energy is about solving problems, staying positive and building your reality – feminine energy is about worry and why something can’t be done. Try the masculine mindset for a while and these aren’t even issues any more.