There’s a dark, evil drug out there that men mainline all the time, and they don’t even realize they’re taking it. No, it’s not a literal drug. However it does work in the same manner, and this evil drug is what keeps most men powerless with women.

This drug is “Beauty.”

And if you haven’t learned to control your mental programming then you are likely controlled by the standard mental programming – you lose your confidence and decision making ability while dealing with a beautiful woman. There are many studies that demonstrate average men suffer impaired decision making abilities when dealing with beautiful women.

There are even studies that show looking at attractive female breast makes a man healthier. I can say for a fact, nice boobs do make men happy as seen at every party cove, swimming pool, spring break or any other party that led to beautiful women showing what they have and smiling men going nuts.

It has been proven that men looking at beautiful women release endorphins and dopamine into the man’s brain, causing a spike of pleasure in the man’s reward section of the brain. This is even more documented at the speed men try to avoid unattractive women in favor of looking at attractive women.

If you are a man that has not had the pleasure of logically understand and attracting many beautiful women into your sexual life, then you likely suffer from this addiction.

Yes, it is an addiction. Similar to anything you get hooked on – like Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Amphetamine.

Just seeing a beautiful girl releases pleasure chemicals in the brain, making you feel “pleasure” just from looking at her. This is considered a reward feedback and it is part of what makes a man crave looking at or even being with beautiful women. I believe this feedback loop is what can make a man addicted porn, strip clubs or even just clubs where lot’s of beautiful women are present. If the man does not have the inner confidence and ability to attract women like this, the next best thing is to be in a situation to see beautiful girls.

Think about this in your own life. Have you ever seen a woman so hot that it just mesmerized you? You couldn’t stop staring, your mouth got dry, your heart raced. In that one instant you felt the rush of endorphins and dopamine, but this is also where your mental programming kicks in. This is where most men stare too long and become creepy, or make some “wolf call” or other stupid comment signaling they are of lower value than the woman.

For many men, they don’t even do this. In the same instant they are seeing the beautiful woman, they are also tearing their inner confidence to shreds. A literal “salt the earth” mental conversation that destroys not only your odds of being with this girl, but any future girl.

You know the inner conversation your subconscious maliciously whispers to your conscious:
“She is too good for you.”
“You could never get a girl like that.”
“She is out of your league.”
“She would never like a guy that looks like you.”

And on and on our inner dialogue goes.

The key for most men to is learn to subdue this “reward feedback loop” and make that subconscious support your confident, masculine ability.

I could find no scientific studies on this, but this is what I believe Alpha men do with beautiful women. They have so much experience with women that they no longer:
Feel the reward loop of seeing a beautiful women
Experience an inner conversation that promotes their belief of high value compared to the beautiful women
Take action based on their wants and what they know they can do.

So what is a man to do to win against this normal beauty biology?

Well, I believe there are only 3 solutions. As a man you can:
Lower Your Standards – and many men do. They can’t get the hot girls, so they settle for the less than desirable women. Then they reprogram their subconscious to accept that this is what they really wanted.

Experience lots of beautiful women – put yourself into positions that you naturally have to interact with many beautiful women so that when you see a new one, you are not impressed. Typically this means being in a “work” type of environment so the possibility of sex is removed and the females have to interact with you in a politically correct manner. Couple this environment with learning some game tactics and attraction triggers, and the man can slowly retrain his subconscious to not be a slave to the beauty feedback. This is what the “natural” usually has going for him – a strong frame taught by a masculine teacher and being placed into environments where they experienced lots of positive feedback from beautiful women at an early age.

Train Your Subconscious
– you can retrain your subconscious mind to naturally increase how you feel about yourself. In the seduction world, we call this “inner game”. This is your belief system and mental roadmaps about who you are and what you believe.

Everything you do is because you have been trained to do it. Some of it is natural biology, or cultural, but it still reinforces your behavior.

With just a little understanding of how women truly respond to certain social situations coupled with new mental programming you can easily become the kind of man that responds positively to beautiful women.

I know I have. 15 years ago I would be terrified to approach and flirt with a young, hot girl. Now, it is simply automatic. And by learning how to change this mental programming, my interactions are usually positive, fun, and sexually charged with the woman eagerly welcoming my advances (or even rushing the next steps) .

By having this mental programming and knowledge you become the chooser. You automatically challenge women, you qualify them, you fearlessly tease them and you never supplicate to them.

It is a very self-fulfilling prophesy. The worse your mental programming, the worse you will do with women. The better your mental programming, the more women you get.

And don’t forget the power of preselection. The more women you get, the more you can have.

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  1. Snuddy on December 6, 2015

    A while ago when I was first quitting porn I read on certain forums like “nofap” that avoiding masturbation entirely for long periods of time changed mood and gave people “superpowers” (like confidence boosts and better drive) as well as sometimes even fixing ED.

    Getting off porn was massive in changing my frame (the type I was into distorted my view of women heavily) and it made me less depressed, but avoiding masturbation itself barely changed things. Ive figured it was just the simple pattern interrupt that caused the “superpowers”, but then again I’ve heard stories.

    Curious what your take is on all that NoFap stuff is, as odd as it all sounds.

    • AlphaX Author on December 7, 2015

      Good question. I think it is a crutch – just like peacocking, alcohol or anything else you use to boost your confidence that is not your genuine understanding and know how. With that said, I have tried it all. Never worked for me – but I do believe any man working on building his confidence, regardless of the tool he uses, the better off he is.