building-eye-contact-confidEvery notice how hard it is to maintain eye contact with a girl you find very attractive you have seen for the first time? Most men simply can’t. And that signals to the woman she is out of your league and that you are not use to dating girls like her. She doesn’t consciously think this of course. She feels it. And hot girls feel it the most. She may go the entire day with 100 guys looking at her, and looking away as soon as she looks back into their eyes. It is actually sad in a way, because she usually feels both they are not worthy, with a slight nagging “what’s wrong with me?” in the back of her mind. Many times I have seen and experienced the hottest girl being the most insecure, and I believe this dynamic strengthens her insecurity. Which can be good for you later!

Learning eye contact is both a tactical game principal and a strategic confidence builder, so it belongs in both sections. This section will primarily focus on creating and holding eye contact. Later, we will learn some principles how to apply eye contact into the seduction.

Eye contact is a nonverbal indicator on who you are and how powerful you are. For example, there was one girl I slept with for a while, who later became a good friend of mine. Once, she went out with a guy that was very much out of shape (she was an aerobics instructor with a very lean sexy body), and when I asked her “why did you go out with him?” and she replied: “because when I looked at him he kept eye contact with me. Most guys are too scared to do that.”

When I recall the most successful people I have had the pleasure of working for in the business world, I remember that they all had strong eye contact while speaking to me. They didn’t stare, but they begin looking you in the eyes while talking, and at the beginning of my speaking. When you watch somebody successful being interviewed on TV, like George Clooney, you notice that they only look away from their interviewer’s eyes after the interviewer has talked a bit, and to bring in audience participation. They rarely blink or look down.

So I decided to do some experiments, and I encourage you to do the same. My first location was the mall, but later I tried this everywhere I went. Some places are better than others, but this works everywhere.

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