How to handle small schools, dry spells and IOI’s
Hey, Alpha X,

I go to a small school <2,000 undergraduate. A lot of the girls already have boyfriends and or aren't open to talk to you unless you're in their social circle. I tend to avoid being associated with females because they don't make very good friends. I've been on a dry-spell for months any suggestions? Also, how do I get better at reading body language, do IoIs really matter? Best Wishes, [/quote_box] Hi K, I went to a small school too, though a little bit bigger than yours. We had about 4,000 undergraduates, and we were a small town in the middle of a rural state. We did have 3 large universities in the state, all of them 2-3 hours away. While it sucks to say, this may be a time in your life to focus on building your mind, body and abilities. Focus on your degree, hit the gym like a mad man (seriously, get built and in shape) and practice on teasing, flirty and challenging women. As you learn these Alpha traits, you might be able to meet & pull a hot girl in college now.

Do not worry about being seen as a “player”… women love preselection. If you start meeting lots of girls in a small town or school, people will talk. If you feel even a little embarrassed they will decide to attack you, shame you, and ostracize you. However, if you just embrace it and live like you are entitled to meet all the girls, most people will love you for it.

It takes courage to be this person, but if you really decide you are entitled to this life, everyone else will go along with it.

When I was in college, I did get to date a few of the girls at our school. We were an engineering school, so the ratio was 10 guys per girl, and the average girl was not what you would call attractive. In the 5 years I was at that school, I dated maybe 5 cute college girls, and 1 high school girl. There were so many damn guys (and I was not an Alpha at all) that it was almost impossible to have a relationship (or steady level of sex). Every weekend at least a dozen fraternities thru parties and invited all 3 sororities and single women over. And even those with boyfriends were constantly hit on.

We did venture to some of the other schools, but it is expensive for a broke ass college student to go out of town every weekend.

I spent most of my time lifting and bettering myself. In my last year of college I ran into the captain of our high school cheerleading squad. Back in high school I was “in love” with this girl… she was 5’8”, 114 lbs., long brown hair, perfect face and a smoking body.

I saw her and walked up and said hi. She immediately perked up and said hi. I asked how she has been and could immediately tell she had no idea who I was. You see, over the past 5 years I grew about 6 inches and put on 60 lbs. of pure muscle. I ended up telling her who I was, and talking with her for a few minutes. She gave me her number, and was interested in dating me.

The thing is that perfect 5’8” 114 smoking body girl was now a 22 year old, 140 lbs. party girl. She looked more than a little rough around the edges. And while she did call and talk to me from time to time, she no longer met my beauty standard.

And this was before I learned about sexual triggers and Alpha attitude.

So focus on you right now. Of course you still want to flirt, tease and challenge, but look at this period as your training time before the championship fight. If you build your body, mind and attitude up right now, as soon as you get back to a location with more normal social dynamics, you will be a GOD of men.

How to handle dry spells.

You will handle the dry spell like I do.

  • 1) Go to the gym. Build a better body. Every time I have improved my body, I have dated hotter chicks. And the better your body, the more girls will “accidently” be in your area so you have an easier opportunity to talk to them.
  • 2) Back on the HGH diet… goes hand in hand with the gym, but is a key part.
  • 3) Work on your teasing and communication skills. As I teach in my training, you talk to everyone. Not to get anything, just to improve your own self confidence and larger than life persona. Tease, flirt, charm, and with guys, genuinely talk and make friends. This increases your sphere of influence and your sexual market value. I promise, the guy that has a lot of popular friends will have many girls to date.
  • 4) Work on your passion. Build your business, write your book, and paint you masterpiece. Part of the Alpha mindset is to put yourself above chasing women. This is another good time to practice that.

And I will tell you, dry spells become different. I recently broke up with my long term girl. I have several other girls that would love to come over and hop on my dick… but none of them really excite me. I don’t feel any real attraction to them, which makes me hesitant. I think I would rather continue with the 4 above mentioned items right now. But at least it is a choice I get to make for myself. Before I learned all of this a dry spell was NO females in my life.

Do IoIs really matter?

For those new to the game, and IOI is an Indicator of Interest. Like if a girl you are talking to starts twirling her hair and tilts her head while smiling that is HUGE IOI.

Asking if they matter is an interesting question. As I have said many times, I do not have the looks to excite the average 18-25 year old girl. I am 46, bald, short, big nose, and not near as muscular as I was before the accident.

Many late 30’s early 40’s something women give me IOI’s. But I am rarely interested in them. No young hot girl give me IOI’s until AFTER I have gone up and let my raw masculine energy envelope them. Seriously, after I meet, tease, charm, flirt and challenge them, then attraction usually builds.

But I don’t base my decisions on her giving IOI’s first. I don’t care. I will just be fearless, meet her and judge her. If I like her and I build attraction we will date. If I like her and I don’t build attraction we won’t date. And no matter how hot she is, if she has a negative or fake energy about her, we won’t dat.
IOI’s are a concept a lot of men use to “justify” the approach or to make it easier on them for picking “safer” girls to approach. Grow some balls and realize, in this life, if everyone likes you, you are doing something wrong. Most people are not going to really like you. You will believe or stand for something they don’t. That’s great, and what keeps life fun.

So don’t worry about IOI’s, and just keep going after whatever you want. The more you believe in yourself, the more others will too.

If you would like the fastest, easiest, and most technologically advanced program (one that uses some of the same teaching techniques that combat drone pilots use) to truly attract women, my Alpha Training program is SUCCESS-GUARANTEED.

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  1. K on December 9, 2016

    Thank you, for your well-written answer! I got a lot of work to do.

  2. Nick on December 21, 2016

    Gym, gym, gym!! and talking to girls and hiking use the meetup app but steer clear of the middle age groups. Wear appropriate clothing dont walk around in gym shorts and a sweater all day. Do not waste time on social media or video games.

  3. John on December 26, 2016

    How tall are you ?