gorgeous-kickAs I have mentioned many times in my writings, I am not a male model, nor the type of guy that automatically has women (especially young 20 year olds) chasing me before they have met me.

With my looks, I am not even on their radar until I firmly put myself there. I know how to communicate in such a way that most girls enjoy, and that allows me to build attraction and build sexual tension.

However, I still get rejected.

Recently I was out and saw a rather attractive girl sitting with a friend. I walked up, and when they looked at me I said “Hi, mind if I ask you a quick question?”

Her: “Yes”

Me: “Are you bisexual?”

Her: “Fuck off you fucking weirdo!!!!!!”

Now usually, this question starts a dialogue of “why” I want to know if she is bisexual. It is so bold that it rarely gets a bad reaction, and it is a great pattern interrupt that literally focuses the girl’s brain on you. Most of the time it leads to a fun conversation, even if she isn’t bisexual or interested.

But not this time. She didn’t quite yell it, but it was said loudly and with anger.

In my 20’s this would have ruined my night and rocked my self confidence. Now, I just see it as one of those things that happen.

So what did I do?

I slightly smirked with a “I know something you don’t know” smile and said, “I see. Thank you for saving me time…”

Then I simply turned away and went to the patio to have a smoke.

I ended up getting into a jovial conversation with the bikers next to me, and had a lot of fun. A short time later this girls friend approached me and apologized for her friend. Apparently her boyfriend just left her and she is usually a nice person, etc.

I asked why she came to tell me this?

Her: “You just seemed so confident and controlled.”

No, I never got her number. If I ever see her again I would say the chances are better than 75%.

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  1. champagnehouse on December 11, 2015

    A great little twist on a “warm goodbye” – you’re cool, calm, collected, you’re not angry, you’re even polite with a little bit of a smirk of sarcasm.