hot-face-sexy-eyesThis is a patterned date that typically leads to sex. It is the fastest, cheapest way to get laid until you are so confident that you can bypass the pattern. It is not manipulative, and it still requires confidence and the ability to create some attraction. I have done this so many times, I can just feel where I am in the process and lead her to the next level. As you start, you will error on the side of self control, rather than escalation.

All of the components: Confidence, Demonstrate High Value, Attraction, Escalate & Rapport with all of the sub-components, like cocky & funny or negs, are designed to move you closer to sex. Having high confidence comes from experience and an open feedback loop where your actions (patterns, cocky & funny, humor, Kino, etc.) are rewarded with a positive reinforcement. The practice and understanding of these components will give you a view into this system and an understanding over the dynamics of why it works.

As I became really confident, with a deep understanding human nature, then I could pretty much do anything and get away with it. I know how to build attraction and create sexual tension to the point that I get laid a lot. But using this system is what really made my success and confidence solidify.

This is the final piece that will skyrocket your success. You should have a good understanding of all the other components, and be practicing them on a regular basis. By adding this step by step procedure, it is not uncommon to sleep with a new girl or two every week. And after you have had 20-30 new girls, all following this system, you will have a great understanding of the Sexual Market Place, and how to naturally increase your standing in it. All these “Alpha Rules” and “Seduction Patterns” are to give you a frame work that allows you to achieve your goal – sex in this case. But after the ideas and sexual interaction becomes internalized, you will just know the proper course of action regardless of what some “rule” says not to do.

When I was first building this system, I had a lot of trial and error. I have set up action first dates, dinner dates, movie dates, coffee dates, bar dates, comedy club dates, and just about any other activity. In the system “Getting Laid For Less” you will focus on the lounge date or the home date.

All of the other dates can be looked at as you not believing you are enough alone. So the bigger dates are used as a crutch to entice the girl. You don’t need it. The idea is to spend as little cash as possible while still getting laid.

And stay away from dates where you eat. Food makes you sleepy, and a full stomach is the worst time to try and make a move. Some girls are very self-conscious of how their stomach looks naked and that is worse after eating. This one piece of resistance may be enough to keep you from getting laid, so avoid meal dates.

So here are the steps.

Your Place

While I teach a lot of different complex human behaviors, this should be stripped to the minimum till your confidence is so high that you become outcome independent.Woman with laptop on cafe


I approached women everywhere. I lived in Dallas, which is not a walking town. So I had to put myself in situations where it was natural to meet a woman and exchange numbers, but not be able to spend a lot of time in the moment.

When I first started learning these skills, I sucked at bars. I rarely pulled a girl at the night clubs. My body language and confidence were not solid enough yet, and night clubs are usually too loud to talk.

So this is what I did to find hot women I wanted to have sex with.

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