Pretty russian women bridesThat simple questions so genuinely describes the frame you are coming from. A frame the girl will feel and reciprocate. Regardless of what girls like to think, they are followers. Men who have lots of options, AKA Alpha males, never worry about one girl.

If you are asking yourself this question, you need to ask yourself a more fundamental questions: “why do you not think you are enough?” I think your basic frame is that because she is beautiful she is more valuable than you. And no matter what you do or say, when you are communicating with her, she will pick up on this incongruence in your delivery. Her subconscious will know that you believe she is worth more than you, and she will automatically disqualify you.

Every heard the analogy “Men are dogs, women are cats?” I think women have said this to belittle men, that all men are after one thing, and we are not as valuable. But in this analogy is a golden nugget on how you attract a woman.

If you want a dog to like you, be enthusiastic, give it a treat, and then pet the dog a lot. “Good girl, Ginger.” “That’s a good puppy!” And the dog goes nuts loving you, to the point it may not leave you alone. And this is how the average guy acts after a little attention from a hot girl.

But how do you get a cat to like you?

You walk in the room, and lock eyes with the cat. When the cat looks away, you go do whatever it is you were going to do. When the cat gets near you and rubs your legs, you pet it just a little bit, then turn back to whatever you were doing. You try to scratch it just enough that it likes the feeling, but you stop before the cat gets bored and leaves you. Later this cat will jump up on your lap. When the cat gets on your lap, you give it a little more chin love, then push her off of you. In a little bit the cat will try getting in your face with either her tail or face. Push the cat down, give it a little more love, then push it off of you. Basically, you do not chase the cat or give it everything it wants (attention and validation). And the cat loves this. Everyone else tries to pet her too much, or pick her up too fast or even chase her to pet her… and that’s when the wicked claws and fangs come out. But now you are giving her a little bit of love and affection, then pushing her away! What is this? She will wonder why you are not doing what everyone else does (allowing her to be in control – which she loves to hate).

As a man and an Alpha, you just have to know that you are valuable. Your time, your space, your goals all require your energy. And you aren’t going to waste it. You have to assume all girls like you, and take it for granted that they are lucky to be with you.

Learn to be extremely confident and control your frame. Don’t chase, rather demonstrate high value. The best seductions are the ones where the girls keep trying to climb back on your lap.

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