The Complete List of Benefits from Marriage for the Modern Man

Marriage, the union of one man and one woman is a strongly desired state by most women and, to a lesser degree, many men. No fault divorces, the whims of women and the ease at which courts will strip your assets have changed the economy of marriage. For a man to enter into any legally binding contract where the consequences of failure are high, there must be a large degree of incentives to offset the risk.

While this complete list is true for nearly all men, it is doubly true for the Alpha man. If the average man truly understands these dynamics he is going to automatically value himself more and that simple mental change will increase his market value.

The List

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The Realities of Marriage

I married the same girl twice. Each time, I was looking at marriage from a “how do I feel and what is best for my son” – not “what do I want and what is best for me”.

I am not going to say that a man should not get married, but like everything I teach, I believe a man should be fully informed of the economic, psychological and legal implications of that marriage certificate.

The Alpha man draws women to him based on his power. Being able to build attraction is power. Creating sexual tension is power. Displayed confidence is power. High status of any kind is power.

Power and status are key components to attracting a woman. Your ability to maintain your mental state and have the ability to pick a different path should anyone in your life decide to change is power. If a great friend of mine decides to become a radical in some political movement I don’t agree with, I can stop being his friend. I have cut many friends out of my life simply because we were not moving in the same direction. My goals and plans for life, my feelings, and my desires are more important to me that what other people think about my goals, plans, feelings or desires.

However, once you sign that marriage license, you are not marrying the woman. You are marrying the state. You are agreeing to give your power to the woman (for your safe keeping of course) while agreeing to let the State enforce it. And that state believes you are disposable.
I firmly believe the transfer of power from the man to the woman when the license is signed and the laws are now enforceable will keep a man in check and prevent him from making better family decisions. I also believe not having the same controls on a woman (less accountability or risk of loss) is why the divorce rate is so high. For most women, marrying a man and then divorcing him in the first 2 years would generate her more income and revenue than working a job. And a man willing to easily go into this union is displaying the personal belief that he does not see himself as a high value man.

The State’s Level Of Power

83% of women get custody with paid support from the man – because the state believes she is more important than you.

Yes, you can pay child support for a kid that isn’t yours.

False claims of abuse to remove the father/husband from the house and this is a pretty standard tactic of women – enforced by the state.

And just so you know, female initiated violence is higher than male initiated violence – however the state will primarily enforce violence against women and not men. Basically, if she hits you and calls the cops, they will take you to jail if you have the capability of doing more damage than her (primary aggressor laws – just being bigger than her and you are guilty).

If it is a time where the father is supposed to have custody, but the mom withholds the child – the state will not enforce male custody orders.

But what about the smart man… the man that gets a prenup? Well, a prenup cannot determine child support only marital asset division. However, more and more prenups are thrown out by liberal judges, so many lawyers won’t even write them up.

In many states, the party that makes the most will have to pay alimony. This is state enforced alimony and is in addition to child support. Yes, some women pay alimony but it is less that 3%.
An what happens if you can’t pay? If you loose your job or have some other misfortune (besides this asset raping divorce) hit you and you really can’t pay? You are placed in jail. If you can’t afford a lawyer – ONE WILL NOT BE APPOINTED – since you are technically in a “civil” lawsuit. Sure, you are locked in jail like a criminal but that is not considered a big deal since it is not a criminal case which is protected in the Bill or Rights. To me this is the state removing the Constitutional rights our fore fathers fought and died for – it is basically placing a man in indentured servitude and slavery. You will work in prison to pay for your child support.

That is a whole lot of state enforced power against you.

It reminds me of the Bill Burr 5 minute comdey line: “You know what I mean; 3 out of 4 marriages go right down the shitter right? If you were going skydiving, and they told you 3 out of 4 parachutes weren’t going to open, you’d be like. “Yo fuck that! I’m not goin!” I mean like I don’t like those odds. I have a 75% chance of splattin on the ground.”

So what are the marriage and divorce statistics?

  1. 41 percent of first marriages end in divorce.*
  2. 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce.
  3. 73 percent of third marriages end in divorce.

* I think this is over 53% now

And remember over 70% of these divorces are initiated by the woman. Now, I have never known a woman to get mad about something trivial, blow that completely out of proportion based on emotional feeling and not logic, and then hold a man responsible for her own bad choice… nope, never seen that every single day of my life.

But what about those men that have incredible wives? Yep, there are a few. But what does the average man who is still married think about their marriage relationship? Years ago there was a great forum on that topic: “Married Men – Post Here If You Hate Your Life

Here are a few more articles that may help enlighten you:

But what about the arguments for marriage?

The typical arguments are:

“You don’t want to die alone?” – Actually, the odds are very high I will die alone, even if you are in the room. I will die, and you will stay. And to be perfectly honest, when I am really sick I prefer to be alone.

“Married men live longer?” – Yeah… and a caged tiger is safer than a wild tiger. I have no idea why married men live longer (I have heard it may be as simple as health insurance plans), but I would guess the single man is living a more adventurous and dangerous life. And do I really care about the last 4 years of my life – when I am too old to do the things I love? I don’t think so.

“What about children?” – Uhmmm, don’t need a girl after the birth. I have been raising my son since he was 1. All honors classes, typically above a B, great athlete and he is already more Alpha than 90% of the population. I personally have a better track record than the average single mother.

“Married men have more sex!” – Actually, cohabiting men have more sex. And we really can’t compare the average guy with an Alpha, single or otherwise.

“Two pay checks are better than one.” – This is only true if the woman is spending less than she makes. If the man makes more, the woman will typically want to spend it. Better clothes, cars, house, etc.

“Married people are happier.” – Really, then why the high divorce rate? The truth of the matter is “happiness” is a choice. You can easily decide to be happy.

“You are just scared of commitment.” – No, I just want fair value for the relinquishing of my personal power. I wouldn’t sell a $100 dollar bill for $10 bucks to anyone and neither would the bride.

When Would You Marry?

Easy! When the girl has as many assets and as much financial risk as I do coupled with a track record of feminine traits, a gentle personality that rejects many of the fake feminist arguments and a desire to maintain her looks.  Oh, and she must be bisexual… I have no desire to stop hunting and seducing.deer-in-the-headlights-look

If you want a great Pattern Interrupt that is also a sly Neg simply ask a girl this questions, “Outside of sex, what would you bring to the relationship?”  Enjoy the deer-in-the-headlights look and her shrinking energy as she feels her sexual market value fall while yours grows.  It is one of my favorites.

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  1. Harkness on February 22, 2014

    Great stuff AlphaX, really enjoying reading through this site, I’ll have to keep all this in mind.

  2. Jean on September 17, 2014

    IDIOT!! I DO agree with some of your points but some of the things I see just makes me have to say you come accross as a bid dumb idiot

    • AlphaX Author on September 18, 2014

      Obviously a chick.. exactly what did I write that makes you think I am an idiot about a man being worse off in marriage? Please correct me where I am wrong… shaming tactics are what most women use to make a man cave… I just don’t happen to be that kind of man. Pull out some logic and statistics or shut up.