your-lookOne question pops up all the time – “do good looks matter”? Many dating guru’s say “no”, but that isn’t the whole truth. Looks do matter. You can overcome looks with skill. As you get better at dealing with women, your confidence goes up. The higher your confidence and skills are, the less your looks matter.

So in the beginning you need to be concerned with your looks to a degree. That doesn’t mean we are going to require plastic surgery, but we are going to follow some basic rules.

When you start dressing and grooming in a way that is at least somewhat attractive to the opposite sex, you will feel more confident, and women will feel this from you.

This one should be fairly obvious as well. Girls, especially attractive, feminine women, place a lot of importance on these items. If you don’t demonstrate you can take care of yourself and meet your own needs, you sure as hell aren’t going to convince her you can meet her needs. When you master many of the Alpha traits, you can pretty much do as you please, till then consider this a learning experiment.

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