As an engineer and logical man, I decided to strip away as much unneeded human interaction to get straight to a lay. The image above displays the primary components such as:

  • Confidence
  • Demonstrating High Value
  • Attraction
  • Escalating and Rapport
  • Sex

Each primary category has components that are mental, literally the frame that the man has, to the physical expression of his frame, which is the actual actions and verbal components of the mating dance.

In my experience, the mental frames and internal belief systems are way more important than the “action” components, though both are needed. Sitting alone in the corner of the bar not displaying any of your internal beliefs through actions will leave you very much alone. The biggest component is by far Confidence, which is why I spend so much time teaching the mental skills of an overly confident man.

It is also true, that just saying the words of a confident man will likely not produce as good as results since your vibe will be one of incongruence.

The second biggest issue is that of limiting beliefs. That is to say men internally telling themselves they are too old, fat, skinny, young, poor, ugly, whatever to have the girl they want. On the flip side of this is a confident frame. For example, I am 42, and have not slept with a girl older than 23 since my divorce. There have been girls in their 30’s and 40’s proposition me, but my belief system is that I deserve to be with beautiful women, so I am.

This was created as part of my Alpha training methods, to help guys understand all the components, so they would have a visual construct of how the pieces fit together. Enjoy.

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  1. B on September 12, 2013

    Nice chart – yeh, I’m 50 and workin on gettin’ under 35 – Next step for this chart would be a link through every word or phrase to more detail. I’m realizing I don’t have much background on “preselection,” “compliance testing,” and “congruence.” Point me to more detail on those.