how-you-act-vs-who-you-areWhen it comes to attracting women, men often focus on learning “pick-up lines”, “methods”, “tricks” and “techniques” – some of which is helpful and necessary to understanding the correct attitude. All those “tactics” are based on the anticipated response a woman will give to various behaviors and situations, and to get really good at communicating, connecting and understanding a woman, you have to learn to feel the social interaction rather than relying on lines that draw expected behaviors.

The key is to understand what our behaviors communicate to the woman, and know and feel the response it is eliciting in her. Once you can do this, you can simply be your powerful self and they will seek you out.

As men, most of us have preconceived notions about what should and shouldn’t work. Buy her a drink, fix her flat, write her a 5 page love letter declaring your undying love (after the first date/meeting): these are all tactics that the average man takes trying to “prove” he is worthy of the woman’s affection. And these tactics usually backfire.

As much as people hate to admit it, humans go through a mating ritual and everything either moves us closer to our connecting (sex and bonding), or further away. Your attitude, confidence, inner strength and values communicate more about you than words (even really funny jokes or lines) ever could. They communicate if you are Alpha, Beta, or worse.
The truth is, when you understand female nature and all the underlying principles of how they are genetically wired, you are likely to “feel” the most optimal course of action to increase attraction no matter what happens or how uncertain the situation is. And you will have so many choices with women, you really won’t give a shit about the interactions with just one girl. Also, as you get good with women, you will care about how they see you less, which is a very attractive trait to them. Another way to say this, once you learn the correct mental frame, the words or scripts become meaningless. And regardless what a woman says, they feel moistened tingles for a man like this.

That does not mean you will experience the bliss of always being 100% right in your communication, but rather, you will demonstrate Alpha traits, that while she may not like in the moment (like telling her “no”) do work to increase attraction or connect with her in an emotional frame. And you will do so in a fun, meaningful and positive way.

Women as a group exhibit common patterns of behavior (just like men), and they respond to certain triggers, both physical and emotional ones, in a common way according to their nature. The keyword here is “common” – of course there are bound to be exceptions, especially around traumatic life experiences. But the rare exception to the rule simply proves the general rule.

One of the biggest mistakes of attracting women is to mechanically follow “best practices spouted by mainstream media” and respond to interactions with women with little or no regard for the underlying principles that control female nature and behavior.

nature-of-womenIf you understand WHY the behavior is important to a woman, and you have already cultivated that strong inner game, you don’t have to worry about the HOW all that much. This is another way of saying, your inner frame can dictate the interaction, and if you are strong enough to withstand her test and mental frame, she will follow you. And that can mean anything from a one night stand, sex in a club, a relationship, a harem, whatever your heart desires. You just need the knowledge, then the tools, then the inner attitude.

So as we go through this, I will tell you what to do, and then tell you why, all while trying to develop your attitude.

Start with this frame though – “I am Alpha.” You need to truly believe you are worthy and be the most valuable person in the interaction. If you think she has more worth than you, then no lines or game will work. If, however, you truly believe you are a catch, almost anything will work. As you are learning how to increase her attraction for you and to connect emotionally with her, you need to constantly be in the frame “I am Alpha”. And what a woman wants is an Alpha male.

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