pattern-interruptThrough most of my teaching, I have written that your attitude and confidence, not the words you use, is primary in your success with women. This may be the one exception, though you really need a solid frame and massive confidence to properly utilize a Pattern Interrupt.

So what is a pattern interrupt? A pattern interrupt is an interruption in a specific flow or sequence of communication. The main aim is to prevent any obvious linkage and thereby neurological conditioning or to weaken the old strategy and prevent it from having the same level of intensity as before.

Let’s use an analogy. Say you had an old man who could think, but not move. And he has a robot that can move but needs to be told what to do. The old man represents our conscious mind and the robot represents the unconscious mind. The man (conscious) makes the decisions, and the robot (subconscious) performs various necessary actions for that man.

For scenario 1 let’s say we ask the old man “to make a hamburger and bring it to me”. The man then asks his robot to make a hamburger, just like he has 1000 times. The robot goes to get some bread, slice some cheese, grill the meat, put it all on a plate, and bring it to me. This is a pattern. The doing of something we have done enough to not consciously think about.

Follow me so far?

In scenario 2 we again ask the old man for another hamburger. The man then gives his robot the same sequence of commands. The robot gets the bread, slices the cheese, grills the meat and starts to put it on the plate, and POW! We slap the man in the face and tell him to watch the fish. Before the robot has been given the final command for the hamburger (give it to me) the pattern has been interrupted and new commands given.

The old man (conscious mind) being far less automatic than the robot (unconscious mind) has forgotten all about that final stage of the hamburger pending. But the robot has not forgotten. The robot cannot speak to the man, but is thinking “what about the command ‘bring it to me’ which I still haven’t done yet?” The robot will keep thinking of this last command for a short period of time. During this moment where the patterns are interrupted, the conscious has to completely focus to change task. For a few seconds, the mind is open to suggestion.

Now let us talk about the dark arts of that interrupted pattern. If i so desire, I can tell the old man to give me his money directly after the “POW” and broken pattern. The man might ask his robot “hey robot, I’m thinking about giving you a command to bring my money to me. I’m not sure, is “bring it to me” something you would normally do?” This is the embedded command.

The robot might say “well yes, I’ve been waiting to a command like that.” And the robot will bring me the wallet.

This is a very crude example of pattern interruption and the last example included an embedded command. This exact example obviously won’t work, but the NLP technique itself is very potent. As I began to experiment with pattern interrupts, I realized they are the fastest way to begin the seduction process. I still reitereate, there is no magic bullet, but a well placed pattern interrupt can say all the right things at a time where you have the girls undivided attention. In the matter of 2 sentences, you can tell her you are bold, confident, charming, sexual, and that she is lucky to be with you.

And this is exactly how I use pattern interrupts and embedded commands. I am 42, and not usually on the radar for most 20 somethings. As we go through our daily life, I am just that older guy at the gym, store, bar, whatever. I have to interrupt their basic pattern of not seeing me, so they can see me and see me as a sexual Alpha. I have to make them feel I am bold, sexual, confident, fun and charming, all while imprinting they would be lucky with me and that I am the prize.

To be clear, this is not mind control, or anything like that. It is being able to express your masculine qualities directly to her, and have her undivided attention to see those qualities. No different than the school teacher who comes in the room, and can’t get the students to settle down no matter what she says or does, so she slams a garbage can on the table. Since that is not a normal “pattern” for the teacher the room goes instantly quit, and she then tells the students to sit down and be quit. Which they all do.

Said another way, when you break someone’s pattern, that is their conditioned way of doing things, you literally break the automatic “pilot control” they are on and you force them to focus on you and your message. In the brief window you have their undivided attention, you can embedded whatever thought or command directly into their subconscious mind.

To better understand this, let’s take an example most of us can relate to.

Ever notice, sometimes when you are driving a familiar route, you drive on “automatic pilot”? Your mind will be thinking of other things, while your subconscious goes through the motions of getting you to your destination. So let’s say you are driving to work one morning. If you’re like me, you always take the same route from home to your office. Most humans like to rely on patterns and are totally conditioned to repeat tasks in the same way, every time.

This is one of the minds amazing economical functions. You can process data like traffic, road conditions, stoplights, all while your conscious mind focus on anything other than driving. You don’t really have to think, you just do. This is the auto-pilot most humans engage while their conscious mind takes them to other thoughts. Literally their unconscious mind takes care of driving and navigation for them.Dating meeting ukrainian women for marriage

And so you’re cruising along on the way, daydreaming whatever, singing your favorite song while deciding what you are going to do about…


You have to slam on the breaks, your tires trying to grasp the road for traction.

Right in front of you, cars have piled up. Hopefully you were paying just enough attention to stop in time, feeling your body strain against the seat belt. For that brief moment you are experiencing a pattern interrupt (and a rather large one at that). You subconscious mind may be stuck in trying to drive in automatic mode while your conscious mind literally tries to process what is happening, why, and then communicate to the subconscious that it is time for new operating orders.

And for a few seconds, you have absolutely no clue as to what happened or what you’re doing. Your unconscious doesn’t know how to respond. It’s awaiting instructions either from your conscious mind or from someone who’s conscious. And at this moment you are fully open to embedded commands, and you are focused on the stimuli around you.

Now at this same moment, a police man tell you to stop, and turn right. What are you going to do? If you are like most people, you will be slightly dazed and go right.

It is because of these patterns, and the halt/daze after the interrupt that the military , special forces, police officers, emergency rescue personnel, etc. train so hard. They are training new patterns. They are training a way to still react and survive even in the midst of what would confuse others (since they are not used to the pattern).

I hope you see how valuable this can be.

Pattern Interrupts In Your Daily Life

So, here is a small test for you, just to see the process safely. Let’s say you go to class or work every day. Whenever you see your friends or coworkers ask them “How’s it going.” You know, the fast way we do when we acknowledge those around us without getting too involved. 2 or 3 times a day, when you see your target, ask “how’s it going?” They will get use to the question and quickly condition themselves to respond in kind.

You: “How’s it going?”

Them: “Good and you?”

After a week, when you see them, ask “hey, what’s up?” You are likely to get “Good and you?” And when they give this response, they will realize they just gave the wrong answer, and you will likely see a moment of “daze on their face, followed quickly with laughter, embarrassment or something similar.

That is the pattern interrupt.

Now, at that exact moment you see the daze, smile and tell them to shake your hand while you put your hand out. They all will.

Pattern Interrupts For Seduction

Many of the cocky and funny lines, along with negs and even some pick-up lines are nothing more than pattern interrupts. Go back and read these sections and you will see.

So if we take a Cocky & Funny statement, and also use it as a Pattern Interrupt along with an Embedded command, you can literally watch a girl’s eye’s get a twinkle and see her neck and checks flush a bit – all signs of automatic attractors from her physiology.

For example:

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