negative-hitsNegative hits, or more commonly “negs”, are quick, sometimes humorous remarks used by men to get past the “bitch shield” of hot women, to subtly kick the pedestal so many women sit on firmly out from under their bloated egos or display a high level of dominance.

My belief is a good “Neg” does all of the above while still displaying the charming nature of the Alpha.
Many men, when approaching an extremely beautiful woman, make the mistake of immediately lavishing them with compliments. I have seen the meanest, biggest, roughest bikers do the exact same thing as the polo and Dockers prep boy. And it rarely ever works because it is a) not genuine, b) places the girl on a pedestal, and c) is not considered a challenge to the girl (all the guys do it).


What Is A Neg?

A NEG (Negative or Neg-Hit) is a sometimes humorous remark used to display higher value than her by pointing out an attribute in her looks or character that may not meet your qualifications while simultaneously displaying challenge and confidence.

A neg is not an insult, though it is like a back handed compliment.

  • “You are a bitch” is a simple insult, not a neg.
  • “I don’t care what she says, I think you look good”, is a backhanded compliment and a neg.

A neg-hit is not to seem cruel.

  • “You are too fat for me” is not a neg; it is being cruel.
  • “Hmmm, I don’t typically date women with hair as short as yours”, is still pointing out a potential obstacle without the “cruel” intentions.

A good “neg” is not a silver bullet or pickup phrase. A good neg is a pattern interrupt that allows her to consciously “see” your inner strength, while demonstrating a lot of high value traits about you. This will help establish your Alpha credentials and increase her attraction for you.

By negging a girl you want to seduce, you must avoid falling into the typical Beta compliment trap. An example of a commonly used neg in the seduction community is: “Nice nails, are they real?” A comment like this accomplishes a number of things. First, it brings the woman (especially very attractive women, who are used to getting compliments) down a notch, and shows that you are not scared or intimidated by her beauty. Second, it creates a bit of a challenge, which typically pushes one attraction trigger in her head, causing her to wonder why you are not enamored with her, which leads to her trying to win your approval.

It is important to remember that a neg is an often humorous comment used to communicate active disinterest. New guys often make the mistake of insulting women, or being mean to them. That is not the point of negs, and they should never be used to make women feel bad about themselves (as it relates to seduction).

  1. A neg is used to penetrate a woman’s bitch shield by showing your lack of fear.
  2. A neg is used to bring a woman down off her self-imposed pedestal.
  3. A neg is sincere. Women can feel congruency in a man.
  4. A neg is used to bring a woman’s self perception more into line with YOUR reality (frame).
  5. A neg is used to show extremely hot women you are of higher value (DHV)
  6. A neg is used to show your Alpha, aloof, uncaring attitude that all the girls love.


Negs are typically reserved for extremely hot girls with attitudes, though if they are used charmingly you can get away with these with anyone. As you tend to interact with a woman, she will tend to test you and this is the perfect time for the neg. The effect of a good neg on a woman’s psyche is a sight most men will never see, and the flash of raw sex in her eyes will encourage some men to incorporate a neg too often. A good neg on a hot girl does 5 things at the same time:

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