phone-and-text-gameFor the most part, I don’t talk on the phone anymore. If I have done everything else right, a couple of text messages are all I need. The call or text are used to primarily set up get-togethers. My big text is usually “drinks, my place at 8 bring a movie”. Or after they text some cute ecard or funny pic I may respond with “stop by”. I don’t really try to use text or phone to increase attraction, though I have used lot’s of cocky funny lines when I was first learning. The impact is ok, but not as good as they are in person. And unless she is right there next to you, you aren’t getting fucked, so all you are is entertainment for her.

With that, let’s talk about the hard rules on texting or calling girls you want to fuck. Friends, family, co-workers, etc. do not fall into the category (we hope) therefore you shouldn’t use these rules on them. When you have more than 3 girls in your life banging you on a regular basis, you can break all of these rules. Hell, when you have the right attitude, you will do most of this because of your attitude, not because it is a rule. For now, as we hone your skill, try to follow these.

1) No matter what, under penalty of castration, send two back to back text or calls. You have to appear to have a full life. If you send a “hey” or “what’s up brat” and don’t get a response, assume she received the text, yet is busy (like on a date, at work, sleeping with her husband, etc.). Your frame has to be “she is into you and busy” rather than try hard or needy. If she has very short or terse text back like:

  • hmm..ok
  • idk (i don’t know)
  • gd (good)

assume the same as if she didn’t text you back and she is busy. In the past I would wait a day before texting again, and 3-4 days before calling. Now, I might not text her again for weeks, or ever.
2) Try to feel her frame when she text back. Is she flirting with you, asking what you’re are doing, wanting to know if you are free and if she can come over? Great, continue setting up the plans. Simply text her back the time and location. Do not ask her if she wants to, tell her where to meet you. I started with coffee shops, then moved to drinks at a local watering hole, and stopped evolving at my house. I just expect them to come by if I tell them to, and logistically, it is easier for me to get laid.

Now, if you feel she is just bored, or trying to be nice, and there is no sexual tension in her replies, or they are short again, just assume this is not an opportune night and move on. Never be her source of entertainment while she is at work, or on a date, or busy. Her reward of your attention is thru her being in the same room with you.

3) Watch how long it takes for her to text back. She waits an hour, you wait three. She text right back, you wait 15 minutes to an hour. She texts back the next day, you text back 2-4 days later, and not on the weekend. Get the idea? She has to work for your attention, not the other way around.

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