indian-feminist“A top diplomat at India’s consulate in Manhattan who lobbies for women’s rights has been busted by the feds — after allegedly mistreating her female nanny.

Devyani , India’s 39-year-old deputy consul general for political, economic, commercial and women’s affairs, was busted Thursday for allegedly helping to submit fake documents to the US State Department saying she was paying the woman $4,500 per month — when, in reality, the caregiver received only $573 monthly, or a measly $3.31 an hour.
In an April interview with The Indian Panorama, a weekly Manhattan-based newspaper, Khobragade claimed that she’s a strong advocate for “underprivileged” women’s rights.

She added that she hoped someday to persuade the US government to make it easier for Indian nationals to apply for work visas.”

Source: NYPOST

This is one of those topics that really took me awhile to grasp. I remember my high school and college days when some female friend (a girl I would want but could not get) would be telling me how much she wanted a nice guy. Someone gentle who could really open up his feelings to her.

And what would happen? I would take that plunge and get shot down cold…
“I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”
“You are like a brother to me.”
“Let’s just be friends.”

And I would wait and watch.

Through my early 20’s I really noticed the girls that complained the most about finding a “nice guy” that could “make her laugh” usually dated the biggest thug asshole.

People, not just women, tend to say one thing and do the opposite. We do this for a multitude of reasons, and in the NLP world it is typically described by saying what we think we should do (conscious) while doing what we are programmed to do (subconscious).

I don’t typically call people out as liars, but I do take everything with a large grain of salt. Especially in relationships and love. The logic that this woman had to use to set herself up as a woman that fights for women’s rights, who then only pays her female house cleaner $3.31 in the US is the same logic those girls that say they want a nice guy and dates the thug. She may say what she believes is the “right or politically correct” thing to say or do, but she will do what feels “right” to her.

And this is where most guys completely lose it. She does what she feels – not typically what she says. This is why I spend so much time on NLP, frames and mental roadmaps. Once you start focusing on what people do coupled with what they are saying you will start to see pretty standard patterns. Then you can use pattern interrupts, reframes and other communication methods to speak directly to the core of the person.

They will “feel” like you are just clicking, and you can pretty much lead the interaction wherever you want it go.

Through all of my teachings I have repeated, if you make a girl feel attraction then she will do anything for you. If you make her feel sexual, she will have sex with you – the fact she is committed to another man may not prevent her – hell, it likely won’t prevent her. Trying to ask, explain, beg, trade or buy sex from her (outside of the prostitute – we are talking dates) will not get sex from her except on the most lucky of occasions. But if you make her feel sexual, well it’s only natural to have sex.

How fast can you have sex with a girl? However long it takes to make her feel like having sex. My personal best is under 1 hour and that is with a girl I met randomly at a coffee shop.
How fast can you get a girls number? However long it takes to make her feel some attraction to you. My personal best is under 1 minute.

How fast can you kiss a girl? However long it takes to make her feel sexual tension. My personal best is under a minute. I actually believe it was something like 30 seconds.

These aren’t to brag, but to help you see the world differently. Could you actually meet a girl and kiss her within 1 minute? Can you walk up to a random stranger, speak just a few words and get her number? Can you meet a girl and have sex with her on the same day? Same hour?

Yes you can. You can do this and so much more.

As we start 2014, start watching how people act. Write down how they act vs. what they do. In just a few weeks of this exercise you will see patterns emerge that will shift your thinking. This shift is the awakening, and is the beginning of your new life. You will start to radiate a confidence and understanding the average man just doesn’t have. And as you start radiating the sexual, powerful Alpha male persona, women will just feel your energy. You don’t have to say much, you don’t have to do much, your very presence will make her feel.

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