3-communication-secretsA frequent question I am asked by men just learning the crimson arts and Alpha attitudes is what to say to women. It honestly is really easy to talk to girls, you just need the right attitude, but we men tend to over complicate it. Now talking with women in a way that sparks attraction and will have her craving you requires the Alpha attitude and a few simple tactics.

Let me tell you a short story about my discovery. When I first started learning the secrets of Alpha and attracting women, I had an experience that gave me one of those soul searching nights. It still took a little time to fully understand the dynamics, but it started me down the path to challenging and winning with women. This one discovery forever changed how women responded to me and changed my life.

I was on a date with a gorgeous 21 year old college girl. At the time I was 32 and thought I was mature and successful enough to be attractive to her. We ended up going out for drinks at a local Dallas club.

When we first met I believed we both felt attraction and I thought this might be my next girlfriend and was hoping that evening would end in her spending the night.

The evening started well, but after a short time I could feel the energy changing. I could literally see and sense the attraction dwindling in her. I tried to rekindle the attraction between us, but the more I tried, the more distant she seemed. I was nice, polite and doing everything I could think of to show what a great guy I was.

After about an hour of this, she asked me to take her home. The car ride home was quiet and tense. Needless to say, I never saw her again.

After I got home I started reviewing what had happened and what I had said and done to lower her attraction.

Do you know what mistakes I made? Don’t worry, I will tell you in a moment.

Communication Secret #1: Lightning Strikes Fast

I use to believe that attraction is built slowly in women. That isn’t really the truth though.

Most men feel attraction instantaneously when then see a physically beautiful girl. You know, the young, lean, .7 hip-to-waist ratio, firm breast, long hair and symmetrical feminine face. The stereotypical “hottie”. Feeling attraction from seeing a hot girl is like being hit by lightning. It happens that fast because of how men are wired.

While women can and do become visually attracted to some men that have a certain look, most women can feel that same jolt of lightning based on your personality. Your looks and clothes can convey some of your personality, and so can your car, toys, money, etc. But do you know what really will make a girl feel that sexual jolt? How you communicate.

Making a girl want to be yours requires you creating that sexual jolt in her. It requires the Alpha attitude communicated with your words & energy.

Weak, shy men, do not spark attraction in women.

Overly nice and polite men don’t create that lightning jolt either.

As the Alpha and leader of the interaction you must create this jolt with the energy you bring into the conversation. You simply must risk burning the interaction to display the right communication styles to have her feel the jolt.

Challenge her, tease her and play with her under the energy of sexual tension.

Do not try to be nice. You are much better off trying to be mean in a playful manner. As humans, we are geared to protect ourselves and we are naturally suspicious of people that are too nice too fast. That and we tend to be repulsed by that which is “too easy” to have.

If you don’t display the ability to risk the interaction with her (as in she doesn’t like you or want to be around you) without fear and in a charming way, you will likely never create that jolt of lightning in her – and she wants to feel that jolt.

When you challenge a girl you are naturally demonstrating your lack of concern with risking the interaction.

Communication Secret #2: Remove Logic & Hard Data

As men, we tend to communicate with logical data and facts. And this bores the hell out of women. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to ask her a lot of questions about hard data and facts from her.

Women tend to communicate emotionally. You have to make her feel to positively communicate with her.

If you have ever sat and listened to a group of women talking they tend to spend their time talking about relationships – and not just romantic relationships, but friends, family and enemies. They communicate how these interactions make them feel and they dwell on the drama that arises from conflict in these relationships.

This is one reason why challenging women is so much fun. It not only demonstrates your higher social standing, it also displays your interjecting obstacles and drama into the relationship.

When I talk to women I spend a lot of time interjecting drama and qualifiers into the conversation to present a charming challenge. My topics are never focused on hard facts about her – the “Do you live around here / come here” often type of conversation. Instead I either go right to qualifying her (Are you bisexual?) or playful disqualification (Is that lipstick the same shade Kim Kardashian wears? You must not like guys…)

After you have opened her, challenged her and sparked interest, she will likely keep the conversation going. Just go along and keep interjecting challenging and playful comments.

Communication Secret #3: The Strong Silent Type

The strong silent type is not shy – he is strong and silent. When people get nervous around another person, they tend to fill all of the silence with babble. I know I fell into this when I was first learning to attract women.

When I first started learning, I spent all of this money buying all of the methods on how to attract a woman and I just couldn’t wait to demonstrate my knowledge. And I would – constantly. If I felt the conversation dying I would just keep plowing through asking her hard data questions.

Keep this in mind – you don’t have to entertain her. It’s not your job to keep filling up the silence either. By building tension and maintaining a cool, controlled attitude you will communicate your confidence and social standing.

When I have created attraction in a girl I can physically see it. I can see her eyes light up, her face blush, her body start to squirm as she starts to play with her hair. When you have created the perfect amount of attraction it’s time to ACT on it.

Remember my college girl story? I made the classic mistakes. I tried to display how nice I was, while discussing hard data. And at the first part of the date when she was attracted I never acted on it.

When you have a girl attracted to you, you want to shift the responsibility of conversation onto her. The more attracted to you she is, the more she will do the talking. Feel free to ask her open ended “interaction” type of topics. Do not offer up a lot of information about yourself.

Sometimes it is not what you say that gets you the woman – it is what you DON’T say.

Thee 3 secrets of communication are how strong Alpha men communicate naturally. Just mastering these 3 secrets can change your life.

And if you are like I was (or most men are), this can sky rocket your sex life. It will change you from being seen as the boring Nice guy that women say they want into the sexy, confident Alpha they crave.

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  1. Samuel Smith on February 5, 2018

    Well, I’m still new and why do guys say that too many girls play games?

    • AlphaX Author on February 5, 2018

      Because they don’t understand women… Men test theories…. women test men. It is the only way for her to know if you are strong or weak.