strategic-self-developmentI Just Want To Be ME!

Every time I have spoken at a conference, somebody has to jump in and start telling me they just want to be loved for who they are, and they don’t think they should have to change. I bet some of you are thinking the same thing.

If this is you, please go look at yourself in the mirror, then slap yourself to get rid of that line of thought. If you truly believe that you are either a coward or lazy. I am not trying to change your religious beliefs, your political views or your morals. I am trying to change the way you see yourself and the way the woman sees you – for both of your sakes. But if you haven’t brushed your teeth in the last 12 hours, or taken a shower in the last week, then you need to decide right now – would you rather stay you, or would you rather cuddle up to a hot, naked woman every night. The choice is yours, what are you going to choose?

CONFIDENCE – Developing Internal Beliefsconfidence-and-power

This will likely seem like the most boring and blah section. However, it is the foundation. Read this, read the rest of the material with these concepts in mind, then re-read this section. It is the beginning and the end of our journey.

Women love confident men. They will tell you this. Most dating sites and books say the same thing. But rarely do dating or relationship books go into developing that deep level of irrational confidence that truly attracts the woman.

So you are told to be confident. That’s like telling you to leg press 1000 lbs without the training. Or driving a NASCAR without any prior driving knowledge. It’s damn hard to do without a road map.

Confidence does not come only from the inside initially as I had been lied to my entire life. It comes from continually increasing challenges with success that are validated through external reinforcement loops coupled with subliminal learning enforcement. It requires a conscious understanding and a subconscious acceptance to be truly confident. So it is both an internal and external feeling reinforced by external validation.

For example, let’s say you don’t know how to go up to a random girl and get her to talk to you. With that, I give you a line that usually gets them to talk to you – AND YOU TRY IT. And after trying it, she talks with you. That first time you may be scared to death. The 10th time you may still feel a little nervous. The 1000th time, you likely won’t even care about the line, your attitude will be confident because so many women have responded positively to you when you have talked to them. That’s when you are truly confident, but it all started with external validation (the girl) showing you approval (talking with you).

So here is my course in building confidence.

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